March 21, 2023

Final White-Tailed Deer Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, Fire Island National Seashore, New York

SUMMARY: The National Park Service (NPS) announces the availability of 
the Final White-tailed Deer Management Plan and Environmental Impact 
Statement (Final Plan/EIS) for Fire Island National Seashore, New York. 
The Final Plan/EIS identifies Alternative D as the NPS preferred 
alternative. When approved, the management plan will guide management 
of white-tailed deer at Fire Island National Seashore through the use 
of integrated tools and strategies to control the deer population and 
support preservation of the natural and cultural landscape, protection 
and restoration of native vegetation and other natural and cultural 

Alternative D, identified as the NPS preferred alternative, 
provides a combined lethal and nonlethal deer reduction option through 
the use of sharpshooting with firearms, and possible capture and 
euthanasia to reduce deer populations to a desirable level. Once the 
target density has been reached, use of nonsurgical reproductive 
control of does may be used to maintain that level when an acceptable 
reproductive control agent is available that meets NPS established 
criteria.<<<