February 5, 2023

HR 1555 Forest Access in Rural Communities Act of 2015

*Editor’s Note* – I was asked to post the following statement:

HR 1555 Forest Access in Rural Communities Act of 2015…. introduced 3/23/15 by Greg Walden with over 40 co-sponsors is on the move…. call or contact your congressman requesting their support sign on to the bill and support OPENING ALL RDS in the USFS, statewide and why not nationally. (If contacting Federal Reps also request open all roads in USFS & BLM….)

Okay folks here is YOUR opportunity to make a difference when it comes to access of our federal lands…. The BLM, USDA, Representatives and House members and USFS’s original mandates are to manage the lands for the benefit of our local communities. Somehow over the years the mission of those administrator’s has been reversed by excluding the local public needs; the lack of concerns on impacts of economy, socially and historically.

The USFS & BLM administrations have worked diligently towards road closures on federal lands denying the citizens motorized access, including handicapped, disabled, aging citizens, young children unable to walk long distances, visitors to local communities, recreation, livestock and wildlife management, other multi users and purposes, in addition to handicapping our way of life, abilities to provide public safety, access to valuable resources and the ability to efficiently effectively protect both.

Many road closures are with and without our local county commissioners, yes the local public representatives that we elect with intentions they have our greatest concerns directly under consideration and notify the public PRIOR to taking further political actions… The federal administration has bargained trading projects with the agreement of roads to be closed upon completion of project…. closed roads without authorization from the your county reps, claimed they want the public’s participation and concerns, however when the majority speaks against those decisions our participation and concerns are ignored, resulting in the federal administration taking YET another detour or uses the ESA or other bargaining chips… Well folks we are out of chips, take a stand, make contacts with county commissioners, state and federal representatives and ask them to support HR 1555 and your rights to access ALL of your federal lands.

I heard a comment the other day that this bill ties the USFS’s hands, this depends on which side of the fence you are actually standing on and do not care about protecting the rights of others. If the USFS (or BLM) does not wish to implement policies and procedure for your protection then this bill is YOUR FAMILY’s, FRIEND’s and HERITAGE PROTECTION FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Get active UNITE and FIGHT, together this can be accomplished….

“This approach could allow a level of local participation that has not been experienced in decades. It should be noted, however, that many national environmental groups oppose this approach. Shifting power to the local community implies reducing the influence of national groups on local situations.”