April 10, 2020

New Sponsors, New Adventures Highlight Expanded Season Four of RMEF Team Elk

MISSOULA, Mont.–Big bulls, the quest to find them, and other hunting and conservation adventures highlight the on-going Season Four of RMEF Team Elk, which now covers 52 weeks a year.

RMEF Team Elk is presented by Cabela’s. Other sponsors new to the award-winning TV program are Yeti Coolers, New Holland, Zeiss, Flextone, Grizzly Sleeping Bags (Black Pine Sports) and Montana Canvas. Returning sponsors include Browning, Buck Knives, Danner, Eberlestock, PSE, Archer Xtreme, Nosler, Hunt by onXmaps, Sitka, Yamaha, Budweiser and PEAK.

“We consider our sponsors valuable conservation partners,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “Their involvement and investment allows us to better highlight elk, elk habitat, other wildlife, our hunting heritage and our mission to ensure their future.”

Episodes of RMEF Team Elk air every Tuesday at 12:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Thursday at 10:30 p.m., and Friday at 11 p.m. (all times ET) on Outdoor Channel.

Season Four highlights memorable hunts in Utah, Montana, Idaho, Kentucky, New Mexico and on other beautiful landscapes across elk country. Among featured Team Elk members are host Brandon Bates, featured member Kristy Titus, country music artists Easton Corbin and Josh Thompson, Chris Sprangers of Cabela’s, former Indy race car driver Johnny Unser, Eberlestock founder Glen Eberle, PSE founder Pete Shepley and four teenage girls on their first deer hunt.

“Not only is Team Elk the title of our television show but it also represents a dedicated and passionate base of volunteers, members and our valued sponsor partners,” added Decker.


Cabela’s NRA Weekend




Montana Sportsman’s Town Hall Meeting

Senators Fred Thomas and Scott Boulanger invite you to attend:
Sportsmens Town Hall Meeting
Bitterroot River Inn – Hamilton,MT
December 19th, 2013 Thursday
6:30 PM
Recently the MT. Fish Wildlife and Parks Dept. put forth a proposal to dramatically change hunting seasons and hunting districts that will affect every single person that hunts in the Bitterroot Valley. Topics of the meeting will include:
Elk Hunting permits, Wolves, Whitetail Doe Seasons, Hunting District Boundary Changes, Anti-Trapping ballot initiatives, Youth Cow Elk Seasons.
The purpose of the meeting is for your elected officials to hear from the hunting public. Please bring your ideas, comments and concerns.
Guest speakers Keith Kubista from MT Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife will discuss the anti-trapping ballot initiative.
Safari Club Regional Representative Jon Wemple will discuss loss of hunting opportunity with valley wide permits.
For information contact: Senator Scott Boulanger 406-360-1063

Substantial changes are coming for next year’s hunting season especially in the Bitterroot Valley. Please attend this town hall meeting for more information. Please pass this on to others!


RMEF’s Hunter Christmas Exposition Coming to Las Vegas in 2014

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is proud to announce the all-new Hunter Christmas Exposition, presented by Cabela’s, coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center on Dec. 4-7, 2014.

“We are extremely excited to bring the Hunter Christmas Expo to Las Vegas during the first four days of the National Finals Rodeo in 2014,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “Judging by the reaction so far, others are excited as well. This news release marks the first public announcement of the show and we are nearly halfway sold through our 560-plus available booth spaces.”

The National Finals Rodeo represents one of the largest gatherings of Western lifestyle enthusiasts in the United States. In 2012, Cowboy Christmas and Cowboy FanFest welcomed more than 186,000 attendees over the 10-day event and so far this year they are on pace to exceed last year’s numbers. Las Vegas Events reports the number of visitors in Las Vegas during what many refer to as the ‘Super Bowl of rodeos’ is actually 2-3 times that number because of all the watch parties and NFR-related activities outside the arena.

“Hunting and fishing rank among the highest activities enjoyed by this fan base, but there are currently no hunting or outdoor shows in Vegas during the NFR,” said Decker. “We feel Hunter Christmas fills a much-needed niche for these fans.”

The Hunter Christmas Exposition will take place alongside the established Cowboy Christmas and Cowboy FanFest Shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hunter Christmas will be in the Central Halls while the Cowboy Christmas and Cowboy FanFest will be in the adjacent North Halls of LVCC.

