October 21, 2021

Use of Satan’s Weapon of Mass Destruction Grows Horns?

Let’s laugh for a second and then take this seriously for much longer. For whatever the reasons, centuries of image portrayals of Satan seem to always reveal “horns” growing from his head. I’ve never seen Satan (at least the real one, that I am aware of) and I doubt, from what I have read and researched, that Satan is in a fleshly form like you and I, although one day (Soon?) when released from locks and chain in the Bottomless Pit, we will see him as a fleshly image claiming to be God. I still doubt that he/she/it will have horns…but you never know.

Cell phones, tablets and the like are Satan’s weapons of mass destruction. As of this time in history, no other item has caused more destruction to our spiritual existence (and fleshly existence) than cell phones. Deny it if you wish. It doesn’t matter. We are all addicted – by design – and do not have the desire or the willpower if we did, to remove this destruction from our lives.

Perhaps there is a message to be sent and learned from a story out of Australia where supposedly it has been discovered that X-rays taken of people between the ages of 18 and 30, showed “horn-like” skull growths forming at the back of their heads.

If we are going to willingly allow Satan’s technology to control our lives, then why not begin to look like that horned devil?

Okay! So, the laugh is over. Seriously, you are what you eat, as the saying goes. Run as fast as you can away from Satan’s technology and seek the Word of God Almighty. You’ll be glad you did.


Law Enforcement Use of Cell – Site Simulation Technologies: Privacy Concerns and Recommendations

*Editor’s Note* – Nothing to see here. Move along. Your Congress is at work doing all the stuff you think YOUR political party is going to fix. Bwahahahahahahaah


Advances in emerging surveillance technologies like cell-site simulators – devices which transform a cell phone into a real-time tracking device–require careful evaluation to ensure their use is consistent with the protections afforded under the First and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The United States’ military and intelligence agencies have developed robust and sophisticated surveillance technologies for deployment in defense against threats from foreign actors. These technologies are essential to keeping America safe.

Increasingly though, domestic law enforcement at the federal, state, and local levels are using surveillance technologies in their every-day crime-fighting activities. In the case of cell-site simulators, this technology is being used to investigate a wide range of criminal activity, from human trafficking to narcotics trafficking, as well as kidnapping, and to assist in the apprehension of dangerous and violent fugitives.

Law enforcement officers at all levels perform an incredibly difficult and important job and deserve our thanks and appreciation. While law enforcement agencies should be able to utilize technology as a tool to help officers be safe and accomplish their missions, absent proper oversight and safeguards, the domestic use of cell-site simulators may well infringe upon the constitutional rights of citizens to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, as well as the right to free association. Transparency

and accountability are therefore critical to ensuring that when domestic law enforcement decide to use these devices on American citizens, the devices are used in a manner that meets the requirements and protections of the Constitution.<<<Read More>>>



The zombie masses of America reach new record for emergency room visits due to walking into traffic while distracted by mobile devices

*Editor’s Note* – Last evening I was watching a hockey game on TV. The game was between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers. Early in the game, there was a severe hit by one player onto another in the corner of one end of the ice. The result of this action was a fist fight between the two players. Of course the broadcasters kept repeating the video footage of the hit and the ensuing fisty-cuffs. But, what was hilariously funny was what was going on in the seats immediately behind the glass where the fracas was taking place. “Fans” (I doubt they were really fans) were not reacting to any of the play and fighting. They weren’t even watching, because they had their faces stuck in their (prison) cell phones. Zombie Masses? You bet.

Addiction to mobile devices is a growing problem in America. It’s gotten to the point where people are so distracted that they will walk right into traffic, fall off train platforms, or even fall right off a cliff.

As Americans plug their entire existence into their mobile devices, they give away the now, sacrificing the present moment, and sometimes sacrificing their lives.

Source: The zombie masses of America reach new record for emergency room visits due to walking into traffic while distracted by mobile devices – NaturalNews.com


How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text

Top-secret documents show the NSA can automatically recognize the content within phone calls, generating easily searched transcriptions.

Source: How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text – The Intercept


Perhaps There’s ONE Good Thing About a Cell Phone

I hate cell phones and consider them to be the number object that is destroying humanity today. Aside from that, like there’s always some good things to do with a dead cat, a sheep farmer in Armenia found a good use for his cell phone. Observing 4 wolves about to have evening lunch on his flock of sheep, he took out his cell phone and began playing recorded noises of dogs barking. That and his own effort at making noises, thwarted the attack and saved his sheep. <<<Source>>>


Camera “Attracts” Bear to Kill Rutgers Student?

Maybe I’ve heard it all? And isn’t the claim that because students were taking pictures of a bear with their cell phones, it pissed off a bear enough that it decided to kill one of the photographers? Doesn’t that go against the claims by most that bears want nothing to do with humans and run the other way? According to some, you would think the bear would have come closer only to pose sweetly for pictures, perhaps cuddling up with the young men, not killing one of them.

According to a Fox News report, the camera made the bear attack, “The police report said that the young hikers attracted the bear’s attention by taking the nature shots, according to the The Record.

“They stopped and took photographs of the bear with their cellphones and the bear began walking towards them,” the police report said.”

But wait! We are ALWAYS told that bears run the other way. What was wrong with this bear? I’ll be waiting for the excuses.