September 27, 2022

Claims of Removal of Internet Existence a Lie

I couldn’t help but follow the link posted on Drudge about, “Delete Self from Internet with Press of Button.” The lie about deleting yourself says that it, “offers a way to wipe your entire existence off the internet in a few clicks.” That must be the biggest farce pertaining to Cyberspace I’ve ever heard. However, make no mistake about the fact it’s a scam designed to make money and trap some idiots.

The Internet, once you’ve been there….period, is much the same as applying for and possessing a Social Security Number. You can’t get rid of it….period – ever!. You might think “unsubscribing” and “deleting” Internet accounts will do the trick but it doesn’t. Even if one corrupt Internet business tells you, after you have hit the “unsubscribe” button for the 37th time and won’t be receiving anymore emails, they will, if they haven’t already, sold your information to other lurking rapers and prostitutes and we haven’t even begun to discuss what the Corporate United States of America criminal and pervert does.

Go ahead, “delete” your Facebook account. Soon you will discover it can’t be done. The CIA has your information filed for further use and along with it anyone and everyone you have ever made contact with…even in the smallest of ways. But you don’t want to believe that because it makes you uncomfortable.

Don’t fall for their con job. They can’t do what they tell you they can do. It’s too late. It’s as stupid as signing up for one of those accounts that will “store all your passwords” to all your accounts for you. What could possibly go wrong but more importantly, who would be so damned stupid?



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Background Checks and Gun Bans Wouldn’t Stop This Idiot

Here is a clear example of how creating ineffective and “feel good” laws only affect lawful citizens and do nothing to prevent crime. A brain-dead idiot in New Jersey, a criminal, breaks tons of laws to go on a deer killing spree, forcing his girlfriend along to drive using her head for a gun rest. No Obama and Fascist Feinstein gun laws would have prevented this crime, as his weapons were stolen.

Read this one short excerpt from the complaint filed against the idiot by his stupid girlfriend who found the love of her life on the Internet.

“Twenty deer were hit, at least six to 10 died, and three were recovered and transported back to my mother’s home,” she said in the complaint.

Read the whole ridiculous story on