January 28, 2023

Put on Your Pussy Hats You Corrupt Fake Politicians

Cry me a river – or more fitting today would be Crimea River…or something. Over the weekend, Senate Minority criminal Charlene Schumer pored on the tears claiming Trumpet was mean spirited and un-American. Waaaaaaah!

Before that we had Baroness Obama, working as hard as he could to drum up some tears, while at the same time pretending he was wiping away his tears with his middle finger. And on and on it goes.

All of these criminal pond scum are actors. Don’t forget that. We even once had a “professional” actor for a president. But my, oh my how things have changed.

Most of you are too young to remember Senator Ed Muskie from Maine. Muskie was a former Maine Governor and U.S. Senator and served as Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter. He was the democratic nominee for Vice President in 1968 on the ticket with Hubert Humphrey.

During the campaign, certain members of the press decided to attack and smear Muskie’s wife. In defending her, he showed emotion – not necessarily crying and shedding tears, but showed emotion. That act served to perhaps prevent Humphrey and Muskie from winning. At the time it was often stated that such an outward show of emotion revealed a man’s instability. Some even suggested it would ruin his political career.

Aside from the political hacking that has forever taken place, we lived then at a time when it was considered a substantial weakness in a man’s character to show emotion, especially as trivial (as perceived) as standing up for his wife and as a candidate for vice president.

Today? Well that’s a different story from nearly 50 years ago. Today, whether the “tears” are fake or real, evidently it’s cool to do. You see, the line between male and female has been deliberately skewed, to a point that, if we are still around in 8 or so years, chances are pretty good that the United States will have their first ever transgendered queer.

Think not? The Boy Scouts of America just announced that they would allow transgenders to their club, provided the parents put on the person’s application that they persuaded toward male. Uh huh!