January 28, 2023

How Much of the Internet is Fake?

Let’s answer that question with more questions. How much of this existence is fake? Why should we believe an article found on the fake internet isn’t fake?

This article, linked to from Drudge, is mostly rooted in faking all things on the internet for the purpose of lying, cheating, and stealing in order for some sinister “fakers” to make gobs of money. So what else is new?

The article states: “Some [malware infected computer bots] were sent to browse the internet to gather tracking cookies from other websites, just as a human visitor would have done through regular behavior. Fake people with fake cookies and fake social-media accounts, fake-moving their fake cursors, fake-clicking on fake websites — the fraudsters had essentially created a simulacrum of the internet, where the only real things were the ads.”

While all of this is disturbing, in the realm of our existing automatized culture of a hungry, non-thinking people, what difference does it make except for those thinking they are making money from the Internet when in reality, like Federal Reserve Notes, they are being conned?

The users don’t care. They see what they want, hear what they want, and repeat what they want. They may mouth that the Internet is fake, but that doesn’t stop them from jumping all in, gobbling it up as though it was life’s blood.

The “Catch-22” or circular thinking that is going on here is as ridiculous as the concept of everything being fake. Are we to believe, just in the same fashion that we do now, that because an Internet magazine media source reports what’s fake and what’s not, we are to disregard all other information and believe them? How does any of this make sense.

Such actions and reactions are creeping up on a “Clockwork Orange” kind of programming utilizing shock therapy to correct the behaviors of people, only the shock therapy isn’t as outwardly obvious. For those who haven’t figured it out yet, the shock therapy to brainwash the masses has been going on for a long, long time. As a matter of fact, it started in the Garden of Eden.

From all of this, we are left with this bit of nonsense based in a lack of understanding of the real reason the Internet is being used against us…the people: “What’s gone from the internet, after all, isn’t “truth,” but trust: the sense that the people and things we encounter are what they represent themselves to be. Years of metrics-driven growth, lucrative manipulative systems, and unregulated platform marketplaces, have created an environment where it makes more sense to be fake online — to be disingenuous and cynical, to lie and cheat, to misrepresent and distort — than it does to be real. Fixing that would require cultural and political reform in Silicon Valley and around the world, but it’s our only choice. Otherwise we’ll all end up on the bot internet of fake people, fake clicks, fake sites, and fake computers, where the only real thing is the ads.”

I’m in no position to disagree with the theory that all this stuff online is fake. It’s the solution that bugs me. The suggestion is that a cure requires “cultural and political reform.” It is precisely “cultural and political reform” that has driven us to this point of distrust “to be disingenuous and cynical, to lie and cheat, to misrepresent and distort…”

The only way of controlling the people is to ensure their division – their distrust of all except those who are doing the controlling. Government authority, or more accurately, the Global Power Structure fears the Internet because it can be a platform for truth. In it’s “unregulated” form the onus should be on the readers to decipher fact and fiction, but who’s left that wants to do that? The author of the piece intimates that the Internet needs more regulation, regulation that comes from the Global Power Structure that is doing all it can to make and keep the Internet “fake.”

Cultural and political reform, by design, has brought our very cultural to the pinnacle of distrust. By all indications, that’s exactly where “they” want us to remain. Therefore, why should we expect or even want cultural and political reform other than what we have been programmed to do?

We are caught in the web of circular following. While some can see the web they don’t understand how we got in. Without that knowledge, there is no way out.

Go ahead. Go look to Facebook for your answers. Maybe this time you’ll get something that is real but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


You Must Believe Me…

It would seem that the majority of people prefer to be lied to. Why is that?

Most all of us read. As a matter of fact, one source that I looked at said 73% of people read books regularly. It seems that a majority prefer to read fiction vs. nonfiction. In other words, we prefer to be lied to rather than told the truth? Maybe. Greater entertainment value?

Is it because we want to believe what we are being told, whether verbally or in print? It would appear that way. In reality, we have absolutely no reason to believe anything told or written by any person and yet we still do. I have always marveled at listening to people discuss a movie or a fiction book they have read and are relating it as though it really happened – that it was the truth.

Have you ever known or read about (snicker) famous fakers, con men, hoaxers, forgers? The world is full of them. Some are “professional” – whatever exactly that means. We are all fakers, con artists, hoaxers, and forgers of some kind. Be honest. We lie. We believe that under most conditions, the means to an end can be justified even if it is mired in dishonesty.

One of the world’s greater “professional” hoaxers might have been a man by the name of Clifford Irving. Irving was notably an author and investigative journalist known best for his supposed “autobiography” of Howard Hughes – as told by Howard Hughes. It could never be proven or disproven that he even knew Hughes say nothing about writing his autobiography from interviews with the man.

But people lined up to buy his work. Many believed it. Many wanted to believe it. He lied. Or did he? How do we know? Does it matter?

Irving became friends with a Hungarian man named “Elmyr.” Elmyr was one of the worlds great art forgers…we think because we have been told. But it is impossible to prove anything he allegedly did or didn’t do.