Hunter Christmas will be presented by Cabela’s and feature industry leaders like Browning, Buck Knives, Leupold, Nosler, Remington, Federal Premium and many others. It will bring the best in firearms, optics, outfitters, archery, and hunting apparel, and all things hunting and outdoors to tens of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, Hunter Christmas will feature a full archery range conducted by PSE, the NASCAR Experience from Nationwide Insurance, the Gun Genie from Gallery of Guns allowing firearm purchases from the show floor, special television coverage by RFD-TV and seminars from top hunting pros.

“Las Vegas Events is proud of the partnership that we have created with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,” said Pat Christenson, president of Las Vegas Events. “They have been one of the core components of Cowboy FanFest since its inception in 2012. Offering new and exciting elements for rodeo fans each year is a goal for both of our organizations, and we look forward to working with RMEF in the future.”

RMEF is also moving its annual convention, Elk Camp, to the same dates of Dec. 4-7, 2014, also in Las Vegas at The Mirage.

“We feel this will bring a new level of energy and excitement to Elk Camp allowing us to do things unlike we have ever done them before at our annual event,” added Decker.


RMEF to Bolster Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow Program

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation formed a partnership with the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation to expand and help fund Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLfT), an established program designed to educate wildlife professionals who do not hunt with an understanding about the important roles of hunting and its impact on conservation.

“A key element of RMEF’s mission is to enhance our hunting heritage,” said Blake Henning, RMEF vice president of Lands and Conservation. “This partnership allows us to do that by helping expand CLfT into the western part of the country while also assisting program participants with the funding they need to attend.”

CLfT offers five-day workshops designed for top professional leaders and students within the natural resources science and management. CLfT workshops are taught by trained instructors who are wildlife professionals, dedicated conservationists and veteran hunters. Participants are exposed to highly interactive classroom discussions and field exercises that focus on hunting awareness, safety, hunter motivations, and the vital role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation.

“The goal of CLfT is very clear,” says Zachary Lowe, director of CLfT. “We want to identify the current and future leadership of our wildlife resources who do not hunt and provide them with a career-relevant opportunity to learn and experience what hunting is, who hunters are, and how this all directly benefits wildlife and the future of conservation.”

The goal of CLfT is not to recruit or train participants to be hunters. Instead, it is to provide class members with insights and knowledge into why hunting is important from biological, social, cultural, economic and recreational standpoints and ultimately provide for its role in conservation. In return participants have the opportunity to advance their careers, identify better with the hunting constituency, and reinforce the core mission of their state and federal agencies.

“CLfT plays a vital role in the future of hunting recruitment and retention”, says David Windsor, national coordinator for CLfT. “Not because we create a new hunter, but because we work to ensure that agencies and wildlife professionals of the future have a well-developed understanding of hunters and hunting which ultimately powers wildlife conservation.”

“RMEF’s core message of Hunting is Conservation gets to the very foundation of CLfT’s educational approach and forms the basis for their newly launched joint effort to extend CLfT further into the Western US,” added Henning.

“The impact of CLfT Workshops is diverse but powerful as we often hear about how CLfT has changed the professional or personal lives of its participants” says Windsor.

To learn more about Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow, go to www.clft.org.


Moose Season Set To Begin Monday In Northern, Eastern Areas Of Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine — After a record season for moose hunters last year, moose season begins Monday in the northern and eastern part of the state. But even though there are more permits this year than ever before, permit numbers are increasing in one area of the state, and decreasing in others.

“The increase in permit numbers may be deceiving,” said IFW moose biologist Lee Kantar, “We have increased the number of permits in the northern section of the state where the moose population is above our population goal, and have lowered the number of permits in other parts of the state where we are at or below our moose population goals.”

In all, permits have increased in five northern wildlife management districts that can support additional harvest, and permits have decreased in 12 wildlife management districts. There are 25 out of 29 wildlife management districts in the state that are open for moose hunting.

“By adjusting the number and type of permits available to hunters, we can control the moose harvest and manage population growth,” says Kantar.

Maine’s moose population is estimated at under 70,000 animals, reduced intentionally from the 76,000 it was two years ago through increased permits to hunt moose. Maine’s moose population is a valued resource, due to the high demands for both viewing and hunting. Moose population goals are derived through a public process, and different areas of the state are classified for recreational opportunity (hunting and viewing), road safety, or a compromise between the two.

