December 5, 2022

I’ll Bet You Still Refuse to “Get It”

I said it would be a cold day in hell when Hillary Clinton would be indicted on anything. You laughed. You insisted she would go to jail. And now, I bet you still think Trump will be the next president of corporate america.

You still don’t get it? I often sound like a broken record about how we live in a rigged system, and an extremely corrupt rigged system.

We are blind! Here’s some events that blind people will not see. The pope comes to America. He fires House Speaker John Boehner and hires idiot Paul Ryan – this of course after the media did a superb job of convincing republicans that Ryan was “their guy.” Ryan immediately sets out to destroy what the republicans thought he believed in. You didn’t get it. This list of events is too numerous to begin listing. You wouldn’t pay attention anyway.

Recently, Bill Clinton meets with A.G. Loretta Lynch and Hillary meets with the FBI. I would imagine, Bill reminded Lynch that if she even dared to hint at any kind of charges and/or deepening of any investigation that he would see to it that she was assassinated or maybe even he would find some young girl close to Lynch and sexually molest her as he has done hundreds of times before.

Between Bill and Hillary, their power stretches far and wide and I’m sure they convinced James Comey in much the same fashion as Loretta Lynch and threatened him with his life.

And you still refuse to “GET IT!”

Don’t Go Look!


Glass Ceilings Don’t Matter When It Comes to Crime