September 25, 2022

UN/World Insanity

A seemingly mad man (is he or isn’t he?) in Russia, according to the maligned, complicit and insane media, says Putin has gone berserk over “NUKES.” And so how does the United Nations react? By releasing a report that attempts to spell out the negative climate consequences of any nuclear attacks.

YUP!! That certainly would be my biggest concern…the &%^$#@) climate. Here’s a question all those whacked out climate morons should be asking themselves. Do you think Hell will be concerned about Global Warming?

And on a related note: I went to the grocery store this morning. While I was there, about 20 minutes, the lights went out and camp back on quickly, two times…the second time when I was at the check-out register. A man behind me made some comment about somebody not paying their electric bill. I retort, or maybe the Russians are dropping a bomb on us.

Two things happened that actually surprised me. It was obvious to me from the cashier, the bagger, and those standing around, that they had deep and serious concerns over this Russian invasion thing.

The man behind me who had made the first comment, stepped up nearer to me and said, “I ain’t worried about no nukes getting into this country. This country’s got this and there’s no way they are going to let any bombs from Russia get us.”

As I then quietly began my exit out of the store, I noticed a young black man (an employee) standing in a group of other employees, making eye contact with me. He stepped out of his group momentarily and said, “You have a blessed day.” I believe he knows what’s going on and that he knows I know what’s going on.

So, what do you think is going on?

Jonathan Kleck, the LORD GOD’s End Time harbinger, shares with his followers what the LORD GOD has revealed to him.

Get ready!!