August 10, 2022

Zimbabwe to Cull 200 Lions after Banning Hunting

In a bitterly ironic move, the country that banned lion hunting after “Cecil” the lion’s death may have to cull 200 surplus lions. Officials with Zimbabwe’s Bubye Valley Conservancy are trying to move the extra animals to other wildlife areas, but if that fails the lions will be put down — a disservice to the country’s economy, hunters, and the animals themselves.

Source: Zimbabwe to Cull 200 Lions after Banning Hunting | Sporting Classics Daily


Endangered Species Act — Lion Conservation in Africa

*Editor’s Note* – Few understand that the hunting of wealthy Americans in Africa pays for conservation efforts. In reality, such a ban may put the African lion in greater jeopardy.

You might think the Endangered Species Act applies only to species found in the United States. But the FWS also imposes restrictions on trophy imports of foreign species that are found to be endangered abroad. With the new listing, imported lion trophies will be generally prohibited in the United States, except in cases “when it can be found that the import will have a benefit to the species.” Since American hunters make up the lion’s share of African-lion trophy hunts, this move could have a big effect on Africa’s conservation outcomes.

Source: Endangered Species Act — Lion Conservation in Africa


Fascism Thriving in U.S.

*Editor’s Note* – Although it shouldn’t, it still amazes me that stupid people will use any opportunity to trump up support for causes that destroy themselves and die loving it.

Still trying gain a grip on some guy killing a lion in Africa, the Humane Society of the United States attempts to liken the death of a lion in Africa to the destruction of private property rights.

Totalitarians, duped by the fascists in American government, doing the dirty work for the scum in power, continue their onslaught on American’s private property rights, all because some perverted person or group of persons gave an animal a name.

The killing of a beloved lion by an American hunter in Africa sparked global outrage this summer, and it’s also bringing to light the issue of captive, or canned, hunting in Indiana and other states.In these hunts, shooters pay to kill animals trapped behind fences. In other countries, exotic animals are the prey, but in Indiana, deer are hunted.

Source: Lion’s Demise Shines Light On Captive Hunting In Indiana – News – WIBQ – 1230 AM Terre Haute, IN – 1440 AM Paris, IL


Bottom Story of the Day: Lion Kills Man

Of all the depraved notions that comprise moonbattery, failure to understand that a person’s life is worth more than an animal’s is possibly the sickest.

Source: Moonbattery » Bottom Story of the Day: Lion Kills Man


On his own land, lion hunter is tough on poaching;

MINNEAPOLIS — Long before he was accused of poaching an African lion named Cecil, Walter Palmer was stalking suspected poachers on his private hunting land in northwestern Minnesota. The Twin Cities dentist guarded his acreage and property lines so fiercely he alienated and even frightened local hunters, some Clay County

Source: On his own land, lion hunter is tough on poaching;




The Long-Linked Chain of New-Science Ignorance and Brainwashing

ChainEvery newspaper that I read, every television show or newscast I watch, books, music, blogs, Facebook (although I don’t use it anymore), etc., for the informed, self-reliant. self-determined person, with an eye for direction upon The Creator, can rivet a long chain of linked events that should, but doesn’t, stir the very inner soul of man. Because most men are followers of and fearful of the “rulers in dark places” (Ephesians 6:12) and are unaware, the chain exists to drown life and the willfully blind. It is a roadblock that prevents seeing the Truth that can set a man free.

Where to begin?

I’ll set the stage with this. Recently a group of people, seemingly much more interested in the welfare of animals, particularly wolves, than man, met to: “…discuss, strategize and unite in building a coalition to address the need to reform wildlife management in America.”(emboldening added) And, what is it that this reformation intends to do? “…integrate the science of the 21st century and the ever-changing demographics and values of our citizenry.”(emboldening added)

This is “Progress.” The “science of the 21st century” is fake and useless garbage. The “ever-changing demographics and values” are corrupt and evil. Because a person’s values change, does not mean that change should be forced onto all others. Morals and ethics should be determined from the Word of God not some environmental group being propped up by the rulers in dark places.

