February 7, 2023

Leftist’s Judgement Day

A reporter decides to attack another for saying VP Mike Pence is a sexist pig because he refuses to dine alone with any woman who is not his wife. Why, is for you to decide. I don’t care, nor should you.

However, aside from the idiocy that all media indulges themselves in, if a reporter is going to offer any credibility for themselves in what they write, beginning a news story with an exaggeration simply sets the stage for readers with a brain to only conclude, the rest of the story is an exaggeration. (Logic tells us there are few readers with a brain.)

The article begins this way: “Vice President Mike Pence is a man of deeply held Christian convictions.”

We are instructed by the Scriptures to not stand in judgement over any man, however, I assure you, in all confidence, that great men like Noah and Moses, Paul, John, etc. were men of “deeply held Christian convictions,” that is those convictions set forth by Yehwah, the Almighty. It is therefore safe to say that calling Mike Pence, who is some kind of self-proclaimed reformed/deformed Catholic, a “man of deeply held Christian conviction” is a stretch and an exaggeration.

Stick to the truth of the story please. If you need to embellish the story with false claims, it isn’t worth the ink it’s written with.


If Baiting Bears Causes Population Spikes, Stopping the Practice Should Reduce Grow

trollingforidiotsBut does it? One of the nonsense issues that supporters of the Humane Society of the United States(HSUS) spread around like a bad disease is that baiting bears as a tool to manage and help control population densities of black bears in Maine is what is responsible for the state’s increase in bear numbers statewide. Their unsubstantiated claims of “millions of pounds” a year of junk food being dumped in the Maine woods is causing bears to produce more offspring, therefore increasing the bear population and running contrary to the efforts of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife(MDIFW) to reduce the population of bears. Some have gone so far as to attribute the growth in bear numbers in the state completely to bear baiting.

If that theory is true, isn’t it sensible then to logically conclude that if Maine would ban or stop the practice of baiting, the population of bears would be reduced, or at least would stabilize? Let’s examine a few other states to see what is happening there.

Perhaps the closest state to use for comparison might be Vermont. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife says that there are at least 6,000 bears in their state. According to a report found at the website of WCAX, that 6,000 population number is a doubling in twenty years. Over 40 years ago, Vermont banned the use of bait for bear hunting purposes. That fact sort of blows out of the water a statement that baiting bears is the cause of bear population growth when it doesn’t exist in Vermont.

We must also consider other events in other states and Canadian provinces if we are to fully understand HSUS’s statement that baiting bears causes population growths in bears. In New York, where baiting of bears is prohibited, that state is now facing a problem where hunting, as it is currently regulated (which is the way the HSUS wants it in Maine), is not viable to control the population of bears. In a recently approved black bear management plan, the option of adding trapping and baiting of bears has been included.

Why is New York’s black bear population rising to unacceptable levels if that state prohibits bear baiting as a tool to control the population?

In Ontario, Canada, where baiting of bears is illegal, they have so many bears they are trying to find ways to reduce the population; enough so they are considering bringing back a spring bear hunt. Maybe Ontario is just one more example of how baiting a handful of bears for harvest purposes is NOT causing the population increases.

Connecticut has a serious bear overpopulation, most especially in the northwestern section of the state. Connecticut prohibits bear baiting. As a matter of fact they don’t even have a bear hunting season. Where there is no bear baiting, why then, according to HSUS, is Connecticut’s bear population growing?

As a matter of fact, I can ask the same question of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida and state after state.

It is utter nonsense for HSUS and others to claim that baiting of bears causes a population increase. Even though common sense and actual facts on the ground disprove such a ridiculous theory, but there does not exist any real scientific study that actually shows that baiting bears causes populations to grow.

As a matter of fact, I’m still waiting for HSUS to prove that “millions of pounds” of junk food are dumped in the Maine forests to feed bears. This is nothing more that utter sensationalism used to promote an anti human, anti hunting agenda.