February 7, 2023

Roadside Garbage Time

The most depressing thing about living anywhere in the U.S. in the fall is the filthy trash put up by campaigners for their pet candidate. The trash is rotten, cluttered, disgusting, depressing, useless, filth promoted by corrupt politicians who believe anybody gives two rat’s behinds about some goddamn sign.

But who decides how many, how long, and where this garbage gets dumped along the side of our highways? Well, the corrupt, stinking rotten politician lawmakers themselves. Just like the fake “Do Not Call” bill the dirty bastards crafted. They exempted themselves from having to obey that law and so during campaign periods, which these days seem to last 365 days a year, the lying, cheating, child molesting crooks can call your phone incessantly.

Think about it for a minute. For anybody who actually cares about voting for any of these corrupt slimeballs do you think a campaign sign is going to influence how somebody votes? Please. This is biased, ignorant party politics.

If this was truly a nation founded by the people (not the People) and for the people (not the People) we would get rid of the filth along the sides of our roads (and in all government)…forever.

People demand rigged laws that prohibit dumping trash anywhere. Why are campaign signs any different?

It would be nice in early October to take a ride in my car into the hills and backcountry to take a look at the awesome foliage colors and not be subjected to the trash and most of all a constant reminder of the corruption that embodies the rigged two-party political system.


Irony or Fakery?