July 11, 2020

New World Order of Microstamping and Silver Bullets

Bearing in mind that Kalifornia is the practice model for a new world order under a one world government, the state has finally authorized the implementation of mandatory “microstamping” of handguns. Microstamping is a method of using technology to create a unique “stamp” that is made when a firing pin meets the firing cap end of a cartridge. It’s also something very easy to get around. In other words, it’s a useless piece of legislation unless, of course, the aim here is to ban guns.

Under the guise of being able to “track” guns used in crimes, the action is actually about ending the manufacture and sale of handguns in California. But that’s okay! Just keep telling yourself that government is good for you and they are here to help and protect you.

In addition to the microstamping issue, the totalitarian regime in California is one vote away from implementing a state-wide ban on lead ammunition.


Day 84 – No Executive Orders


It is Day 84 and there is nothing posted on the White House website about Obama’s promised 23 executive orders. However we did get a preacher’s tongue-lashing of falsehoods and half-truths when Mr. Obama got all wee-weed up in Connecticut yesterday. While he was “ginned up” he accused anyone who opposes his tyrannical takeover of America, as getting all “ginned up” over his plans. A great example of the President intimating that the subjects should just shut up and follow him to hell…….one way!


Ban Those Magazines!

Gun rights destroyers say that if we were to ban high capacity magazines, perhaps fewer people would be killed in a mass shooting. A “high-capacity” magazine is one that holds many (over 10) rounds or bullets. A person carrying several loaded magazines, if the gun functions normally, can quickly and easily eject a spent magazine and inject a new, loaded magazine in a matter of 1-3 seconds, perhaps a second or two more for an inexperienced shooter.

According to what is written in an article by John Rosenberg at PJ Media, gun rights wreckers, as well as well-disguised, self-appointed “conservatives” ignorantly think that forcing a would-be mass assassin to have to reload a semi-automatic weapon a few more times would save lives.

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, wrongly labeled a conservative, ignorantly says this about conjuring up an anti gun rights bill:

[I want] a quick, short, simple bill that would ban the use of big ugly monstrous high-capacity magazines [that would force shooters to] reload after seven or eight shots. It won’t hurt hunters, it won’t leave your house less safe, and in the cases of crazy people attacking children and mallgoers it will force them to reload, in which time someone might be able to knock them down or get the gun from their hands.

Hey, Peggy! Why not prevent this from even happening and allow a person to carry a firearm for protection?

Even at Sandy Hook, the media and others have perpetuated the myth that while Adam Lanza was trying to reload his gun, 11 children were able to escape. Lanza may have been trying to reload his gun but I can assure you it wasn’t because of time it would have taken to eject an empty clip and put in a loaded one. More than likely his weapon malfunctioned.

Ronsenberg does a good job of explaining why limits on magazines will accomplish nothing and the history exists to show so.

Oral Sex and Bloomberg’s Gun Banners

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Michael “the Tyrant” Bloomberg and his posse of anti-gun, anti-rights mayors set a very poor example of one wishing to clean up the streets and end gun violence. James Schiliro, mayor of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, supposedly was drunk and disorderly in his own home and held a 20-year-old male hostage (with a gun?) until he had oral sex with him. At some point during his rage, he fired his gun into the floor. Gun? Gun? GUN? This hypocritical fascist has a gun?

It seems that others in Bloomberg’s brigade of tyrants have a difficult time adhering to the laws of the land. Background checks needed Mr. Bloomberg?

Uh oh! Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns members “being over 45 times more likely to be convicted of crimes than Florida concealed firearm license holders.”


Day 76 – No Executive Orders


Day 76 and another day passes of broken and fraudulent promises. Nothing posted on the White House website about gun control executive orders. What’s President Obama trying to hide from the public?

No Guns No Violence?

Using the stupid logic of some anti gun dimwits, if government had taken away all our guns, a 25-year-old man wouldn’t have walked into a church on Easter Sunday and killed his father claiming it was the “will of Allah.” And with the same blindness, the blockheads who don’t believe violence in movies, music and game has any effect on people, neither does fanatics in love with Allah, who says kill all infidels.

But what of those cities that have very strict gun control and ignore the root of violence. Chicago comes to mind, where it seems commonplace for 20-30 murders and/or shootings to occur in one day. But it’s simple right? Take away the guns and the violence stops. Right? Not exactly.

Misdirected (poorly raised) and brainwashed (the result of planned mind control through education institutions) kids just stuffed padlocks in socks and other items to be used as weapons and to inflict pain and suffering and headed out into the Windy City’s tourist sector and raised hell. An indicator as to the severity of the brainwashing of all U.S. citizens can be seen in a statement from one Chicago resident:

“I think it’s very childish,” said resident Angelica Wilson. “That’s what wrong with the generation today because there’s always petty fights going on down here and everybody getting hurt. We don’t need more problems.