The preservation of this fakery is done by the faker himself. Irving and Elmyr both were once asked if they would “come clean” about their forgeries. They said they would and sat down to discuss the “truth” about the events, only to discover at some point that the interviews were fake and full of lies – just more hoaxes. Regardless of the number of times either Irving or Elmyr was asked to come clean, they said they would but it would end in what could only be seen as continued lies and hoaxes.

If we spend the majority of our time when we read, reading fiction books, does this muddy our ability to determine truth from fiction? Do we even care? We want to believe…in something. Are there better things to be found in fiction reading than in reality?

How important is it that the faker, hoaxer, liar, fraud convinces you they are telling the truth? There are millions of dollars to be made from this, even in areas typically accepted by people as legitimate platforms of media, i.e. books, newspapers, television, social media, movies, music, etc. Because of this simple fact, it only makes sense that the perpetrators of hoaxes, lies, fake news, fraud ought to be trained professionals – actors? Why not? The things we do for money.

Actors are nothing more than trained professional liars. They are failures if they are not. Their job as an actor is to convince you they are real and what they do and say can be taken as authentic. If this is so convincing on the movie screen, why isn’t this same act carried out on television “news” programs, or anywhere else, say in Congress, the White House, IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc.? There is always a lot at stake – often times more than we can imagine.

Remember the H.G. Wells movie “War of the Worlds?” What made the movie successful is that people believed and wanted to believe it was really happening. It took an awful lot to convince these people it was a hoax. Millions were made and within the event, it was discovered what power existed in this format of lying to convince people of things for sinister reasons.

If you will recall the formation to the Wellington House, a group of professionals (some liars/writers of fiction) whose purpose was to create propaganda (lies) in order to manipulate public opinion in support of World War I. This, in more fine-tuned fashion, continues today.

Nobody wants to be made a fool of and because of that, it becomes that much more difficult to convince people they are being lied to, conned, misled, etc. That’s what makes lying so wonderful to those seeking the advantage in dishonest ways.

We know that newspapers, magazines, television, movies, social media, etc. all contain lies. What we don’t know is how much and just what are the lies and what are truths. How do we determine? Can we? Maybe it is best to stop using these resources for information. But we won’t. It’s an addiction.

When we are told that someone or some media source was caught lying, how do we know that the supposed lie was, in fact, a lie? How do we know that the accusers aren’t lying? We don’t. How do we know that this isn’t just a conspiracy plotted between the accused liar and the accuser? We don’t. However, if one lie is what we want to hear, we readily accept that as truth. We must believe in one side or the other, one actor over the other, one author over the other…right?

If we can wrap our fingers around the notion that what is at stake is of such a high value, monetarily and politically, or even protect clandestine operations and the sinister things they do, then can we begin to understand that these same operators will go to whatever lengths necessary to accomplish what is “life or death” to them?

Why then, do we or should we believe what we are being fed? There is no reason to. Are any of the things we are seeing on television real? If not, which ones are acted out, lies, i.e. “fake?”

We are supposed to believe that a woman from 30-some years ago in a Supreme Court nominee’s past attacked her…or something. What is at stake here? You would think the end of the world is the outcome the way people are acting and reacting. Therefore, at what lengths will people go to stop this nomination or at what lengths will they go to confirm this nomination? Would they go so far as to bring in trained actors, make them up and give them a script? Why not? We love the entertainment of lies. We feed off lies. We want very much to believe those lies.

Still not convinced? For those probably least convinced, they may be the consumers of fiction books and movies. Look at what computers can do on the movie screen. Look at what makeup is capable of these days. The technology exists that if someone wanted to make another person up to look like Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Ford, or anybody they so choose, they could. We would not know the difference.

After all, what is at stake? How important is it for certain things to take place? How important is it to the government, to Big Corporations, to banks, to the Vatican to get what they want?

Do we still have the capability of decerning fact from fiction? Do we just adore our fiction so much, i.e. being lied to, that in our programmed confusion we can’t and don’t want to know reality? We have all been taught that “you are what you eat.” If your life is drowning in fiction, then your life is drowning in fiction.

The lives or Clifford Irving and Elmyr, along with others, was made into a movie – “F is for Faker,” hosted and narrated by Orson Welles. I’ll leave you with what he said at the end of the movie: “I did promise that for one hour, I’d tell you only the truth. That hour, ladies and gentlemen, is over. For the past seventeen minutes, I’ve been lying my head off.”

Now what?


Oh Say Can You See….It’s Right in Front of Your Face!



Expect a Fake Surrender to a Fake Government Shutdown

Expect a fake white flag to go up any second that would end an 11-day-old fake government shutdown orchestrated by the fakers on Capital Hill. The shutdown is fake because the idea that there is a right and left and a democrat and a republican party is fake. It’s all fake.

The fake white flag will go up because too many Americans are thoroughly pissed off and the fake politicians didn’t think (or hoped) we wouldn’t care that much. Time to fake a retreat and try another tactic to bury us. Look for a major diversion.