February 2, 2023

Exemplification of Planned Chaos

Richard Fernandez’s article pertaining to the Dallas “shooting” of five police officers is a perfect example of how the ruling establishment’s (that establishment that nobody wants to know and learn about) plan is working quite well. Some of us think that the plan involves civil war, if not uncontrolled civil violence – real or theater. Media’s job is to perpetuate the Hollywood-style blood scenes and “gin up” the masses for more violence.

Violence has arrived. Our ignorance will fall for the ruse. The outcome has yet to be determined.

Good luck!

How deep is our ignorance? Extremely! Fernandez reports that in the last year there is a shooting of another man in Chicago every 2 1/2 hours. Chicago: Where guns are banned! America and the world are unable to make any cognitive connection between the two.

There is no hope. We believe what we see to be real and are incapable of recognizing anything real anymore.


Day 24 – No Executive Orders


Three and one half weeks, and we are still waiting for President Obama to post his 23 executive orders on gun control so we all know exactly what his plans are. Nothing posted yet!

And now we have an ex-cop on a killing spree. During the manhunt, LA police shoot two women who were delivering newspapers. Just think, if cops didn’t have “assault weapons” and large magazines, these two innocent women wouldn’t have gotten shot…….or would they?

We’re waiting for your unconstitutional executive orders so we know what you intend to do……specifically!