January 20, 2022

The Chart Gun Haters Don’t Want You to See



Penn & Teller: Shouldn’t Everyone Be Able to Own a Tactical Weapon?

Penn & Teller are crude and disgusting so-called comedians. In this video they make some interesting points concerning Second Amendment issues. Even talking about the Second Amendment they can’t express themselves without using nasty expletives.


Sen. Feinstein’s Gun Ban Proposal Seeking a Civil War

Our government officials now believe, I suppose because of a rigged election, that Americans want dictatorial rule in the form and shape of a potpourri of totalitarianism, socialism and communism, i.e. Satanic rule. One such despotic oppressor, Sen. Diane Feinstein of Kalifornia, plans to introduced a beefed up version of Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban, which includes confiscation of handguns and complete registration of all guns.

Feinstein’s website posts her proposal along with numerous false studies, riddled with lies, bad information and terribly misleading information to support her claims that taking guns away from lawful citizens will put an end to violent crime.

While rational people know this is not true, perhaps readers should take a moment and get a quick review of historical data of what becomes of a society that has their rights, including gun ownership, taken away from them. Below is a video that a reader of the Black Bear Blog posted the link to earlier today.

I shiver when I consider the consequences of Congressional action to confiscate guns from Americans.


One Heck of a Gun Show


Ted Nugent on Bob Costas

Ted Nugent has an article on Human Events about how Bob Costas is wrong in his rant about guns. If you will recall, Kansas City Chief football player Jovan Belcher used a gun to kill his girlfriend that then, in his own sick and tormented way, chose to stand before his coaches and blow his own brains out. The following Sunday night during an NBC television broadcast of Sunday Night Football, Costas chose his bully pulpit to claim that if the people of this country didn’t have access to guns none of this blood shed would have happened. I posted a short comment about this event and the remarks of Bob Costas on the Black Bear Blog.

It seems just one week later, a Dallas Cowboys football player chose to take his team mate for a high speed drive, while drunk. Jerry Brown is now dead and Josh Brent is facing manslaughter charges for his actions. I waited until after this Sunday night’s football game to give Mr. Costas a chance to rail on about access to alcohol and automobiles being the cause of the death of one man and probable jail time for another. But that didn’t happen. I wrote about that on this blog.

In that article I wrote:

Costas made his rant during half time of the Sunday Night Football show last week but seemingly did not make the same rant demanding a ban on automobiles after Dallas football player, Josh Brent, drove his vehicle, allegedly while intoxicated, killing another teammate, Jerry Brown.

In Ted Nugent’s article he writes:

Just a few years ago, a drunk NFL football player ran over a guy and killed him. As I recall, the player paid off the family of the deceased and only did 30 days in the slammer. Where was Mr. Costas on this? Did he opine that easy access to alcohol and automobiles was responsible for this death? To those liberals who want to restrict or ban access to guns, do you also support banning booze because drunks kill roughly 12,000 Americans each year in drinking-and-driving slaughters?

And no, I’m not somehow trying to compare myself to Ted Nugent. We are nowhere near to being alike. However, there is a point to be made and must be made. Guns too often become the object of abuse and the basis for irrational demands by too many people when violent crimes, especially heinous crimes resulting in murder/suicide occurs. While it is easy to understand the emotions and grief, the result of these events, but it is not an excuse for nonsensical liberal claptrap, aimed at projecting any blame on inanimate objects while avoiding the reality that grown adults have to be responsible for their own actions.


Why Isn’t Bob Costas Demanding A Ban on Automobiles?

So far, from what I have been able to find, Bob Costas who went on a rant about Jovan Belcher, football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, shooting his girlfriend and then himself, and demanding that the United States should get rid of all guns, doesn’t seem to have the same philosophy when it comes to automobiles.

The absurd, emotional and irrational comments coming from Bob Costas, longtime NBC sports commentator, and others concerning the murder suicide of Jovan Belcher, ranged from seeking bans on guns and ignorant statements that Belcher could have been an MVP if the U.S. banned guns.

Costas made his rant during half time of the Sunday Night Football show last week but seemingly did not make the same rant demanding a ban on automobiles after Dallas football player, Josh Brent, drove his vehicle, allegedly while intoxicated, killing another teammate, Jerry Brown.

Oh, please! Let’s hear about how these two incidents are not related. Let’s hear how guns are different than cars. A weapon is a weapon, is it not? I suppose one could argue that Belcher could have put his girlfriend in a car and killed her that way. Or that Brent, while drunk, could have taken a gun and killed his teammate. If the foolish logic is that if Belcher didn’t have a gun, he and his girlfriend would still be alive, is as brilliant as saying that if Brent didn’t own a vehicle, Jerry Brown would be alive.

