February 4, 2023

Wolves Eat Hiker – Likely Attacked and Killed First

A British woman in Greece, supposedly on a “hike,” placed a phone call to her brother and reported she “was being attacked by dogs.” The coroner believes no dog or jackal “could have administered such bites.” All that was left were mostly bones and large body parts were missing.

Tests are being conducted on the animal hairs found at the scene. More than likely pressure will be put on the coroner and media agents to cover up any wolf involvement, as already we are seeing widespread reports that the woman was attacked by a group of feral dogs.

You can read more by following this link. About all other links to this story are the same report.

As was relayed to me, this sounds a lot like Little Red Riding Hood involving a 63-year-old woman instead of a child. Oh, but that’s right. Little Red Riding Hood was nothing more than a fairy tale based on senseless fear of wolves.


Wolves in Greece: Or More Accurately a Changing of Narrative About Wolves

*Editor’s Note:* Earlier today I posted a story written by James Beers about how efforts are underway in Finland to, “facilitate a change in attitudes” toward wolves. Recently here in the United States, the lovers of predators met in Yellowstone National Park. Among their list of goals, we find the need to change the way in which people and wildlife managers view and implement wildlife management. Today, we find below another outcome-based study all geared toward changing attitudes and nothing to do with the scientific management of large predators, like wolves, and wildlife in general. This shifting paradigm, brought on by “change agents” is nothing knew and in the past its “soft” approach has basically gone unnoticed. With the majority of people worldwide sufficiently brainwashed and turned into non thinking robots, what is left is merely to “change the attitudes” of those that don’t quietly fall in line with the government narrative. This, of course, is not happenstance, but an orchestrated event in which the power brokers, the ruling elite, have created and/or discovered a remarkable tool in which they can effectively prey upon non thinkers who worship and adore their animals in order to fulfill their objectives of human control along with the destruction of rights and complete slavery. We should never view such activities as harmless actions by a bunch of idiots. Perhaps there are ample “useful idiots” and “True Believers” to carry out the plan, but the Planners know exactly what they are doing and have become experts at it.

The protection of the former outlaw wolf (Canis lupus) has become a conflicting issue in regions of Central and Northern Greece the last years. The population of the wolf in rural areas has been a trouble for livestock breeders in those areas due to the attacks on their herds. Therefore they are important actors in the conflict
related to the protection of the wolf. The reasons they emerge and the ways those conflicts should be resolved spot the light on the socio-political aspect of the situation. The case of the presence of the wolf in two regions in Central Greece and its perceptions from people relate d to animal husbandry is the topic of this study. Employing the structural approach of the theoretical framework of the Social Representations, it was concluded that negative characteristics of the wolf rooted in the local history and culture are connected with the included in the study practices and attitudes breeders and veterinarians have towards wolves in the region. Narratives about secret releases of wolf are dominant and they reveal issues mainly related to distrust towards NGO’s and public services and the feeling of marginalization is strong, while acts of illegal hunting appear to be consequent practice which can be interpreted as a political action.”<<<Read More>>>