March 24, 2023

Then Just Give Up, Loser!

The master dichotomist, who wrongly divides untruths, seizes his own truth declaring all others wrong, is at it again. A few days ago, he told us that it was wrong to change the governing process to anything he was opposed to. Not that the Dichotomist is opposed to attempting to govern of and by the people but only if it fits a prescribed narrative that he embraces, evidently.

The other day, he attempted to convince readers of the Bangor Daily News that it is wrong to find ways of pushing back against the wrongful and perverted ways of the animal rights agenda by distorting the truth with a mission to mislead.

According to the Master Dichotomist, if Maine people teach their children to hunt, it will make them mass murderers. Very few sane people can make that connection.

In addition, he pretends to not understand that there is a difference between the Humane Society of the United States, and other perverted environmental and animal rights groups, marching into the State of Maine and setting up camp to change the way Maine people choose to live, and a grass roots organization in Maine seeking any help it can get from deeper-pocketed organizations to fight against the totalitarian socialists.

This is another example of why I choose to label these people as totalitarian socialists. Not only do they twist facts, they believe they control the process in which people can oppose the environmentalists’ slavery agenda. Any effort to oppose their agendas, meets with scoff and ridicule, attempting to place those in opposition, in actuality, the same realm as themselves – wrong to use the designed channels they have mastered to gain power and control.

The Master Dichotomist seems to intimate that the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and all of those who might support the effort to increase the base of hunters in Maine by offering residents a chance to become involved in the Families Afield Program, as a futile effort. Because, he thinks hunting is a dinosaur, outdoor sportsmen should just give up and join the perverts who worship animals over humans.

Of the thirteen states that have an apprentice hunting program, Families Afield, the one-million new hunters have yet to step up as mass murderers.