It must be understood the meaning of such statements. These statements are not unique to just one wolf lovers’ group. It is the mantra of everything, but more specifically everything environmentalism. And it just didn’t happen. Nothing “just happens.” It is planned. The Vatican owns Environmentalism. Thus, one reason for the Pope’s recent Encyclical on Climate Change. The Vatican owns everything that intends to distort reality for its benefit at our expense.

One example of such is an organization called the National Training Laboratories(NTL). NTL is a byproduct of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Both Tavistock and NTL are “owned” by the Vatican. The purpose of NTL is to create “change agents.” These manufactured (brainwashed) “change agents” are purposed to go about changing the way we think. An example I just gave above is one organization whose mission is to “reform wildlife management,” shows the results of NTL and other Vatican-owned, Environmentalist and media manipulating efforts.

NTL’s vision, as stated, is the: “Creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice.”

I’ve simply scratched the surface here. In order for readers to fully grasp the meaning of statements they are subjected to throughout the media, they must understand the source of those statements.

At present, all Environmentalist groups are making every effort to co-opt what was once the truth and “create and disseminate” it into THEIR new knowledge, their reformation of how wildlife management is discussed and carried out. It no longer matters that real scientific study confirms or denies. “Twenty-First Science” creates its own results.

Those who read the Bible should understand that this is a trick of Evil. We have been warned that in the Last Days, as Satan is allowed his grip on this earth, what was once right is now wrong, what was wrong is right, black is white, white is black, etc. Hard working, honest science, geared toward the discovery of scientific truths, has been replaced with Scientism (21st century science) – fake theories presented as “peer-reviewed” science.

With strong knowledge of the realities of deception, we can begin to look into the utter nonsense that is bombarding the non-thinking minds of Internet browsers, and all media readers. This inane approach to life’s logic is bizarre to the uncluttered mind. Take for example a representative of the perverse organization called the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSUS attempted to get a referendum passed last year (2014) to effectively ban bear hunting in Maine. In response to a previous editorial, the representative of HSUS states that:

There’s a chance that some of the top-of-the-ticket Democrats who lost their races were adversely affected because they chose to oppose the ban on bear baiting. Large majorities of Democrats in the state favored the measure, and it didn’t help the candidates’ case that they supported an obviously inhumane and unsporting practice.

The actual editorial response makes as much sense as nothing. However, the point is here that this person, as with so many other people in this country, applaud the manipulation of the ballot box when it runs in their favor. When it does not, they scream for laws to stop “them” and not “us.” Somehow the bear referendum was defeated because democrats turned out in greater numbers but instead of voting HSUS’s way, did the typical, dishonest politician thing and lied to get votes. HSUS doesn’t do that? The idiocy is that this HSUS representative cannot see the difference. This is programmed idiocy by organizations founded on the principals of, “creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice.”

Richard Fernandez, of Pajamas Media, tells us that Liberals control the media and those things that are “allowed” to be talked about.

“The significance of this asymmetry is that liberals have the power to legitimize the existence of problems. They can alone enter things into evidence, as it were. Max Ehrenfreund, writing in the Washington Post, has a gathered a list of discontents from various publications that are now being talked about even in liberal circles, which means the population at large can talk about them now. Liberals set the agenda, when they talk about things going down the tubes then it’s on the agenda.

This tactic is all part of the plan to, “creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice.” The only way for Environmentalism to work, is that the Environmentalists must control the media. With this control, it is much easier to control everything else.

Animal Rights and Environmentalism isn’t about saving animals, the air and water. It’s about control. And thus, this is why the Pope wrote his Climate Change Encyclical. He no more believes that man is causing the climate to change. What he does understand, because he is part of the creation of fake Climate Change, is that with a convincing of man-caused climate change, he, the Vatican, has more power to control the people, the land, and the water. It’s about control!

We have been warned before. Robert Fanning, author of “Yellowstone is Dying” warned us that Environmentalists with much money and power were taking over the fight to protect wolves and promote a “creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice,” because “[his] goal of wolf introduction was to drive 30,000 ranchers from public lands.”

