September 29, 2022

Unstable Internet

I am announcing to readers that my Internet and computer arrangement is experiencing some very sketchy and volatile situations. Moving into this rural setting with DSL, I am having difficulty getting Online and staying Online. In addition, very few of my pages are loading. Uploads (articles for the blog) are very slow and sometimes are getting lost during uploads. I don’t exactly know the cause.

I also watch some things on my television through ROKU which requires an Internet connection. Streaming movies is difficult with freeze-ups and shut-downs.

I’m assuming it’s a combination of things. We were warned (wink-wink) that the Internet was slowing down and being overtaxed due to stay at home orders; people working at home, buying Online, etc. Perhaps this is actually true, perhaps it is not.

I have become even more aware of being censored and manipulated by Google and Disqus. Links can’t be found and comments are not being posted by Disqus. Subscription notifications from other websites are not reaching me. With my computer (Apple), in combination with Chrome, screens load and go blank, almost continuously.

Whether any or all of this is a planned event, I don’t know. But, I wanted readers to know that if I go silent it is probably for this reason. Perhaps I can stay in communication with my Kindle Fire Tablet.

Thanks. My email still works, but it takes me awhile to get there. I don’t know if my sent mail is going out.