May 27, 2020

Day 47 – No Executive Orders


Day 47 and there is no information posted on the White House website about 23 executive orders to ban guns. The charade was all part of Obama’s bigger plan.

We wait!

The Colorado House has passed a bill that will ban shotguns!

Big Sis’ predator drones equipped with the technology to see if a person is armed.




Day 45 – No Executive Orders


The photos below say it all. 45 days ago President Obama falsified his actions to the American people through smoke and mirrors, faking the signing of 23 executive orders in which he was going to bypass the legislative process in order to take away Second Amendment rights of the people. All this president has ever done on this is provide the people with 23 ideas of what could be done, the details of which would be found in the actual orders; which either don’t exist or the President is covering up somewhere, preventing the people from scrutinizing the details.

45 days and we wait as nothing is posted on the White House website concerning 23 executive orders.

For those interested, the Washington Times yesterday provided a 12-page (pdf) entitled, “Second Amendment, Bill of Rights, The Constitution of the United States” as presented by the Second Amendment Foundation.





Day 42 – No Executive Orders


42 Days! A pair of dice has 42 dots on them. Perhaps 42 is significant in that President Obama rolled the dice 42 days ago when he pretended to be signing 23 executive orders about gun rights, gun control, gun bans and gun confiscation. I also think the dice he rolled were loaded to come up on “snake eyes” every time. He is a crook, a criminal, a common street thug who has deceived the people, while exploiting young and innocent children to promote his goal of creating civil unrest, that will lead to street uprisings and violence… his design.

Nothing has been posted on the White House website about any executive orders concerning guns. Why do we allow this man to do this?


Remember V.P. Joe Biden gave a woman advice to go out and buy a double-barrel shotgun if she wants protection? He even told her to do as he had instructed his wife to do if she suspected any trouble at home: Just walk out on the balcony and fire off that shotgun a couple of times and she would scare away any intruders. Is that good advice? Is Joe smarter than your average vice president? Or is he………well, never mind. Watch the video below and then ask yourself if giving that kind of advice to women in general is a very good idea.

In this article found on Wired, discover why the AR-15 is more than just a “black” rifle, a so-called assault rifle, that only military personnel should own. Great read and very informational.

The New York Times runs an article about how mandatory gun insurance would be a means of gun control (people control). Aside from the fact that an insurance policy that some believe would create more responsible gun ownership (ask that of the damned murdering thugs in Chicago), it is a false flag. Policies would be narrowly defined and cover very little. In addition, mandatory insurance, contrary to what the out of touch people proposing this act say, would infringe severely on a person’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. But most importantly, would do not a thing to curb gun violence. Punishing innocent people has no effect on criminals and mentally deranged people.

The article states that most mandatory insurance costs would “around $200 to $300 per year”, (and we should believe them because?). Such an added cost, for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, is difficult to come by and would then create two or more scenarios. One, a person’s right to keep and bear arms has been snatched away by the elite ruling class, making it a privileged (money) right and, two, many people would become instant criminals because they would NOT buy the insurance and would hide their guns.

But this IS all about people control isn’t it. Thus the proposal for mandatory insurance.




Day 41 – No Executive Orders



41 days and President Barack Obama is not standing behind his word. He is a fraud, a deceiver; a person with ill intent, to lead the people astray by design. He designs to divide and conquer. He has yet to publish his promised 23 executive orders for gun control on the White House website.

And speaking of gun control, the video below is interesting and yes, a rallying cry to Americans to become active to effect change. The orator in this film says that gun control does not exist. He says there is no such thing as gun control and each time we use that term, we are co-opting the language of those whose ultimate goal is people control. That’s what it’s all about. He also makes the comment that you can’t fight wolves by creating more sheep. Sorry for the wolf lovers who will probably take offense to his metaphor, because of their sick passion for wolves. What can I say? We live in a highly censored world…….by design.

While the speaker’s call for action is toward voting and the ballot box, I’m not sure how effective this will be so long as our voting process remains so corrupted the people have no confidence that it works honestly. God still performs miracles!

I believe one of the things Barack Obama lied about in his fake photo op with children was that he wanted to create a single source data base for gun owners and mental patients. And why should any of us have any sense of security that this government and administration will be able to protect that information?

Judicial Watch tells us that the Government’s Census Bureau can’t protect and keep track of the data they collect on every human being (and made up ones) in this country. And we are supposed to bow down and let government have even more information, even more accessible to anybody crooked enough, or bored enough, to go get it. No thanks!



Day 34 – No Executive Orders


Still, nothing posted at the White House website about President Obama’s supposedly signed 23 executive orders pertaining to gun control.

