March 21, 2023

Governments Weapons of Mass Destruction on Coyotes

Ignorance persists. Emotional clap-trap forever. America in the toilet.

The Federal Government has placed a temporary ban on M-44 cyanide “traps” after a boy was sickened and his dog died.

Comments can be read on this website that shows the ignorance and emotional clap-trap that people exemplify in the Americans’ perverted way of life.

I would supposed that the perversion is so deeply embedded into the small minds of many, that the emotional outrage would be considerably less if the dog had lived and the boy died.

Anybody wishing can learn about M-44s, their purposes and how they work, by reading information beginning here.

At the time of this posting, the APHIS website with information about M-44s was not accessible. Perhaps the link will work later.

Or, you can keep believing the Department of Agriculture is blowing up the forests and fields with weapons of mass destruction. Sorry, but the Federal Government reserves the right to use weapons of mass destruction on people, not animals.