November 30, 2022

Texas Proposes “Right to Hunt” Constitutional Amendment

Below is a copy of the proposal, HJR 61, a constitutional amendment to recognize the right to “hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.” But does the wording in this amendment actually accomplish what supporters might think it will?

The wording, described by some as being “carefully considered” has too much gray area and never really guarantees anybody anything. What it guarantees, maybe, is that it recognizes harvesting of games as a management tool. It guarantees that “subject to laws or regulations to conserve and manage wildlife,” if there’s any spoilage left over, you will be able to buy a license and have an “opportunity.”

It is my opinion that such a “joint resolution” might be better than nothing, sportsmen need to understand it does not and will guarantee that the state will manage game species FOR SURPLUS HARVEST. It doesn’t express that at all.

HJR 61 Proposed:

proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife.


SECTIONA1.AAArticle I, Texas Constitution, is amended by adding Section 34 to read as follows:

Sec.A34.AA(a) The people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, including by the use of traditional methods, subject to laws or regulations to conserve and manage wildlife and preserve the future of hunting and fishing.

(b)AAHunting and fishing are preferred methods of managing and controlling wildlife.

(c)AAThis section does not affect any provision of law relating to trespass, property rights, or eminent domain.

SECTIONA2.AAThis proposed constitutional amendment shall be submitted to the voters at an election to be held November 3, 2015. The ballot shall be printed to permit voting for or against the proposition: “The constitutional amendment recognizing the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife subject to laws that promote wildlife conservation.”