January 26, 2023

What Some Will Do for a Cause

In May of 2007, I worked with a resident of Idaho putting together photographs and chronicling information and facts to corroborate a story of how certain people, bent on the destruction of the Idaho elk ranching industry, plotted to plant disease among domestic elk. From information I obtained, it was believed by the conspirators that the only thing powerful enough to put an end to domestic elk ranching was to infect those animals with a disease. That threat was very powerful.

Some 8-plus years later, and witnessing events taking place in this country and around the world, and I am left asking myself, to what extent will people go to promote their agendas?

Eight years ago I thought it was abominable that any person(s) would actually consider spreading disease in order to get what they wanted. Today, I am asking to what extent will some people go in order to destroy the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I consider myself to be a sensible guy. I am an outcast in this world because for the most part I want little to do with it and in actuality just consider myself passing through.

I, like millions of other Americans, watched in horror as two news people seemingly were gunned down on live television and the event was filmed by the killer – a man who was immediately labeled as being a mental case.

At the time, I did not choose to view the video of the actually shooting. Yesterday, I watched a video, put together by someone trying to show that the gun the killer was shooting was fake – only shooting blanks.

As with most videos of this kind that I choose to watch, I leave the volume off and make my own observations. After such, I then, sometimes, turn the volume up and watch one last time.

The first time I viewed the video of what was presented as the gun and hand of the killer, my first thought was that the first shot probably missed, as the gun was pointing to the right of the intended target. The first shot in the video shows the gun firing clearly. It was obvious to me the gun, a hand gun, was some kind of auto-loader, the magazine, if there was one, being contained within the hand grip of the pistol.

To be clear, I would not consider myself a gun expert, but I have spent my life around them. Therefore, I know perhaps more about guns than the average person.

Even though I thought perhaps the first shot missed the target, I did notice orange/red muzzle flash and smoke – quite a bit more smoke than comes from newer guns and ammunition. The second thing that I noticed was that there was no casing ejected from the gun. There were, in the video, what I believed to be at least 3 shots in succession. It was obvious the gun was not a revolver. Revolvers do not eject casings. The spent casings remain in the magazine cylinder and must be manually removed and new ammunition loaded.

Where was the casing from the bullet that was fired? That is the question that I would like to have answered.

I am not going to give you a link to the video that I viewed. You should find any that exist for yourself and make your own determination of what took place and what was the gun being used.

In getting back to my original question, I know from personal experience that a small group of men were considering (there is no evidence to show they carried out the idea and I did notify the FBI of the information I had) introducing disease into domestic animals to alter the industry for what their agenda was bent on achieving.

How far are people willing to go to convince the public that guns need to be banned? Would they stage such an event as faking the shooting of a news reporter and cameraman? I don’t know. The world we live in has much evil.

For those that know me well, I am not one to jump on some claim without having solid proof. I am also not saying that what is revealed in the video about the gun being fired, is proof that the event was fake and staged. I am asking for somebody to explain to me, with solid, sensible proof, that there exists auto-loading handguns that shoot bullets that kill people that don’t have a casing. Was this gun one that propels a bullet with compressed air or some other gas? Does that gas create an orange/red muzzle flash and smoke?

Even the video slowed down by 30-times normal speed, I fail to see any casing being ejected.

No more than the difficulty I had during the Boston Marathon bombing, seeing a man supposedly with both legs, below the knees, blown off, sitting up, alert in a wheelchair being pushed down the street, I believe my question is legitimate in this case.

If you have rational thoughts on this, please share them below in the comments section. Thank you.


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