February 8, 2023

Too Damn Stupid



Reed Exhibitions Cancels 2013 Outdoor Show

My day is now complete. The idiots at Reed Exhibitions, a company from “across the pond” have cancelled the outdoor show that was scheduled to be held in February in Pennsylvania. They deserve just what they get attempting to dictate to American outdoor companies what they can and cannot display and sell for products.

However, I’m still sticking to my assessment that Reed Exhibitions will not lose one cent from this cancellation as I believe somebody backed them financially if they would put on the gun bans. I’m looking for information on that but so far nothing. If it happened, it will be found out.


Over 200 Pull Out of Eastern Outdoor Expo

Reed Outdoor Exhibitions, the company sponsoring the Pennsylvania outdoor exposition in Harrisburg, Feb. 2-10 stands to suffer a huge loss as now over 200 vendors and celebrities have canceled their engagements at the show. Reed Outdoor Exhibitions banned the display and sale of, as well as images, of the “modern sporting rifle.” In protest, companies and individuals are cancelling, leaving Reed Exhibition high and dry, while Reed stating they refuse to give in.

Unless Reed Outdoor Exhibitions is an independently wealthy company that can stand to lose lots of money, one has to wonder who or what is really behind Reed’s stubbornness and willingness to lose the kind of money they face. Perhaps there is a George Soros-type investor who offered to pay Reed to do this. Who could be behind this display of anti-American gun heritage? In addition what future does Reed have by destroying the one aspect of the outdoor show that is the big draw? Ridiculous.

Here’s a list of vendors or celebrities who, as of this writing, have withdrawn from participation at the Eastern Expo:

• Abner Druckenmiller
• Ambush Firearms
• American Whitetails of PA
• Antler Insanity
• Appalachian Big Game TV
• Arrowhead Outdoors
• Athens Archery
• Atlantic Tactical
• Avian-X Decoys
• Bangin Redhedz
• Bear Archery
• Blitz TV
• The Bear Whisperer
• Bob Mercier
• Bohning Archery
• Bone Collectors
• Boondock Outdoors
• Bowfreakz.com
• BowHunter Planet
• Bowhunting.com
• Bow Life, LLC
• Cabela’s
• Campbell Cameras
• Camo Addiction
• CanCooker
• Chris Brackett
• Cold Steel Knives
• Continental Divide Outfitters
• Cross Canyon Arms
• Cutting Edge Bullets
• Dead Ringer
• Deer and Deer Hunting.com
• Direct Action Tactical Firearms
• Domari Nolo Defense Consulting
• Dominator 365
• Down N Dirty Outdoors
• DuckWater Boats
• Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation
• Eastern Outdoors
• Eddie Salter
• Family Traditions TV
• Farmland Trophies Outfitting
• Firearms Industry Consulting Group
• Foiles Migrators
• Forbes Turkey Calls
• FoxPro Game Calls
• Fred Eichler
• Full Circle Outdoors
• Ghost River Outfitters
• Gone Wild Outdoors
• Gut-N-Tag
• Haley Heath
• Heartland Whitetails
• Hevi-Shot
• High Lonesome Outfitters
• HookHunt
• Hoyt
• Hunters and Guides Connection
• Hunter Safety Systems
• H.S. Specialties
• Hunter’s Specialties
• International Bowhunting Organization
• IceHole Coolers
• IScope
• Jay Gregory
• Jim Shockey
• Keystone Country Store
• Keystone Elk Country Alliance
• King of the Mountain Inc.
• Kinsey’s Outdoors
• KodaBow
• Lancaster Archery Supply
• Larry Weishuhn
• Lee & Tiffany Lakosky
• Major League Bowhunter
• Men in Treestands Productions
• Midwest Whitetail Adventures
• Muddy Outdoors
• Dominance is Everything Hunting System
• Matt Morett
• Mountain Dog Chews
• NasHunt Outdoors
• National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)
• Nature Blinds
• Northern Hideaway Outfitters
• Open Season TV
• Outdoor Channel Outfitters
• Outdoor Edge Knives
• Ozonics Hunting
• PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
• PA Taxidermy Association
• PA Trappers Association
• Pat & Nicole Reever
• Pat Strawser Custom Calls
• Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve
• Primal Urge Outdoors
• Primos Hunting Calls
• PSE Archery
• Radical Hunter
• Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo
• Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment
• Revolution Hunting
• Rhino Outdoors
• Rick White
• Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)
• Rougeaux Taxidermy
• Savage Outdoors
• SecureIt Tactical
• Skull Shine
• Smith & Wesson
• Southern Game Calls
• Spook Spann
• Sportsmen of North America TV
• Stan Potts
• Stay Ready Inc.
• Stokerized Stabilizers
• Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association
• Table Mountain Outfitters
• The Warmbag
• The Sportsman’s Shop
• TNT Archery
• Tom Dokken
• Tough Country Products
• Trent Cole
• Trijicon Inc.
• Trop Gun Shop
• Turnbull Manufacturing
• Whitetail Bosses
• Whitetail Freaks
• Whitetail Heaven Outdoors
• Wild Outdoors
• Wired Outdoors
• Woodcock Limited of PA
• Wyvern Creations
• X-Stand Treestands
• Zink Calls
• Zook Cabins
• 2 Million Bullets
• 24-7 Hunting TV


RMEF Also Decides to Bow Out of Pennsylvania Gun Show Due to Restrictions

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation statement on Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show:

Due to recent decisions instituted by Reed Exhibitions regarding the disallowing of legal modern sporting rifles, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will withdraw as an exhibitor and conductor of the elk calling contest from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania. RMEF believes the actions taken by Reed, a British company, are detrimental to the Second Amendment and our right as Americans to bear arms.

RMEF reached this decision after careful deliberations and taking into account the stance of our members, volunteers, industry partners and fellow hunters. We urge Reed Exhibitions to reconsider its policies to avoid a divisive and political atmosphere so RMEF can take part in an event that generates needed revenue for important on-the-ground conservation and hunting heritage projects in the region.


Squawking Like Chickens, Assault Guns Are Pulled Out of PA Gun Show

*Editor’s Note* The original posting of this notice wrongly accused Cabela’s of deciding not to sell assault weapons. It was the decision of the event organizers to prohibit the display and sale of such weapons and Cabela’s in return pulled out of the event in protest. My apologies.

Cabela’s has decided not to attend the largest Pennsylvania outdoor sports show because the event organizer opted to ban the sale and display of “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.