February 5, 2023

N.H. State Representative in Hit and Run Kills As Many As Six

AFLACO! AFLAC, uh huh! I wonder if the AFLAC duck can help real ducks?

In a bizarre and yet perhaps typical event in this day and age of political elitism, hatred, and always in a hurry to get to the next corruption event, New Hampshire state representative David Campbell was witnessed running down a group of tame ducks in front of the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, killing perhaps as many as 6 of them and yelling as he fled the scene that the ducks should have gotten out of the way.

Here are some suggested excuses this turdhead can use in his defense.

1. If you like killing ducks, you can keep killing ducks.
2. I “misdrove.” (new word for politician scum)
3. Let me make this perfectly clear, I wasn’t responsible for the ducks. I only heard about it on the news, just like everyone else.
4. I did not have sex with that duck, Ms. Henny Penny.
5. It was a video that caused the accident.
6. I may have run over a few ducks but I have “saved or created” millions of ducks.