Darn that “childish” behavior! And groups of mentally twisted, violent children being referred to as “petty fights.” I guess until any red-blooded human being can recognize the problem as being just a tad bit more that “petty” and “childish,” then I suppose efforts should be underway to ban socks and padlocks. God forbid we should ever address the real problems that drive violence.



Day 52 – No Executive Orders


It is now Day 52 and still we find no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House website.

There are two things I would like readers to bear in mind. The first should be a constant reminder that disarming the American citizens is the last step in the complete overthrow of our country as we all know it. All aspects of American life have long ago left any semblance of republicanism behind and we see even democracy being replaced in rapid pace by totalitarianism and the push toward dictatorial reign. While all the infrastructure is mostly in place to administer a despotic takeover, the reality of millions and millions of guns in the hands of American citizens is a frightening prospect to those wanting a submissive people.

With that in mind, please also consider that I strongly believe that the ruling elite, yes, those seeking that long-planned New World Order under a One World Government will figure out a way to get Americans’ guns, even if it takes small incremental steps AND executive orders.

For 52 days I have dumped on President Obama for his Kabuki Theater, his dog and pony show, when he staged a fake event in which he used his puppeteers in the media to play along, that he was signing 23 executive orders to control guns. What President Obama actually presented to the people were 23 basic ideas of what he would like to see happen to implement his dictatorial takeover of our guns…..without any details.

We await the enumeration of those executive orders. And while we have waited, I have hinted that perhaps we would never see any executive orders and if we did they would come in the dark of night. I may still be accurate in that assessment. But consider the following information contained in an article written by Reid J. Epstein and published on Politico titled, How the White House silenced gun control groups.

Epstein’s thesis is that Barack Obama has cunningly orchestrated the unification of gun control advocate groups and individuals, including loud-mouthed politicians, into silence and a blind obedience to follow and support whatever the White House has planned for gun control laws.

Let me first say that there is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama does not have the mental capacity nor the ambition it would require to pull something like this off. Nor does he have the political clout. However, that isn’t to say that there doesn’t exists powers much mightier than Barack Obama and his administration; that is those powers that want American’s disarmed more than anything else in this world, who have the global supremacy to manipulate these affairs as are suggested by Reid Epstein.

If anything in Epstein’s article is true, then consider some of his opening comments:

The implied rules, according to conversations with many of those involved: No infighting. No second-guessing in the press. Support whatever the president and Vice President Joe Biden propose. And most of all, don’t make waves or get ahead of the White House.

In exchange: a voice in the discussions, a role in whatever final agreement is made and weekly meetings at the White House with Biden’s chief of staff, Bruce Reed — provided they don’t discuss what happens there.

If there is someone forcing the actions here that is actually giving these anti-gun zealots access to the White House and a voice on what gets included in gun control issues, then perhaps we are seeing one of the reasons we have not realized any details of executive orders posted on the White House website.

I have said that perhaps President Obama didn’t want to publish the details of his executive orders in order to hide them from the public. That may still be true but then again, maybe it is the culminating of this effort of suppressing the actions of anti-gun groups, while amassing their recommendations on exactly how to pull off the 23 executive orders, that is holding up the finer details of President Obama’s executive orders.

Perhaps it’s the bigger plan to introduce the 23 executive orders (ideas), meeting with all anti-gun stakeholders, amass their plans and ideas, mesh them into Obama’s 23 notions and then begin implementation of the executive orders, while circumventing the Congress. Any additional anti-gun laws passed in Congress would just be a bonus. Also consider that the debate in Congress presently underway over “universal background checks,” may be just a diversionary tactic.

And while this is going on, John Hinderaker gives readers an explanation of how the old adage, statistics prove that statistics can prove anything, comes into play in our being subjected to “studies” that “show”. Studies, for the most part, are nothing more than contrived propaganda whose purpose is nothing more than to persuade public thought and effect change.

Two communists, Sen. Patrick Leahy from Vermont and Sen. Susan Collins from Maine, show us the art of compromise, the result of which is more and more destruction of Second Amendment rights. Hey, the brainwashing machination has effectively convinced Americans that the only way to get anything done, as if doing nothing is such a bad thing, is to COMPROMISE! Such an evil word.



Day 46 – No Executive Orders


Day 46 and still there are no executive orders, with President Obama’s detailed plans, for gun control. 46 days ago the president committed fraud, premeditated dirty dealing, to mislead this people.


