January 27, 2023

He Must Be a Stupid PETA-Loving Judge

This has to rank right up there with one of the more ignorant rulings by an obviously agenda-driven judge. PETA sued to stop a North Carolina ritual where organizer of what is called the “Brasstown Possum Drop” capture a live possum, put it in a clear plastic box and lower it to the ground on New Year’s Eve; I’m guessing similar to Times Square dropping of the ridiculous crystal ball. After the event, the possum is released unharmed.

In the lawsuit, a judge ruled in agreement with PETA, declaring the event cruel and that the N.C. Wildlife Commission had no authority to issue a permit in this case.

The Wildlife Commission has since continued to file legal challenges. Judge William Pittman in Wake County last week called those filings frivolous. Can you believe this? Evidently it is not frivolous that a bunch of perverted idiots can sue the state because it used a live possum for a New Year’s celebration but is frivolous when anyone challenges the frivolity of such damned nonsense. The state must pay PETA $75,000 in damages and legal fees.

This, of course, is further proof of a lost, sick and perverted society.