January 30, 2023

Fascist Feinstein Needs a Gun, Subjects Do Not

Aristides said, “political connections make men bold to do wrong.”


Fascist Feinstein Isn’t Only Government Fascist

drudgefeinsteinMatt Drudge, justifiably, was irate over Sen. Diane “Fascist” Feinstein’s proposed amendment to a journalist protection bill. Drudge isn’t the first to label Feinstein a fascist. I’ve been doing that for several months now, perhaps even years, but then again I’m not Matt Drudge either. The fascist label nicely can appear in front of many, many operatives in Washington, D.C. You just have to look for them and then honestly recognize the truth.

Lost in the uproar over Fascist Feinstein’s proposed amendment, which would limit freedom of the press and free speech to only those who work for, “an entity or service that disseminates news and information”, is that the bill itself, without the amendment is fascistic and limits freedom of the press and freedom of speech. So where is the uproar?

“The fundamental issue behind this amendment is, should this privilege apply to anyone, to a 17-year-old who drops out of high school, buys a website for five dollars and starts a blog? Or should it apply to journalists, to reporters, who have bona fide credentials?” Feinstein asked.

In essence Fascist Feinstein is advocating that only certain “privileged” or “elite” or government approved people are entitled to free speech and free press. That is understandable when you consider the fascists in Washington that place themselves in the hierarchy of privilege, above the law and yes, even members of “the Posterity.” Since almost forever in this country, we have been taught that those items in the Bill of Rights applied to everyone. Evidently that was or has become a damned lie.

Consider, if you will, this statement by Fascist Feinstein:

I can’t support it if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege … or if Edward Snowden were to sit down and write this stuff, he would have a privilege.

I am of the opinion that it is Fascist Feinstein and the rest of her fascist friends in Washington that orchestrated the entire Edward Snowden event, part of which is to bring the slaves of America to this point where rights are further shoved down the toilet hole in favor of government granting special rights, privilege and protection to their elite and selected members. Her statement admits her desire to grant privileges and at the same time remove rights she deems undeserving.

If you will recall, I have stated often that the biggest deterrent that exists in this country, that keeps us from total tyranny from our own government, is the millions of guns privately owned. Another of those deterrents is the freedom of the Internet that allows and provides people an unlimited base of flowing information…..some good and some bad, but freedom of speech should not be about good and bad. Freedom of speech no longer exists when limits are placed on it and/or that so-called freedom is handed out to only a select few by a fascistic government.

It becomes necessary for any tyrant, fascist, dictator, etc. to quell rights, destroy real freedom of the press and freedom of speech. This is nothing new. History has shown this to be a fact for centuries. Isn’t this what really behind Barack Obama’s and the rest of Washington’s attack on the Internet? They have done everything they can to this point to put in place a complete ceding and takeover of the Internet once the conditions are right for the event to happen. Limiting that speech in cyberspace is just a small part of the big picture.

Imagine if Fascist Feinstein’s amendment were put in place in 1700s Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin would never have been given a chance to write and publish. But then again Franklin was a part of that “Posterity”, as are folks like Feinstein and all the other pimps in Washington and would have been granted special privileges. Wouldn’t he? Let’s be honest here.

The important thing to realize in this report of outrageous actions by a privileged senator is to not be distracted by the reports of outrage by Matt Drudge to her amendment. Where is the outrage that our government feels the need to grant special privileges where once a Bill of Rights did this for all…..or did it?

It appears that throughout most of history rights are accorded the people when the granting or authorization of such rights doesn’t interfere with the ruling Posterity or better yet it plays into the hands of the Posterity. It has taken over 200 years for this country to get to a point where government fascists openly grant special rights and privileges while further taking away the rights most of us never had through government and were only allowed to practice until it became a problem.

While you focus on the one hand that is creating a major distraction between Matt Drudge and Fascist Feinstein, the intention here is to bring people more willing to passively concede any thoughts of rights while eagerly accepting something not quite so bad.

And the end result is?


Blaming Bombs, Gun Moonbattery and Fascist Feinstein


Or, some chose to blame other things irrationally. An idiot comedian says that the Boston Marathon bombing is the result of a gun “culture.” Says the Second Amendment must go.

An idiot politician blames “sequestration” for the bombings in Boston.

An idiot left wing journalist says let’s blame the bombings on “white male privilege.”