But the debate still rages on as some states and local communities are attempting to implement some form of gun control and/or even confiscation. Gun advocates in some states are even taking a proactive approach to implement some form of gun safety and education programs that they believe will help reduce gun accidents while at the same time protecting rights and heritage.

Here are some links to issues concerning gun rights and gun control that are still consuming media outlets and government legislatures.

The Heritage Foundation provides its members and readers in general with an explanation about the myths surrounding the so-called “gun show loophole.”

In a guest post at Zero Hedge dot com, a writer asks, “Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?

Gun ban would exempt more than 2,000 specific firearms.

The Washington Times says that those states with the toughest gun laws don’t translate into low crime rate.


In Maine there is a debate as to whether or not the state should require gun safety to be taught in high schools.

Maine state Rep. Ken Fredette, in an editorial, says that “Guns Are not the Enemy.”


Day 31 – No Executive Orders


And still, nothing posted for the people on the White House website about 23 executive orders for gun control.



Legislation to Protect Concealed Carry Permit Holders

A Maine lawmaker has proposed legislation that would make it impossible for the public to obtain the personal information of those people holding a valid Maine concealed weapons permit. Some favor this and some don’t. As the article points out Maine is only one of fourteen states that still allows public access to this information. Such legislation is not new nor is there any new arguments for or against limiting the public to information of this kind.

This Maine legislation was prompted by the incident in New York where a news agency decided to publish the names and addresses of concealed weapons permit holders in two counties. The arguments for and against this ignorant and violence-baiting move were the same old tired ones. Permit holders declared the list would give crooks a list of where to go to steal guns and some of the non permit holders said it provided crooks a list of homes NOT to go rob because they did have guns and that, they said, made them more vulnerable because robbers would know that. What was NOT readily discussed was the intent of the people publishing the list.

So, why would anyone, coming on the heels of the Newtown, Ct. school shootings and following a few days of emotionally charged debate on the right to keep and bear arms, publish to the public, a list of names and addresses of people who hold a legal right to carry permit? Is it because they want to let criminals know where and where not to find concealed carry holders? Perhaps! Was it to alert crooks as to which houses may not have any guns, therefore making it easier to rob? Doubtful! Or was it a malicious act to provide a targeted address for anyone emotionally worked up over their hatred of guns and gun owners that they would know where to target someone who owned a gun? Absolutely! And that’s the crime that’s not being talked about here.

This is nothing new. Put on your thinking caps or climb aboard the Wayback Machine with Mr. Peabody and Sherman, to a time when this nation was having a great debate about Freedom of Information Access and what should and should not be included in information to be made available to the public and why. If you will recall many stated that there would be abuses and that there would be some who would use this private information for things other than just needing to know. Little did we know back then that news journalists would publish names and address of people they hoped would somehow at least be embarrassed and worse would become specific targets of deranged and hateful people that are no better than the drugged up person who supposedly murdered 26 people at Sandy Hook.

It is the actions of such selfish, non thinking, hateful, unethical, power abusive people that have caused states to formulate legislation in order to stop this. In my mind, there is no other legitimate reason for a person or persons to expose people in this fashion other than to cause them harm, possibly death.

I recall in New Jersey, people who care more about animals than humans, harassed hunters enough that legislation had to be adopted to prevent these mentally ill people from going into the woods and doing harm to the bear hunters.

In Idaho, a man who holds the distinct honor of legally shooting the first gray wolf, during a state sanctioned hunting season, had his name and that of many other licensed Idaho wolf hunters published in order that they would become targets of people wanting to do harm to them. The poor guy received more death threats for killing a wolf than if he had threatened to kill a human. Such sick behavior has prompted the Idaho Congress to pass a law making it illegal to publish this information.

So, you can choose to debate the ins and outs of why its right or wrong to publish personal information about licensed gun owners, but let’s not forget to include in that debate the fact that the real reason anybody would do that is to cause another person harm. And that is wrong and should be dealt with.


3D Printing To Make Your Own Magazine

And I’m not talking about the reading kind of magazine.

A report from Fox News is saying that 3d printing provides the capability to manufacture your own plastic gun magazine….any size you want. Some also believe this is a way to circumvent any gun control laws limiting magazine capacities.

Is this another possible challenge similar to Montana Shooting Sports Association’s “Firearms Freedom Act?”


Bing Pulse Tanks During Gun Control Part of Obama’s SOTU Address


Notice that at 10:11, when the President is discussing gun control, the bottom falls out and the negative response to his comments reaches the lowest point of the speech.



Day 26 – No Executive Orders


This is the 26th day since President Obama staged what appears to be a fake event, deceiving the people of the United States, while exploiting young children, and pretending to sign 23 executive orders of how he was going to ban guns by circumventing the legislative process and, more importantly, disregard the constitution. There is nothing posted on the White House website of the details of his supposed executive orders.