February 7, 2023

Americans Don’t Eat Their Pets, Do They? Would They? GASP!


There are many things over many years that have driven people, Americans included, to decide what is and isn’t acceptable table fare. Take horse meat for instance. No, seriously! Take horse meat, form into patties and flavor with your favorite herbs and spices. Heat barbecue grill to around 400 to start, etc.

Lately, the outrage has been that horse meat was found in meats not labeled as having horse meat in it. GASP!….. Went the cries from all over. Could this have been a case of what they didn’t know wouldn’t have hurt them?

Much of what we decide not to eat has been drummed into our brains as unacceptable, i.e. horse meat, dog meat, snake, certain parts of animals, etc. And much of the aversion comes from people who really would find it a difficult task to eat their best friends, i.e. their pets.

In the UK, after the outrage of finding horse meat in our food chain, some restaurants have begun selling horse meat burgers and they seem to be a big hit.

Eating horse meat shouldn’t be confused with eating parts of a horse’s ass, which there are enough of those to go around to feed an army for several years.