February 1, 2023

Protect Grizzlys So People Won’t Get Fat

Gorging on honey is not likely to be the next health fad, but The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists are beginning to study bears as a new strategy in their tireless quest to solve America’s obesity problem.

Source: Scientists are researching bears to learn about obesity | The Daily Caller


Alaska Bears Expected to Attack, Lower 48 Bears Attacks Rare

Why is it, it seems, that when a story of a bear attacking a human in Alaska, we get a report like this one? A woman is out jogging and comes upon a mother grizzly and two cubs. The mother bear stands to defend her cubs and subsequently attacks the woman wounding her. It could have been more serious than it was. This report says this about the event and others:

Sledge[military base conservation officer] reminded people to be aware of their surroundings, because spring in Alaska can be dangerous. It’s a time when wildlife such as bears and moose will aggressively defend their young.

But when something like this happens in areas of the Lower 48 states and southern Canada, conservation officials and media fall all over themselves to say how rare it is, under any circumstances, to have an encounter with a bear. Don’t bears and other wildlife in the Lower 48 defend their young?