September 28, 2022

Europe Proposes Protecting Feral Dogs Believing They Are Protecting Wolves

On display in Europe is either the epitome of ignorance, a perverted love affair with wild dogs or plain corruption targeting the destruction of public health and safety, property and the agricultural economy. Because these clowns don’t understand that hybridization threatens even the existence of their precious wolves and they don’t know how to deal with an event in which they have created by forcing, through over protection, wolves to coexist in human-settled landscapes, they are deciding whether or not to just protect all wild dogs.

From the Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, in part, their proposal:

“Aware of the challenges posed to the conservation of wolves (Canis lupus) by hybridisation between wild wolves and domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris);

Noting the need to address these challenges through effective preventive and mitigation measures, including the detection of free-ranging wolf-dog hybrids and their government-controlled removal from wild wolf populations;

Noting, at the same time, that it is in the interest of effective wolf conservation to accord free-ranging wolf-dog hybrids a similar level of protection from the general public as wolves – given inter alia the difficulty of distinguishing between wolves and wolf-dog hybrids – and to ensure that the removal of any detected wolf-dog hybrids is conducted exclusively in a government-controlled manner;

Noting that the national legislation of several Contracting Parties already accords free-ranging wolf-dog hybrids a similar level of protection as wolves;

Mindful of the approach to hybrids taken under the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in particular CITES Resolution Conf. 10.17 (Rev. CoP14) on Animal Hybrids;

Defining, for the purposes of the implementation of this recommendation, the term ‘wolf-dog hybrid’ as meaning a wild living animal with both wolf and dog ancestry which can be confirmed by the current taxonomic techniques (using both morphological and genetic features);”

Read the entire analysis and proposal.


Cats Kill Birds – Dogs Become Non Essential Wolf Populations

According to J.R. Absher, editor of “The Birding Wire”, abandoned and feral cats are free to roam about killing birds by the billions. He says that many of these cats are unwilling participants in a program called Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVR). While this may slow down the growth of feral cats, they still eat birds and the birders don’t like it. I wonder why that is?

Some are asking why is it acceptable to not have stray dogs running around but it is for cats. Absher asks:

The thought of permitting – and encouraging – packs of stray and ownerless dogs in our communities wouldn’t gain a whit of support from city councils or county commissions. So why on earth promote it for cats, given the wealth of evidence that it’s unhealthy, harmful, and so devastating to songbirds and ground nesters?

Perhaps I have a few answers for Mr. Absher. First of all, dogs are worshiped and cats are only “loved.” Dogs are bigger than cats, most of the time, and thus the adage, “out of sight out of mind.” Cats kill and eat mice too, and we know that mice don’t have as many rights as say dogs, i.e. coyotes and wolves. It’s okay to kill mice. Nobody wants them. Nobody “loves” them and I don’t think anybody worships them…..although Michael Jackson sang a song once about a rat named Ben.

Perhaps more people should buy and read the book, “101 Things to Do With a Dead Cat.” Ever see a book called, “101 Things to Do With a Dead Dog?” Didn’t think so.

If I post a picture of dead dog on my website, thousands of sick and demented individuals leave some of the most disgusting comments imaginable. When I post a picture of a dead cat, nobody cares. I have always said that if you want to kill your kids and get away with it, move to Florida. But, if you mess with your dog in the Sunshine State, they’ll give you the death penalty.

But running to Absher’s defense, so far I’ve avoided addressing his claim that people wouldn’t put up with disease-infested dogs running around communities terrorizing people. And he’s 100% right. They deserve special protected status. What the U.S. Government, i.e. the United State Fish and Wildlife Service does is take those feral dogs, lock them up in a remote pen somewhere for awhile and then release them into people’s back yards claiming them to be a non essential experimentation of “wolves”, pure breeds, creating a “distinct population segment” and then protecting them so they can legally spread disease and kill off all the wildlife….like cats are doing with birds.

I would suggest that if J.R. Absher and others want to get these cats off the street, get with some of those brilliant faux scientists at the USFWS and claim those cats to be a rare species of cats that needs protecting. Then people will be more tolerant and there would be no problems.

I can think of species like, mini catamount, or toy tiger. Hey maybe I’m on to something.

I’m from the government and I’m here to help.