March 20, 2023

Anything To Get Elected…ANYTHING




Maine U.S. House Candidate Doesn’t Know Constitution or History

Where’s John Kerry and his fake photo of bird hunting, when he was a presidential candidate, when you need it?


Ah, but we don’t need this photo. We got this one instead.


It makes you wonder who advises these blood-sucking, lying, cheating politicians? 

Fortunately for America, so far, history has shown that any time a political candidate, not only stands up in opposition to the Second Amendment, but does something bone-headed like pose for a fake “hunting” photograph, while at the same time telling people stuff about the Constitution, our right to bear arms, and lying about our “right to hunt,” that ain’t true, they get embarrassed in defeat at the polls.

My God they will never learn. Perhaps they believe that the majority of voters are as stupid as they are. Fortunately, there are still a few who know better.

Annie! Before you get your gun, GET A CLUE!