March 21, 2023

How Systems Get Tired

*Editor’s Note* – Fernandez does and excellent job of capturing the essence of precedence. Precedence mostly trumps any thoughts of constitutional law and has for many, many years. What any tyrant(s) are allowed to get away with, becomes precedence. Precedence in lawmaking is derived from Policy. People pay little or no attention to each administrations Policy, when they should be because Policy becomes law.

Fernandez lays out the realities of the inevitable sudden collapse. 

One of the arguments for the impossibility of an event is lack of previous failure. ‘It never failed before and thus can never fail ever’.  The Washington Post’s editorial board invokes a variant of this logic to refute Donald Trump’s border policy, arguing there are so many illegal immigrants it is too expensive to deport them all, leaving no alternative but to accept more.  Besides, America is still standing so what can be the harm in admitting more? The same argument is used to justify other policies.

Source: How Systems Get Tired | Belmont Club