Ignorance and Moonbattery

John Kerry, Sec. of State and someone who probably would do better just staying on his sail board with all his elite friends in, on and around Plum Island, said that Japanese students are no longer coming to America to study because they are scared; scared of our guns.

If this were true, and it’s not, wouldn’t a rational thinking person……….yeah, never mind.

Do you suppose the drop in Japanese students to study in America has anything to do with cost, economy, fewer prospective students and possibly they can get a better education at home?

Left and Right? or Left or Right?

One of the problems with playing games with the Constitution and Bill of Rights is that it seems it always has to be political – meaning left of right, liberal or conservative. Why can’t it be right or wrong?

On Powerline, John Hinderaker, talks some of his notions on the Toomey/Manchin, so-called compromise anti gun rights bill, the realities of upcoming votes on this bill and others and spends too much time bragging up the rational efforts of conservatives and the irrational thinking of liberals.

So long as every effort to get our country back onto a track not leading to hell is debated from a left and right paradigm, the only thing that might change is the length of time it takes to get there.

Waaaaaa, Waaaaaaa!

Fascist Feinstein is crying in her soup. If you listen you can hear the worlds smallest violin playing, “My Heart Bleeds for You.” The Fascist claims that most people want her gun control ideas (she never was thought to be connected at all with reality) and it’s the mean ole NRA and all their money that’s stopping her from giving all those people what she….er, I mean, what the people want.

Howard Nemerov, at Pajamas Media, does a bit of a reality check of who has money and how it has been used to make sure Fascist Feinstein stays in power. It must be what the majority of people want. Right?


Day 59 – No Executive Orders


Day 59, just shy of two months, the American people have waited to see the details of what the majority of people thought were President Barack Obama’s signed 23 executive orders on gun control. The President presented his puppet press with 23 ideas that related to guns and gun rights and promised he would draft 23 orders to implement these Second Amendment violations. He even created a dog and pony show, perhaps better described as an act of prestidigitation, complete with smoke and mirrors.

There are no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House website as promised.

Timothy P. Carney had an article a couple of days ago about how liberals, specifically those who present themselves as being opposed to gun ownership, aren’t all that interested in attacking the real problems surrounding violence, gun violence and mass murders in this country. Instead their attacks are focused on destroying a culture, or a lifestyle, that they dislike or don’t agree with. Should this really come as a shock to any of us?

Carney writes:

Gun control efforts are largely a culture-war offensive by liberals who dislike the parts of America that own guns and love guns. This meddling motivation shines through in the rhetoric of gun control advocates and in the laws they push.

For many gun owners, the firearm is not merely a tool for the practical purpose of self-defense. Nor is it simply recreational equipment, like a golf club. It’s a cultural signifier, and a totem of a worldview.

How true, but lets not lose sight of the fact that this same method of attack happens at some level regardless of political ideals. We can’t help it. We have been trained to think this way. Involuntary labels and mind manipulation have us programmed to think that we must opposed an idea simply because it comes from “the enemy” or the other side of politics and culture.

I would suppose that many of us give lip service to the idea that proposed bills that aim to limit Second Amendment rights aren’t about guns and gun violence. What we have difficulty in doing is expressing then what it really is about.

This idea of attacking a lifestyle or a culture is nothing new and certainly is not confined to Second Amendment issues. Choose your poison and it’s there. Somehow in our society we have reached a point where we have foolishly patted ourselves on the back as being this better-than-thou people of diversity and tolerance, and yet little of it exists. I recall learning about this perhaps as far back as high school as it dealt with Americans’ “Puritanical” self perspective. Somehow it was once believed to be of value to live a life of moral decency and yet as we spoke of our decency, with blinders fitting snugly, the realities of our lifestyle told a different tale.

It is of course my belief that this need that people have in attacking a culture we don’t like is purposely created and begins pretty much from the day we are born. With each successive generation the task of programming the people becomes easier as we are now witnesses of.


Yesterday I shared of how Fascist Feinstein got her assault weapons bill passed through the Senate Committee. Below is a video of the exchange between Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Fascist Feinstein. Note the politics as usual. Sen. Cruz asks a question in which Fascist Feinstein never answers, instead gives a pity party speech about how wonderful and smart she is. The discussion then turns toward books instead of guns and ends with a confessional of how Heller v. District of Columbia gives Fascist Feinstein the right to decide that Americans don’t NEED over 2,700 guns she wants to ban.



