December 8, 2022

The Rise of Concealed Carry

There are still many more men who have permits, but now 25 percent of permit holders are women, and their growth rate is twice what it is for men. For blacks and other minorities, there is some evidence that they are increasing about twice the rate of whites.

Why? Again, I think the polls tell us a lot, but the deeper question here is, Why is it that their views are changing so much in the polls?

Source: The Rise of Concealed Carry | RealClearPolicy


What Does Your State Use Google to Search For?

This got my laughing like a fool. The Daily Mail lists each state in the U.S. and what the top items are that each of those states uses Google search engines to search for. For example: Idaho searches for “unicorns”; Maine searches for “how to roll a joint”; Montana hunts for “Bill O’Reilly”; Oregon is looking for “Allah”; Up in Alaska, folks there want to know about “bestiality”; and poor Tennesseeians want to find “Elvis Presley.”