March 28, 2023

All You Big and Burly Men?

Perhaps no more! The sissified America probably doesn’t produce any more Big and Burly Men, only Girly Men.

Many years ago, Dick Curless, sang this song and it was popular. Of course things have changed over the years and the Haynesville Woods have been tamed considerably, and more men wear women’s clothes. The things you find in Maine, are still a separation from much of the rest of the nation and I wouldn’t suggest just anyone taking up residence there…perhaps nary a visit.

Tombstone Every Mile
Recorded by Dick Curless
Written by Dan Fulkerson

All you big and burly men who roll the trucks along
Better listen you’ll be thankful when you hear my song
You have really got it made if you’re hauling goods
Anyplace on earth but those Haynesville Woods

It’s a stretch of road up north in Maine
That’s never ever ever seen a smile
If they’d buried all the truckers lost in them woods
There’d be a tombstone every mile
Count ’em off there’d be a tomb-stone every mile

When you’re loaded with potatoes and you’re headed down
You’ve gotta drive the woods to get to Boston town
When it’s winter up in Maine better check it over twice
That Haynesville road is just a ribbon of ice
Repeat #2

When you’re talking to a trucker that’s been hauling goods
Down that stretch of road in Maine they call the Haynesville Woods
He’ll tell you that dying and going down below
Won’t be half as bad as driving on that road of ice and snow
Repeat #2

Big and Burly Men frequent luxury accommodations.

Big and Burly Men’s rendition of “The View”

This Big and Burly Maine Moose is looking for some action.

And it looks like he’s found some “Big and Burly” action.

This is NOT a Big and Burly Man

This is NOT a man. Big and Burly Men have no use for inconvenience. Life is inconvenient to everyone except the Big and Burly Men.