There are reasons why Jovan Belcher took the life of his girlfriend and then killed himself. There’s also a reason Josh Brent got drunk and killed his roommate. Perhaps if we focus on those reasons and stop trying to blame inanimate objects, progress could be made.


Swap Your Gun for a Flu Shot

If the gun don’t kill you, the flu shot will!

Worcester, Massachusetts is offering people to turn in their guns and get a flu shot.


Obamas Secret Gun Control plan Dick Morris TV Lunch ALERT


Contrary to MSM, Ron Paul Is Still in Presidential Race

Last December, Montana Shooting Sports Association endorsed congressman Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for President, and for good reason.

Let me address two more points:

1) The major media wants you to think that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race. NOT TRUE. Ron Paul has chosen to focus remaining resources and energy on getting his delegates elected to the national Republican nominating convention in Tampa, Florida, in August. He knows he cannot go head-to-head with remaining contender Mitt Romney in buying expensive television time, not when Romney is supported by many of the major financial institutions in the US. And, Ron Paul has been collecting lots of delegates to Tampa. The media recently declared that Romney won Texas. The truth: Romney didn’t get a single national Republican delegate from Texas. He only won the beauty contest of the public Primary Election, which doesn’t matter at all for the nominating convention in Tampa. What matters are delegates. Delegate selection in Texas will be coming soon, but was not decided by the popular vote in the Primary. In many states, Ron Paul has been winning the majority of delegates (are you surprised that the media is not telling you this?) He may do that in Texas too. The bottom line is this: RON PAUL IS STILL VERY MUCH IN THE RACE.

2) Mitt Romney supports gun control. I don’t know Romney personally, but my take is that he’s a pretty decent guy. However, there’s no arguing that he’s a pretty decent LIBERAL guy. He has supported a ban on semi-autos and a ban on normal-capacity magazines. He’s supported a mandatory five-day waiting period to purchase a firearm. Worst, he’s supported a mandatory registration system of gun owners with a verification ID card for all gun owners, a step that led to all of the World’s genocides of about 165 MILLION people during the 1900s, according to Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Rest assured, no matter how decent a guy Romney may be, he is NOT a friend of gun owners. About the right to keep and bear arms, Romney is very much like Obama.

So, when you go to vote on election day, please vote a Republican ballot so you can vote for Ron Paul, a lifetime supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana


Ceding Away Rights in the Name of Public Safety

My good friends at the National Center for Public Policy Research put out a press release today about the state of Illinois’ seeming hypocrisy and double standards when applying law mandating the use and/or need of producing government identification.

As a whole, I support the policies and efforts of the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) but today I have to take issue with some of the argument used by the Center’s Project 21 representative, Stacey Swimp.

At issue is the fact that the state of Illinois now requires government endorsed identification when purchasing certain products, among them drain cleaner. Swimp’s beef comes from the fact that Illinois has rejected previous bills attempting to require some kind of photo identification in order to vote.

“If people must provide a government-issued ID to unclog their drains, they certainly should do the same for the very important task of selecting their elected leaders.”

The point is well taken and I might have left it at that and made some small remark wondering why it is even necessary to require anybody to produce a government-approved ID card to buy Drano?

To bolster the argument, Swimp later says the following:

“Having been certified as a pesticide applicator in the past and knowing the harm they can inflict if used maliciously, I understand why some might want to have a means of identifying who obtains them and for what reasons. The same would apply to guns, fertilizers, over-the-counter medications that can make illicit drugs and — in this case — acids and other dangerous chemicals. So it’s only logical that people who have these concerns would also want similar identification rules to prevent vote fraud.”

I might understand that “some” people might want to regulate breathing of humans but that is not a valid reason to require them to obtain a government permit to do so. It’s easy to spout off about those “reasonable” regulations because we “understand why some”, but how is any of this constitutional and what kind of trouble has this country gotten itself into because we cede away our rights in the name of public safety because “some people might want”?

I’m not suggesting that I think Swimp is advocating for tougher regulations on buying Drano, guns, fertilizers, etc. I have no idea of his position on these issues. It’s simply the fact that he is using defective logic to make a point.

Isn’t it about time that people in this country begin demanding back their rights? Please show me in the constitution where it is “reasonable” that I cede rights. And while your there show me where it is required that I obtain a government approved ID card to buy and sell.

What’s next? The mark of the beast in order that anyone can buy or sell? You keep giving away your freedom by swallowing the Kool-Aid about public safety and national security and we won’t even be having this conversation.

Tom Remington