January 29, 2023

FCC New Statist Unelected “Seize” er of Human Control

Mostly due to fake cyber security breeches, relentless government fear mongering and a sedentary citizenry, manipulated into uncaring and unquestioning servitude, the Federal Communications Commission, took a giant bite out of the last bastion of free speech, a place to express independent thought. The Internet is now a government-controlled wasteland…or soon will be.

What is described as a 300-plus page book of regulations, has remained secret. Reports are that even the FCC board that voted on the new central control actions, didn’t see the pages of the plan, but they voted to approve it anyway.

Perhaps the largest grab of power away from the citizens and free enterprise in many, many years, and for the most part, aside from a random reporting about the vote, the media is silent and the population is ignorant. The false focus and distraction is on “Net Neutrality”.

And now you know why all of this fascist control is being undertaken at breakneck speed. We are too blind to see it nor do we care…evidently. People should help the government and the puppet dupes out and keep discussing the pros and cons of “Net Neutrality”. That way they can implement all the other anti rights portions of the new regulations none of us are allowed to see.

What in God’s name is it that humans cannot see in this? WHAT?


Fascist Holder Proposes Tracking Bracelet for Guns

Once again the fascist regime of Barrack Obama is proposing what Attorney General Eric Holder calls “common sense” gun control. The lying, thieving, punk and thug claims that all guns should have a tracking bracelet, complete with biometrics that can be tracked by fascist government 24 hours a day and use of the gun will not occur unless the right REGISTERED and MONITORED SLAVE is wearing the bracelet. I’m sure that through the bracelet, fascist government authorities can and will render the gun inoperable any time it wants to. Therefore, no real need for further gun control. Fascism will be in control.

I have written before, gun ownership by Americans is the only remaining obstacle for complete take over by corporate and government fascism. I’ve said that one way or another they WILL find a way to disarm Americans.

And this is “common sense” gun control? <<<