January 27, 2023

$1.40 A Gallon Gas Tax Proposed by IMF

Watch and listen to this video very carefully. There is so much said, implied and not said in this that it is almost mind blowing. For the uninformed, pay attention that first the commentators laugh at this idea and then any seeming outrage has to do with how it will economically affect the poor. Little is said about the act itself and that it comes from the International Monetary Fund. Should these two guys have mentioned that in Cyprus, bank accounts are tapped to steal money to pay for government programs? Shhhhhhhh! I must keep my job.

And mind you this is happening at a time when only the brain dead, “True Believers” still believe the globe is warming due to fossil fuel use. This tax, they lie and tell us, is about saving the environment. I wonder which environment they are targeting?