March 20, 2023


This is confirmed and verified. It is NOT an internet hoax.

Attention FFL’s, Dealers, Gun Shops, Sporting Goods Stores and Gun Ranges:

February 1, 2016 – We have confirmed that a group using the name “Maine Gun Safety Coalition” has started operations to launch in the coming days, weeks and months. These activists are funded by New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg (what a surprise) and are working on passage of his Universal Background Check initiative. From information we have received, it is possible they may be trying to set up unaware licensees and possibly create straw-man purchase situations. We know you are all vigilant and follow the laws but thought everyone should know that you may be targeted by these people to further their ultimate goal of Universal Gun (and gun owner) Registration in Maine like they have done in other states.

Please share this with your staff. If you identify these people in your place of business, while our community is always polite and lawful, you are under no obligation to cooperate with them. Now that they have been identified before they have launched their latest dirty salvo, maybe it will change their plans.

Remember that these people play by different rules and are well funded. We can’t let them destroy our heritage, traditions and rights using Bloomberg’s money and unexpected tactics.These people are not our friends and do not have our best interests in mind. Let’s stay educated and aware and Gun Owners of Maine will keep everyone up to date to the best of our abilities.


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From Ammoland: