December 8, 2022

Day 66(6) – No Executive Orders


It is Day 66(6) and Barack Obama is probably planning his next White House party for the weekend of NCAA Basketball’s Final Four. He certainly has not followed through with his promise to write 23 executive orders about gun control and post them on the White House website. I wonder if he is waiting to see what kind of anti Second Amendment legislation gets passed and then he will circumvent that by crafting his executive orders?


New York, New York! It’s a morons kind of town!

Actually, this behavior reminds me of what the Vatican has, over the centuries, taught their members. Squeal on others who are breaking the laws of the Pope. In New York you can now earn $500 by reporting someone as owning illegal guns. Gee, that’s where I want to live. NOT! And for those of you who will think it anyway, I’ll already tell you to put on your tin foil hat because I’ll just ask, what comes after ratting your neighbor out for money on guns?

Big Sis Hogging Ammo?

CNS reports that police departments can’t find enough ammunition and Big Sis has bought 1.6 billion rounds this past year. Hmmmmmmmm!

Happy Ending!

Two men invaded a home in Texas. A woman was home alone and called her husband. He came home, got the, “GASP”, gun out and shot and wounded one of the men. Now the good part. The men turned their own guns on themselves and blew their brains out. in Mourning

And asking for money! But not to necessarily pick on MoveOn (I try to imagine members as human beings), all of the NGOs, including the NRA, exploit everything going to ask for more money and make more promises. is so sad because Fascist Feinstein can’t get her assault weapons ban by Harry Reid and they fear none of their hoped for anti American, anti Second Amendment gun bills will pass muster in Congress. But fear not oh radical perverts, haters of individual liberty. You still have the despot in chief, Barack Obama, to write up his executive orders to accomplish your goals. Hang in there.

Death of Gun Control?

Adam Winkler at The Daily Beast wants to know if Fascist Feinstein’s assault weapons ban bill death is also the death of any proposed gun control. Gun control advocates, the media and the Obama Administration would like for you and I to think that way. That will make it easier for them to slip their gun control acts through; perhaps into other bills or using Barack’s magic pen in signing executive orders.

Some will think that even if no anti gun bills get past, no damage has been done. Not true. The divide among the people has widened and with that the ability to conquer has become a bit easier. There are a few more holes in the fort walls and Americans should watch closely for two events to occur. One is that politicians, well paid by the gun haters, will try to sneak through legislation and/or beware of Obama’s promised executive orders.

However, the most detrimental event that is going to happen is another Sandy Hook kind of event. These anti gun fascists will not rest, ever. They want our guns because it is the last bastion to ward off totalitarianism and complete despotic rule.


Frustrated Fascist Feinstein Floundering

Harry Reid put the kibosh on Fascist Feinstein‘s ridiculous anti gun bill. Reid removed Feinstein’s assault weapons ban from the general anti gun ban the democrats are trying to get through the House and Senate. The general anti gun bill is essentially an attempt to expand the background check system on guns.

Isn’t it odd in a way that when the sportsmen in Harry Reid’s home state garnered a cool million or so to help get Dirty Harry Reid reelected, probably didn’t think Reid would later turn around and push through an anti Second Amendment bill, while leaving Fascist Feinstein’s bill out in the cold. All of this on Reid’s part, among other political strategery, is to use Fascist Feinstein to make himself look to be the hero. I would suppose from the perspective of the sportsman’s groups responsible for Dingy Harry’s reelection victory, this is the equivalent now to being hung with a new rope.


Day 59 – No Executive Orders


Day 59, just shy of two months, the American people have waited to see the details of what the majority of people thought were President Barack Obama’s signed 23 executive orders on gun control. The President presented his puppet press with 23 ideas that related to guns and gun rights and promised he would draft 23 orders to implement these Second Amendment violations. He even created a dog and pony show, perhaps better described as an act of prestidigitation, complete with smoke and mirrors.

There are no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House website as promised.

Timothy P. Carney had an article a couple of days ago about how liberals, specifically those who present themselves as being opposed to gun ownership, aren’t all that interested in attacking the real problems surrounding violence, gun violence and mass murders in this country. Instead their attacks are focused on destroying a culture, or a lifestyle, that they dislike or don’t agree with. Should this really come as a shock to any of us?

Carney writes:

Gun control efforts are largely a culture-war offensive by liberals who dislike the parts of America that own guns and love guns. This meddling motivation shines through in the rhetoric of gun control advocates and in the laws they push.

For many gun owners, the firearm is not merely a tool for the practical purpose of self-defense. Nor is it simply recreational equipment, like a golf club. It’s a cultural signifier, and a totem of a worldview.

How true, but lets not lose sight of the fact that this same method of attack happens at some level regardless of political ideals. We can’t help it. We have been trained to think this way. Involuntary labels and mind manipulation have us programmed to think that we must opposed an idea simply because it comes from “the enemy” or the other side of politics and culture.

I would suppose that many of us give lip service to the idea that proposed bills that aim to limit Second Amendment rights aren’t about guns and gun violence. What we have difficulty in doing is expressing then what it really is about.

This idea of attacking a lifestyle or a culture is nothing new and certainly is not confined to Second Amendment issues. Choose your poison and it’s there. Somehow in our society we have reached a point where we have foolishly patted ourselves on the back as being this better-than-thou people of diversity and tolerance, and yet little of it exists. I recall learning about this perhaps as far back as high school as it dealt with Americans’ “Puritanical” self perspective. Somehow it was once believed to be of value to live a life of moral decency and yet as we spoke of our decency, with blinders fitting snugly, the realities of our lifestyle told a different tale.

It is of course my belief that this need that people have in attacking a culture we don’t like is purposely created and begins pretty much from the day we are born. With each successive generation the task of programming the people becomes easier as we are now witnesses of.


Yesterday I shared of how Fascist Feinstein got her assault weapons bill passed through the Senate Committee. Below is a video of the exchange between Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Fascist Feinstein. Note the politics as usual. Sen. Cruz asks a question in which Fascist Feinstein never answers, instead gives a pity party speech about how wonderful and smart she is. The discussion then turns toward books instead of guns and ends with a confessional of how Heller v. District of Columbia gives Fascist Feinstein the right to decide that Americans don’t NEED over 2,700 guns she wants to ban.



Fascist Feinstein Gets Her Gun Ban Through Senate Committee

As proof that the issue concerning guns and violence isn’t about guns and violence, Senate committee members voted 10 democrats to 8 republicans to approve Fascist Feinstein’s anti gun assault weapons ban. As this bill moves to the full Senate Floor rest assured that all Senators will be voting for or against the bill based solely on whether they think it is in the best interest of them getting reelected……and nothing more.

My guess is that it will not pass in the Senate vote because too many Americans oppose strict gun control and neither the democrats nor the republicans feel comfortable enough that they can win reelection strictly through voter fraud.

The Blamer in Chief will probably say the bill failed because of the dead kids at Newtown, Connecticut.