Maine’s moose hunting season is divided into four separate segments. The first segment runs from September 23-28; the second from October 14-19; the third segment from November 4-9; and the fourth from November 2 through 30. This week there are 950 hunters who have permits for northern and eastern Maine during the initial week of the season.

In order to assess and monitor moose population health and growth, the department is once again asking cow moose hunters during the November season who are hunting in Northern Maine (WMDs 1-5, 7, 8) to bring the ovaries to the registration station where they tag their moose. IFW is examining the ovaries to help determine rates of pregnancy.

This information, coupled with the information on harvested bull and cow age structure obtained from moose teeth that are collected at moose registration stations are combined with our aerial surveys to give the department a more complete picture of the status of the moose population.


SAM Seeking Help for Upcoming Fight Against Anti Bear Referendum

Dear SAM Members:

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine office will be the beginning location for the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council to oppose the upcoming bear referendum to ban baiting, hounding and trapping.

We are looking for three (3) desks in good condition to be utilized in the office for the coalition workers.

If you have a desk in good condition to spare and would be willing to deliver please contact the office at 623-4589 or becky@sportsmansallianceofmaine.org

David Trahan


RMEF Ready to Pull the Trigger on Season 3 of Team Elk

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s award-winning television show, RMEF Team Elk, returns to celebrate a third season of conservation and hunting on Sunday, July 7, at 3:00 p.m. (ET) on Outdoor Channel.

“Team Elk is much more than just a TV show,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “It features the best landscapes in elk country, the wildlife that lives there, demonstrates how we solidify our connection to the land around us, and drives home the fact that Hunting is Conservation.”

The first episode features racing legend Johnny Unser Jr. and longtime RMEF volunteer Mike Baugh as they chase big bulls in the fast-paced, rut-filled Big Sky Country of Montana.

Each week, new episodes of RMEF Team Elk will air every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. (ET), Saturday at 6:00 p.m. (ET) and Sunday at 3:00 p.m. (ET).

Season Three’s weekly episode highlights include how three women of the outdoors successfully “Shoot Like a Girl,” a young hunter who caps his first ever elk hunt in a big way, and more memorable up-close encounters with elk and other wildlife than ever before.

For a preview of Season Three, click the link below:


RMEF Team Elk represents a nationwide RMEF membership of more than 196,000. The series delivers RMEF’s mission of ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage to 34 million households per week on the Outdoor Channel with a theme of “Hunting is Conservation.”

“We are excited to bring a new look and format to our third season,” added Decker. “Our production staff works hard to make sure the viewer not only enjoys the show but comes away with a better understanding of the relationship between elk, hunters and conservationists, and the land around us.”

Presented by MidwayUSA, RMEF Team Elk is brought to you by: Browning, Nosler, Weaver, Buck Knives, Danner, PSE Archery, Eberlestock, Hunting GPS Maps, Archer Xtreme, Sitka, DeWalt, Budweiser, PEAK, Yamaha and Montana Decoy.


Anti-Anti Gun Protest in Bozeman

Note: The below information was sent to me by Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association

Any in the Bozeman area:

New York City Mayor Bloomberg is attempting to organize a protest in Bozeman at Senator Max Baucus’s office to criticize Max for voting AGAINST enhanced gun-buy background checks (universal gun registration).

If you can mount a counter-protest, it should be fun. Here’s the info sent out by Bloomberg:



What: “Shame on You” Protest on Senator Baucus’ Office

Who: Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned Montanans

When: Friday, April 19 at 12 Noon

Where: Senator Baucus’s Office, 220 W. Lamme Street, Suite 1D


Upcoming Maine Fish and Game Meetings

Below is a list of upcoming informational meetings to be held in Central Maine for those interested. I got this info from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website. Please take not of the topics to be discussed, the times and places and attend if you can and/or are interested.

March 28, 2013, 7:00 p.m. The Challenges of Deer Management in Maine: Population Trends and Habitats from Southern to Northern Maine – Lee Kantar, Deer and Moose Biologist, MDIFW. Snow date: April 11. Ladd Recreation Center, Wayne, ME.

April 4, 2013, 7:00 p.m. Maine’s Black Bear Monitoring Project – Three decades of Research on Maine’s Bear Population – Randy Cross, Bear Biologist, MDIFW. Snow date: April 11. Ladd Recreation Center, Wayne, ME.