Here’s a very well done video of a gentleman explaining to any interested viewers the differences between a sport rifle (AR-15) and an assault rifle (M-4) by definition. The explanation and the demonstration are done very effectively but I am still left with the same question as I always am. Why do we continue to “compromise” our Second Amendment rights so that now we cannot easily obtain and own that assault rifle that we so matter of fact state has been banned in 1986? The cry is constant: Hunters don’t need assault rifles! Maybe true but limiting my ability to protect myself against criminals and bully tyrants like Fascist Feinstein, is criminal. Understand the differences in weapons but doing so should NOT be cause to limit my rights.

And speaking of limiting MY ability to protect myself and family, consider the Firearms Equality Movement, whose goal is for gun manufacturers to limit to law enforcement agencies the exact same limited weapons the governments have declared on citizens. In other words, if people cannot own an AR-15, then law enforcement can’t either. Interesting concept.

Here’s a list of other links concerning the debates and events occurring about destroying our Second Amendment:

1. National Journal I believe wrongfully asks if the big “movement” to ban guns has dried up and gone away. The basis for their claim is that the most effort and noise is being exerted by pro Second Amendment. Don’t let the left’s quietness lead you astray.

2. Glenn Reynolds, in an opinion piece found in USA Today, says that the NRA is more instep with American people than President Obama – which might not actually be saying much. Which reminds me. Readers should be very aware with whom they may decide to throw their support to in the fight to save the Second Amendment. Many organizations are just crisis pimps looking for or maybe even helping to create a crisis in order that they can play on your emotions to gain access to your bank account. Proceed with caution.

3. And speaking of organizations that like to beg for your money during a crisis, The Blaze tells of one such rally in New York to protest the fascist-style gun laws imposed upon the citizens there.

4. Finally, “Say-it-Ain’t-So” Joe Biden is out giving advice to women and gun owners on how to protect themselves without a so-called “assault” rifle. Smokin’ Joe says that if you want to keep somebody out of your house, use that double barrel shotgun and just shoot through the door.

So, with those endearing thoughts from our VEEP, I’ll leave you with this thought:



Day 45 – No Executive Orders


The photos below say it all. 45 days ago President Obama falsified his actions to the American people through smoke and mirrors, faking the signing of 23 executive orders in which he was going to bypass the legislative process in order to take away Second Amendment rights of the people. All this president has ever done on this is provide the people with 23 ideas of what could be done, the details of which would be found in the actual orders; which either don’t exist or the President is covering up somewhere, preventing the people from scrutinizing the details.

45 days and we wait as nothing is posted on the White House website concerning 23 executive orders.

For those interested, the Washington Times yesterday provided a 12-page (pdf) entitled, “Second Amendment, Bill of Rights, The Constitution of the United States” as presented by the Second Amendment Foundation.





Day 34 – No Executive Orders


Still, nothing posted at the White House website about President Obama’s supposedly signed 23 executive orders pertaining to gun control.

But the debate still rages on as some states and local communities are attempting to implement some form of gun control and/or even confiscation. Gun advocates in some states are even taking a proactive approach to implement some form of gun safety and education programs that they believe will help reduce gun accidents while at the same time protecting rights and heritage.

Here are some links to issues concerning gun rights and gun control that are still consuming media outlets and government legislatures.

The Heritage Foundation provides its members and readers in general with an explanation about the myths surrounding the so-called “gun show loophole.”

In a guest post at Zero Hedge dot com, a writer asks, “Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?

Gun ban would exempt more than 2,000 specific firearms.

The Washington Times says that those states with the toughest gun laws don’t translate into low crime rate.


In Maine there is a debate as to whether or not the state should require gun safety to be taught in high schools.

Maine state Rep. Ken Fredette, in an editorial, says that “Guns Are not the Enemy.”


Fascist Feinstein Explains Her Assault Weapons Ban


Day 31 – No Executive Orders


And still, nothing posted for the people on the White House website about 23 executive orders for gun control.



Day 27 – No Executive Orders


The silence on the whereabouts of these fabricated 23 executive orders of President Obama tells us a lot if we pay attention. I stick with my original assessment that the intent here is to create more anger, distrust and violence; perhaps to even drive people to the streets in violent protest. There are no executive orders, at least at this point, but while we are watching and focusing on other things, watch out for the Great Deceiver will foist his 23 Hitleresque executive orders on the people. And while we wait, still nothing is posted on the White House website.

And while we wait, watch this video below and then you should be asking yourself many questions. The most obvious is whether this person is capable of doing his job?; is he capable of rational discourse?; is he an example of the kind of person we should have heading any police department?; what ignorance exists in a man’s mind that he would attempt to convey to people that guns are not a defensive weapon? Also note that I don’t even think any of the people gathered around him believe a word he is saying and some actually seem embarrassed to be there.

I find this video frighteningly staggering!