January 18, 2022

Of Course It’s Coyotes Eating Mushrooms…Dummie!

It’s possible that the canines are eating wild mushrooms, inducing psychedelic-like visions, which encourage them to attack.

Source: Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Possible Cause of Strange Coyote Run-Ins | Field & Stream


Philosophical Shift in the Way the State Views Wildlife

As if it is needed, we have further proof that we are overcome by a Totalitarian Scientific Dictatorship.

In an article I read recently (linked to below) it appears the author voiced some concern over the most recent resignation of wildlife Commissioner Jim Kellogg in California. With his “retirement” and previous resignation of other members of the commission, the author suggested this act, “could put the finishing touches on a sweeping philosophical shift in the way the state views wildlife.” (emboldening added)

Scientism rules. It is part of the Totalitarian Scientific Dictatorship. To understand this, one has first to understand Scientism. Def – “Scientism is belief in the universal applicability of the scientific method and approach, and the view that empirical science constitutes the most “authoritative” worldview or the most valuable part of human learning – to the exclusion of other viewpoints.” This can be more easily defined as the hijacking of the real scientific method, changing its meaning (paradigm) and creating what scientismists like to call, new knowledge, for the purpose of fulfilling selfish and perverted romantic idealism. This becomes nicely wrapped up in totalitarianism with, “the exclusion of other viewpoints.” I might remind readers that this “exclusion” eventually results in prosecution, imprisonment and death.

For those who have been following along, this should not come as news. While the author of the linked-to article expresses some “concern,” what is taking place there is a planned event. It was determined long ago to infiltrate every conceivable level of wildlife management for the sole purpose to destroy the wildlife management model and create a, “sweeping philosophical shift” in every fish and wildlife agency and outdoor organization in America and in actuality, the world. Open your eyes. It’s everywhere and is not confined to wildlife management. The infiltration is predominant at every level of our lives.

I brought up this subject in my book, “Wolf: What’s to Misunderstand?” I wrote, “So, why then is it some are crying out for a new understanding about animals? And what is the purpose of seeking a paradigm shift? What’s to understand that is somehow now new? If after centuries we have failed to grasp solid “understanding” of animals and the roles they play in our lives, what hope do we have in our future? Is a “new understanding” going to seriously change what becomes of the animals themselves? Probably not in the way some think it will, but I can assure you a “new understanding and paradigm shift” will certainly change the behavior of humans.”

And that is the whole point! It isn’t about wildlife, animals, flora and fauna. It’s about changing the behavior of humans.

The actions in California are far beyond concern. What we are seeing is the result of careful and systematic planning. Once scientismists, with their perverted ideals, have finished the takeover of wildlife management, there will be nothing left for the hunters, fishermen, trappers, hikers, bikers, tenters, campers, and so on. Don’t think so? Many who advocate for a “sweeping philosophical shift” are hikers, bikers, tenters, and campers and don’t think that the scientismist worshipers have them in their cross-hairs. Better think deep and hard and open your eyes.

“The sudden resignation of the most adamant defender of hunting and fishing on the California Fish and Game Commission could put the finishing touches on a sweeping philosophical shift in the way the state views wildlife, sets rules for fishing and controls predators like mountain lions and wolves.”<<<Read More>>>


The Satanic Evil of EnvironMENTALism

wake up america


RMEF Speaks Up for Elk, Sportsmen as California Unveils Wolf Plan

Press Release from The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation wishes to offer clarity regarding reports about California’s new wolf plan. Various media outlets reported that RMEF was part of a collaborative effort with other organizations, including environmental groups, to develop the plan. Such verbiage is misleading and seems to indicate RMEF’s support, approval and advocacy of the plan.

“Plain and simple we asked for a seat at the table to speak out on behalf of elk as well as sportsmen and women,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “We are extremely concerned about a wolf policy that will cause the same issues that we have seen in the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd where wolf reintroduction had a drastic effect on elk herds. We question several elements of the plan itself and are also very concerned about recent comments by some groups that want less hunting so wolves can prey on more elk.”

