June 6, 2020

Question 3 And Collateral Damage – It’s Real

Many say that the newly-passed gun control law in Oregon is a clone to the one fascist Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy in Maine with his Question 3 referendum. Blind followers refuse or don’t care the real implications of such a draconian law, and to somehow justify their positions they simply deny any suggestion that Question 3 poses multiple issues at many levels and is impossible to enforce, short of all out gun registration and confiscation.

However, we now see that in Oregon, a church pastor won a rifle in a raffle. He gave it to a friend for safe keeping. As I understand it, he didn’t sell him the gun, he didn’t give him the gun and he didn’t loan him the gun. He asked his friend to store it for him.

In the end, this pastor (it doesn’t matter if he was the boogie man) broke the law, but administrators of the police state opted not to “charge” the man for breaking their fascist laws.

Those that


don’t want to go look because they are not interested in the rights of others. It is time that we begin a systematic destruction of all rights the same way these totalitarians are dismantling the right to self protection because they don’t like it. There’s a lot of so-called “rights” that I don’t like, but I don’t feel the need to destroy someone else’s rights in order to promote mine. But that may soon change. Maybe these blinded clowns will realize their friends are their enemies when, one day, they discover – if at all possible – there is nothing left except their complete slavery to government fascists – if they are allowed to live long enough to see it.


If Someone Killed My Son, How Would I Feel?

Among the dense forest of facts, lies, opinions, propaganda, brainwashing, ideology, nonsense, ignorance and anything else that’s worthless, comes an opinion piece published in a Maine newspaper in which the author asks, “If there was only one firearm-related murder in Maine this year, and it was your son, how would you feel?”

That’s very easy for me to answer…and no I have not lost my son to being shot. The answer is simple and to the point. I would be extremely angry. Angry, yes, that I lost my son, but most angry because there exists totalitarian, non thinking, brain dead idiots, lead by fascists like Michael Bloomberg and blindly followed by those too ignorant to understand they are headed toward a cliff where they will be asked to jump off and they will gladly do it. Their actions forbid my right to choose. What gives them that right? It matters not what my choices are, the mere fact that such nasty, rotten people feel entitled to prohibit me or my son, or anybody else, from having the right to choose how they can defend themselves against savages, the product of an immoral, hedonistic, diverse, tolerant, secular society.

No laws, regardless of their intent, are ever going to stop the criminal. If you believe there are more criminals today than yesterday, do you think this is so because there are more or less laws? Are there more criminals because the existing laws are not enforced? Do you think there are more criminals because society produces criminals for various reasons? And, does it matter?

What matters is what I have the right to do. That right is the right to choose. Nobody should be able to prohibit my right to choose how to protect myself and my family. No laws are going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals who want them. That is a fact. Denying it doesn’t change it.

Take away my right to choose, and I will be most angry at people like Michael Bloomberg and those who don’t think and will not think and will react to emotions thinking if they increase the chances of my son being killed with a gun is somehow the right thing to do.

Sometimes life sucks. Making it suck for everybody else doesn’t change your suck factor.


Of Course Question 3 Won’t Work Without Gun Registration

“According to an article in last week’s Las Vegas Review Journal, the Guinn Center, an independent think tank, took a close look at the Question 1 gun control ballot initiative in Nevada. Question 1 is practically identical to the Question 3 ballot initiative in Maine. The study said this about Nevada’s version of Question 3:

  • [it could] be a challenge to enforce, if not altogether unenforceable, without a firearm registration scheme — especially in rural counties with limited resources;”<<<Read More

Question 3: Don’t Be An Asshat!

*Editor’s Note* – It’s just in the genetic makeup of some people. To say Maine’s Question 3 three “doesn’t touch the Second Amendment” is akin to telling the guy who just had his tongue cut out, he didn’t have his freedom of speech “touched.” I think I know someone who’s touched.

“Question 3 satisfies the big objection — it doesn’t touch the Second Amendment. It’s not gun control. It inconveniences some gun owners. Not all. Many feel as I do — we need to do something about gun violence.”<<<Read More>>> (or not)




BDN An Obvious Mouthpiece For Fascist Bloomberg

If one ever wondered on what ground the Bangor Daily News stands on and whether they would sail with or against the money and power of the fascists posing as leftists, simply read the newspaper’s editorial about Michael Bloomberg’s Question 3 – a referendum to destroy the rights of Maine people.

There is nothing so lazy and ignorant by any journalist, reader, researcher or editorial staff than copying and pasting information spoon fed them by political activists without verifying its factual content. It also lays bare their political bias and intent. The Bangor Daily News did not practice honest journalism, even in conducting an opinion piece, and even though we have known of the left bias of the BDN, it has become that much more obvious that real journalism takes a back seat to politics, especially those driven by the power and greed of a multi-billionaire.

Shame on the BDN for exposing themselves as biased and inept.


Old Hunter Asks: What The Hell Do You Know About My Safety?

I Love Old Hunter. Don’t You?


I’m reminded of the “Bitter People” clinging to their guns and religion. It’s those “Bitter People” Obama and his followers despise and want to rid the world of them.



Bloomberg’s Marching Orders



Because I’m a Lying, Ignorant, Idiot



The TRUTH of Question 3 & Universal Background Checks

“While the anti-gunners say this law is needed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the Federal government’s own data shows that few criminals obtain guns through private sales; far more acquire them through background-checked dealer sales, by sending a person with a clean record to buy the gun. The real reason Bloomberg wants this law is that it is the key step toward mandatory gun registration. In fact, there’s no way this law can be enforced without gun registration.”<<<Read More>>>

*Editor’s Note* – I concur that the reason Bloomberg (he’s a nanny himself to the rulers over him) wants to pass this law is “mandatory gun registration”…to begin with. The real goal here is gun confiscation. Registration is needed first in order to carry out confiscation, i.e. the tyrant bastards have to know where to go get the guns. If you purchase ammunition with a credit/debit card, you have “registered” that sale and thus told people like Bloomberg, you have a gun. Think about it…or are you tolerant of that and willing to give up that portion of your Second Amendment right? You are playing into THEIR RIGGED SYSTEM.

But, please bear in mind that in the process toward gun confiscation, the real goal in foisting this nonsense onto Maine people, is to get a better sense of what they will tolerate. Each time discussion comes up about Question 3, the gun snatchers learn how much more of the Second Amendment they are willing to give up, if for no other reason than thinking it will get rid of maggots like Bloomberg.

Don’t be fooled! Demand your FULL and COMPLETE right to bear arms….nothing less.


Vote NO on Question 3