January 29, 2023

Arctic Wolves Walk Right Up To Workers and Sniff Them

The following comment was made by Dr. Valerius Geist who has studied and documented wolf behavior. He has published his findings here.

This is an excellent video of wolves EXPLORING (ALTERNATIVE PREY)! This is exactly what wolves of the first misbehaving pack we experienced here on Vancouver island were doing! This is what wolves on Vargas Island, an hour and half from here, were doing before they attacked and seriously wounded a camper. (He was rescued by other campers). Wolves came almost as close to me, my wife and brother-in-law, as seen in this video. Please compare what these wolves are doing with my description of the pre-attack phase of wolves switching to a new prey (Humans, in this case).

This video is a treasure! Distribute it!

Val Geist

PS And remember, wolves do not play. They explore in deadly earnest.