Excise taxes on firearms, bows and arrows along with dollars spent on hunting licenses and fees fund conservation efforts in California and across the country. Removing hunting opportunity would remove funding that benefits all wild species.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) plans on holding informational public workshops in Yreka, Sacramento and Long Beach about its wolf plan beginning in early 2016.

“We strongly encourage sportsmen and women to let their voices be heard. It is vital that we speak up for the sake of our California elk herds so they can have a sustainable future,” added Allen.

Public comments may be submitted here, via e-mail at wolfplan@wildlife.ca.gov or regular mail at: Wolf Plan Comments, P.O. Box 26750, San Francisco, CA 94126.

The public meetings announcement came shortly before California’s first confirmed gray wolf predation of livestock that occurred last month in Siskiyou County where ranch employees saw five wolves feeding on a dead calf.


Sacramento officials caught secretly adding cancer-causing chemicals to the water supply

For over a year, California’s capital city had been poisoning the public water supply – in secret – with chemicals that are known carcinogens, and that have never been approved for use in the water treatment process. This was the disturbing finding of a recent investigation by local Sacramento news affiliate ABC10 News, which revealed that Sacramento residents were treated as human guinea pigs in a heinous government scandal involving massive human rights abuses.

Source: Sacramento officials caught secretly adding cancer-causing chemicals to the water supply – NaturalNews.com


As wolves reappear in California, killing of calf highlights tension

A calf was likely killed and eaten by wolves in Siskiyou County last month, state wildlife officials said — the first reported case of the endangered predators dining on ranchers’ livestock and an incident that may raise tensions over wolves’ reappearance in California.

The killing of the calf prompted the first “livestock depredation investigation” since a wolf crossed into California from Oregon in 2011, marking the first evidence of a wild wolf in the state since 1924. The apparent attack involved the “Shasta pack,” which consists of two adult wolves and five pups.

Source: As wolves reappear in California, killing of calf highlights tension – SFGate


New Threat Facing Cal. Hunters

this move is taking one more step in the direction of replacing hunting as a wildlife management tool with uncontrolled predators killing California big game animals, not the least of which are wolves, now located in northern California. As wolves increase in numbers and spread throughout the state, they will decimate elk herds, forcing the DFW to eliminate hunting as a control method.

Source: New Threat Facing Cal. Hunters : The Outdoor Wire



Plan could end protections for gray wolves in California 

Gray wolves could be stripped of state endangered species protections once at least 50 of the animals are roaming in California, wildlife officials said Wednesday.The California Department of Fish and Wildlife released a draft plan for managing gray wolves, which were granted protections last year but whose numbers are growing. It outlines efforts to minimize livestock loss and ways to ensure there’s enough prey for wolves, other predators and hunters.

Source: Plan could end protections for gray wolves in California – SFGate


Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation?

The purpose of this exposé is to reveal the evidence, some scientific and some anecdotal, which indicates that this historic and unprecedented drought has been literally engineered from start to finish. Just like LA’s Hollywood studios have produced so many disaster epics, the Government-Corporate Complex has quite purposefully staged this catastrophic drought throughout the statewide ‘set’ of California.

Source: Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation? | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary


Advice to California on wolves: Watch out

While California environmentalists and wildlife advocates are happy to see gray wolves in their midst after a long absence, pardon us if we don’t join the celebration.

We have intently watched the wolf experiment in the Northwest. Since 66 wolves were released in Idaho and Yellowstone National Park in 1995 and 1996, some of them have plagued ranchers around the region. Though the federal Endangered Species Act demanded that they be protected like some dainty butterfly, wolves are aggressive predators that reproduce far more rapidly that anyone anticipated. More than 1,000 now roam in Idaho, Montana, Washington state and Oregon

Source: Advice to California on wolves: Watch out – – Capital Press