Fascist Feinstein Gets Her Gun Ban Through Senate Committee

As proof that the issue concerning guns and violence isn’t about guns and violence, Senate committee members voted 10 democrats to 8 republicans to approve Fascist Feinstein’s anti gun assault weapons ban. As this bill moves to the full Senate Floor rest assured that all Senators will be voting for or against the bill based solely on whether they think it is in the best interest of them getting reelected……and nothing more.

My guess is that it will not pass in the Senate vote because too many Americans oppose strict gun control and neither the democrats nor the republicans feel comfortable enough that they can win reelection strictly through voter fraud.

The Blamer in Chief will probably say the bill failed because of the dead kids at Newtown, Connecticut.


Day 53 – No Executive Orders


Day 53 and there still are not executive orders published on the White House website about Obama’s planned gun control issues.


Fascist Feinstein says that veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and should not be allowed to own guns.

And once again, Fascist Feinstein makes this absurd comment:

And yet it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.

Perhaps the woman has multiple personalities and this one should be called “Foolish Feinstein.”

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard, signed a bill that would allow school districts in that state to arm teachers, security guards and volunteers. Push em back! Push em back! Waaaaaaaaay back!


Day 46 – No Executive Orders


Day 46 and still there are no executive orders, with President Obama’s detailed plans, for gun control. 46 days ago the president committed fraud, premeditated dirty dealing, to mislead this people.


Here’s a very well done video of a gentleman explaining to any interested viewers the differences between a sport rifle (AR-15) and an assault rifle (M-4) by definition. The explanation and the demonstration are done very effectively but I am still left with the same question as I always am. Why do we continue to “compromise” our Second Amendment rights so that now we cannot easily obtain and own that assault rifle that we so matter of fact state has been banned in 1986? The cry is constant: Hunters don’t need assault rifles! Maybe true but limiting my ability to protect myself against criminals and bully tyrants like Fascist Feinstein, is criminal. Understand the differences in weapons but doing so should NOT be cause to limit my rights.

And speaking of limiting MY ability to protect myself and family, consider the Firearms Equality Movement, whose goal is for gun manufacturers to limit to law enforcement agencies the exact same limited weapons the governments have declared on citizens. In other words, if people cannot own an AR-15, then law enforcement can’t either. Interesting concept.

Here’s a list of other links concerning the debates and events occurring about destroying our Second Amendment:

1. National Journal I believe wrongfully asks if the big “movement” to ban guns has dried up and gone away. The basis for their claim is that the most effort and noise is being exerted by pro Second Amendment. Don’t let the left’s quietness lead you astray.

2. Glenn Reynolds, in an opinion piece found in USA Today, says that the NRA is more instep with American people than President Obama – which might not actually be saying much. Which reminds me. Readers should be very aware with whom they may decide to throw their support to in the fight to save the Second Amendment. Many organizations are just crisis pimps looking for or maybe even helping to create a crisis in order that they can play on your emotions to gain access to your bank account. Proceed with caution.

3. And speaking of organizations that like to beg for your money during a crisis, The Blaze tells of one such rally in New York to protest the fascist-style gun laws imposed upon the citizens there.

4. Finally, “Say-it-Ain’t-So” Joe Biden is out giving advice to women and gun owners on how to protect themselves without a so-called “assault” rifle. Smokin’ Joe says that if you want to keep somebody out of your house, use that double barrel shotgun and just shoot through the door.

So, with those endearing thoughts from our VEEP, I’ll leave you with this thought:



Gun Registration Will Lead to Gun Confiscation


Day 35 – No Executive Orders


It is now day 35 and President Obama has yet to post on the White House website, the 23 executive orders on gun control he told the American people he was signing. What fraud!

Below is a video of Fascist Feinstein in full display of lies and ignorance. On exhibit is her rant about how her unconstitutional bill would protect hunters and shooting sportsmen, with never a mention about a person’s ability to protect themselves from a sampling of the weapons of the day. In other words, the guns she has decided we can keep, after government approval and registration, leaves those of us interested in self defense and protection from tyrants like her and Barack Obama, would be akin to bringing a jack knife to a gun fight.

And most importantly, please pay attention to what Fascist Feinstein says near the end of the 6-minute video about the purpose of her bill, i.e. to dry up the supply of weapons.


Fascist Feinstein Explains Her Assault Weapons Ban