February 7, 2023

Like It’s The First Time a Governor Has Asked His Department Heads to Cut the Budget

In a recent article by outdoor writer George Smith, he writes: You have to feel kind of sorry for DIF&W Commissioner Chandler Woodcock, who told the IFW Committee “I’m not here today to support changes to the budget. I am not able to do that.” He said it is the “Chief Executive’s budget” and he must support it. He’s talking about Governor Paul LePage, who ordered the agency to reduce the budget to the 2015 spending level.

I really felt bad for Chandler as he tried, for 2 ½ hours, to defend the budget cuts, most of which are indefensible.”

Smith makes it sound like this is the first time ever that a department head, who is, after all, appointed BY THE GOVERNOR to that position, had to present and defend a proposed budget that wasn’t his dream wish for his department.

It’s difficult to know from Smith’s words how much he is embellishing reality in order to promote his own cause of taking as much money from the citizens of Maine as possible and throwing at anything that moves at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), but, if what Smith writes about what supposedly the Commissioner of MDIFW, Chandler Woodcock, was willing to verbally state his lack of support for the Governor’s proposed budget, then perhaps the Governor should consider whether or not he has the continued trust and confidence of the commissioner.

I’m going to guess that I am not as thick-skinned as Governor LePage, when you consider the abuse he has taken over his tenure as Governor, but if I were in his shoes, I would be asking for some explanations, from the commissioner, as to why the show of disapproval to the committee of the Governor’s proposal.

However, in the society of which we have created today, respect might as well be taken out of the dictionary, for there is none left. There once was a day when any department head would never have pissed on his bosses shoes and told him it was raining. And just the same, no executive leader would have tolerated such public display of mutiny.