March 21, 2023

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Just How Much is 7 Million Pounds of “Junk Food?”

We are hearing it more and more each day from the radical human haters at the Humane Society of the United States that each year bear hunters dump 7 million pounds of junk food into Maine’s forests and this action is causing bears to reproduce more offspring and all sorts of other unsubstantiated nonsense. So just how much is 7 million pounds of junk food?

According to a Reuters article about Maine’s upcoming anti hunting bear referendum in November, Maine attracts roughly 10,000 bear hunters. IF bear hunters dump 7 million pounds of junk food in the forests each year and IF all 10,000 bear hunters practiced baiting bears, each bear hunter would be responsible for 700 pounds of junk food.

According to Wikipedia, the average cake donut weighs less than one ounce. So, let’s call it one ounce. It would, therefore, require 16 donuts to make a pound. That would mean each hunter would carry the equivalent of 11,200 donuts into the woods to bait bear.

But this really isn’t the issue. Animal rights emotionally intoxicated human haters say that baiting bears causes all kinds of bad things, like conditioning bears to humans and artificially growing the bear population which is what is the cause of the increase in bear numbers and the number of human and bear interactions. Even if the idea that this “junk food” was causing increased reproduction, the number of bears and the geographical land mass involved with bear baiting is so proportionally small compared to the habitat of the bear in Maine, it would have no overall effect on the state’s bear population. On the contrary. Baiting allows for the harvest of more bears which is used as a control mechanism to keep bear populations in check. If the option of baiting of bears is taken away from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife as a management tool, as is being shown nationwide, bear numbers will grow out of control and Maine citizens should expect increased encounters with bears even in those years when natural conditions provide ample food for bears.