February 9, 2023

Abdullah The Hero? Or Just Another Fake ISIS Bombing?

I refuse to play stupid in this as well as blind. Ever since the Obama Administration began supposedly bombing ISIS targets, the only pictures or videos the people have been able to see, shows vacant lots and empty buildings being bombed; never anybody around or even motor vehicles parked or moving about. Why is that? ISIS tipped off, or were they all just out to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee when the bombing started? Maybe the whole thing is an orchestrated fake. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Probably previous administrations put up the same kind of fake pictures and I just wasn’t paying attention.

And now, Neocons and fascist war mongers are bringing down the roof over Jordan’s King Abdullah for bombing ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. Pentagon says Jordan is lying about bombing in Iraq. I say they all lie. I say the videos that some main stream news outlets are showing on TV are fake. There’s never anybody home and there’s never cars and trucks around or any movement at all. The bombs appear to be just blowing up empty buildings.

Below is a video I found on Youtube but it’s a video containing still pictures, some of which might be supposed ISIS targets the Jordanians have bombed…maybe. The rest is just propaganda.

The cries go out demanding Obama ask Congress to declare war. Odd, I didn’t think the president needed to ask. Let’s get into it. Let’s get ready to rumble. The propaganda on all sides is stirring the masses and growing the hatred. Before you agree to have somebody’s child go shoot and kill other human beings, ask yourself if you really believe the nonsense you are being spoon fed. If you do, then get your gun and do the killing yourself. Don’t send someone else’s kid to do your nasty work.