The latest and most bizarre of all revelations of the coming out of brainwashed, perverted Environmentalists, has to be the media’s coverage of Cecil the Lion. Jimmy Kimmel crying over a lion being killed and death threats directed at hunters on Facebook, while Facebook claims saying things like, “I’ll come to your Dallas Safari Club with an AK47 and grenade and wipe the whole lot of you out!,” doesn’t violate their Community Standards – the point being because it isn’t part of the controlling liberal media agenda. (See Richard Fernandez’s article linked to above.)

They don’t talk about murdering unborn babies and evidently don’t talk about death threats when it involves a lion, any animal or the agenda of the Liberal Party. Here’s a world gone stark-raving mad!

Tyler O’Neil, of Pajamas Media, writes:

Those convinced the Inquisition died out hundreds of years ago may be surprised by the emergence of the all-powerful Twitter mob. While those found in violation of the tenets of the pope were rarely actually tortured or killed, death threats and career-ending protests now target our modern apostates, with a vehemence rarely seen since the Salem witch trials.

The elevation of “animal rights” to a semi-sacrosanct belief has taken many casualties, like the freedom and livelihood of a certain American dentist — but more on that later. Religious liberty, historic tradition, and even — ironically — the lives of animals have been taken hostage by this all-consuming movement.

It’s unfortunate this writer hasn’t a clue of reality and the Inquisition. Perhaps it would be a bit more politically correct, even for faux “conservatives,” to call it the neo-inquisition for it is alive and well. We are all so immersed into it, while we sleep, that we cannot see it.

All of this stuff is demented, evil crap. To think otherwise, means you’ve got it bad. Seriously, can people NOT see it is WRONG to believe an animal’s life is more valuable than that of man? Evidently it is so. How sad. Can people NOT see that “creating new science” to fit the 21st century is wrong? It’s flat out wrong, driven by greed, deception and the striving for power. This is NOT the work of God, my creator.

There is a long chain. The links have all been connected. The chain is so long and heavy, we can no longer do anything about it. Instead, we choose to step over it and around it, pretending it’s not there. Doing so will not make it go away. God’s knowledge can break those links.


Cecil Was a Hated Killer



In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions 

Cecil who? I wondered. When I turned on the news and discovered that the messages were about a lion killed by an American dentist, the village boy inside me instinctively cheered: One lion fewer to menace families like mine.

My excitement was doused when I realized that the lion killer was being painted as the villain.

Source: In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions – The New York Times


Cecil, We Hardly Knew Ye….

According to our sources, the lion, despite being collared, was not protected under that country’s hunting laws. Professional hunters have told us that lions are protected inside the national parks but those same lions, if outside park boundaries are, for lack of a better term, fair game.

It went on to take issue with the “hunting over bait” allegation, responding that while the lion had been killed over an animal, it was a carcass of an elephant that had been dead for some time- not a gut pile placed there for the specific purpose of luring the lion from the park- as was initially alleged by wildlife officials.

Further, the correspondence takes issue with a report that the hunter, landowner and professional hunter tried to destroy the tracking collar. In fact, it says the collar was returned to authorities as is the standard practice when collared animals are taken by hunters . If that’s the case, it wouldn’t seem that anyone involved in the hunt thought they’d broken any game laws.<<<Read More>>>


Earl of Taint


Cecilmania, Madness, Perversion and Hypocrisy

This is all part of the insanity of the American Society. And what’s worse is nobody realizes what they are doing. After reading the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change, it is no wonder the world advocates more compassionately for the welfare of animals over the welfare of people. The Pope blames “human beings” for everything and claims the Bible mandates that we protect animals over the cost of the well-being of Mankind. Sick!

‘What lion?’ Zimbabweans ask, amid global Cecil circus

Gawker reports that Cecil the Lion’s brother was also a lion. Unbelievable isn’t it? Who would have guessed that a brother to a lion would have been another lion. However, the same report states, “…Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho, who is also a lion,” News for the author of this report. A lion is NOT a WHO. It’s an it.
Researcher Disputes CNN’s Report on Death of Cecil the Lion’s Brother

Cecil and Cecile: Humaneness, but Not for the Human

Who’s Really Responsible for the Killing of Zimbabwe’s Lions and Other Wildlife?