February 3, 2023

Maine U.S. House Candidate Doesn’t Know Constitution or History

Where’s John Kerry and his fake photo of bird hunting, when he was a presidential candidate, when you need it?


Ah, but we don’t need this photo. We got this one instead.


It makes you wonder who advises these blood-sucking, lying, cheating politicians? 

Fortunately for America, so far, history has shown that any time a political candidate, not only stands up in opposition to the Second Amendment, but does something bone-headed like pose for a fake “hunting” photograph, while at the same time telling people stuff about the Constitution, our right to bear arms, and lying about our “right to hunt,” that ain’t true, they get embarrassed in defeat at the polls.

My God they will never learn. Perhaps they believe that the majority of voters are as stupid as they are. Fortunately, there are still a few who know better.

Annie! Before you get your gun, GET A CLUE!


The Fake Photo of Obama Skeet Shooting

I would suppose that lying and the level of disgust associated with it is driven by who is faking it and for what the agenda is that the sham might be promoting. I think this is somehow defining ends justifies the means…..but I could be wrong. (And I just can’t get out of my head, “what difference does it really make?”)

It seems the Weekly Standard in its eagerness to further promote their agendas by perpetuating selected information that President Obama is a lying, cheating, snake in the grass, posted on their website that the White House has released a photo showing Obama skeet shooting with buddies at Camp David; a claim he made the other day.

Partly in the Weekly Standard’s defense, they stole the photo and stuff from New Republic Magazine, who said the White House had Tweeted the photo; shown below but the way things are who can confirm anything about this? View photo at own risk. Note: If you think the photo is real, well…..never mind.


Ironic in many ways that intelligent people know and can easily figure out that Obama was lying through his teeth when he stated that he went shooting with his buddies at Camp David. Prior to this, the president stages a fake photo op with a bunch of kids, while pretending to sign 23 executive orders to ban gun access and specified equipment, among other absolutist/despotic actions. And yet when someone, other than the president lies, cheats and steals to promote their agendas, they are bad people in need of public flogging.

Can you say double standards? I knew you could not.