December 9, 2022

ISIS: We’re Watching You Pope People

Italians woke up on Monday to the worrying reality of a threat from Islamic State “signed with blood against the nation of the cross”.

Against the background of a video showing the apparent mass execution of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach, ISIS warned Italians: “You have seen us in Syria, now we’re right here, just south of Rome…”<Read More>>>

Galatians 5:1 (KJV)

5 – Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.


Wolves in Italy Show Little Fear of Humans

A wolf just outside the yard, in broad daylight, intent on tearing the carcass of a deer ../.. in Villaretto Chisone, a village of Roure in Val Chisone, where a few days ago, a wolf approached the home of Daniel Valter ../… very tranquil, even though in broad daylight and near neighboring houses.


Italian Tour Company Concerned About Dangerous Wolves

“The latest proof that the animals are getting dangerously close to humans came when a driver ran over a wolf near the northern city of Turin, Torino Today reports. In October, residents of a town in Italy’s coastal region of Liguria said they saw a wolf roaming the streets in broad daylight, showing no signs that it was afraid of humans.”<<<Read More>>>


Wolf Hybrids Impersonating Wolves

The below video is an example of the hybrid wild canines being found all over Europe and being passed off as real wolves. These same hybrids are being protected, even to the point of serious criminal charges being levied against hunters who shot and killed one of these.

Note the coloring, pointed ears, convexly curved forehead, elongated and narrow snout, short legs, short body, and up-curved tail.

In addition, when an educated person considers the diseases these animals carry, specifically Echinococcus granulosus, note that aside from a few people wearing rubber gloves, very little care is taken to prevent the spread of potentially hazardous tapeworm eggs. I.E. the animal was examined in the mouth, on site, without gloves; lifting the animal and making contact with regular clothing; placing of the carcass into a plastic bag again taking little care; tossing into the back of a vehicle presumably used everyday by government officials; and even once to the laboratory, little care is taken.


In France 6,000 Sheep Dead From Wolves. More Trouble in Italy and Sweden

The wolf calls in the aisles of Agricultural Fair

Large black linen cover pens of sheep and sheep. “Since 6000 our friends, we were eaten by the wolf” or “sheep in mourning”, these were the messages displayed during the passage of the President of the Republic, Saturday, Feb. 22, in the morning.<<<More Google Translated>>>

And more from France here.

In Italy: 60 Sheep Massacred While Grazing

MANCIANO. The shepherds are milking, the predators go, biting two heads and all the other sheep terrified to go die in a ditch. Sixty die in one fell swoop. Loss of killer for the company splits the Sgrilla in the town of Manchester.<<<More Google Translated>>>

Swedish hunters angry over wolf hunt ban

Farmers and hunters in Sweden are crying foul over a wolf hunt ban they say threatens their way of life and may lead to civil disobedience.

“I think we could live with some wolves but not as many as there are now. They’re getting too close to people,” Elsa Lund Magnussen told AFP at her small sheep farm and abattoir outside Karlstad in south-central Sweden on Friday.

She pointed through the driving snow to a wooded area a stone’s throw from her traditional red wooden house and sheds.

“A wolf killed a moose calf just over there a week ago,” she said, shaking her head.<<<Read More>>>


Italians Know What’s Best for Wolves

Even though in Italy wolves are protected by law, it appears the citizens are taking the law into their own hands, as they well should. Tired of the onslaught of attacks and destruction of property and threats of attacks on humans, some in Italy have taken to killing the wolves and displaying the decapitated heads at the entrance to the town in a fashion described as similar to signs posted by construction workers at construction sites.

This is a link to the original article in Italy.

This is the link to the translated to English version.


“The severed head of a wolf was found hanging from a sign at the roundabout leading to the cellar social of the Morellino di Scansano, at the entrance of the village. Next to a sign, like that of construction sites, to announce the start of a project entitled “Elimination predators” for “ecosystem restoration”. They were the workers of the hilly town, who have experienced the municipal, to find the gruesome cartel. The sign is also in charge of the yard, “Red Riding Hood”, while security officers are defined “public Spent.””



Wolves Slaughter 39 Sheep. Uncontrolled Wolves in Italy Surplus Kill For Fun

But on Thursday morning at dawn, when he realized what had happened, he could not hold back the tears in front of the mangled carcasses of his animals, at least a dozen, found scattered among the fields and woods of Rocca Susella. But from his herd of 518 heads, in the evening he will miss 39. <<<Read More>>>

This surplus killing of sheep by wolves happened just outside of Milan. The map below shows better the region.



In this photo, a helicopter is being used to remove stacks of slaughtered sheep caused by wolves.
Note: While not confirmed, I do not believe this helicopter air lift of slaughtered sheep is part of the above sheep slaughter. The photo is intended to give readers an idea of the huge problem wolves are giving people in Europe.


Italy and Spain Dealing With Wolves

In Spain:


Avila UCCL wolf denounces the attack which took place last Tuesday in a farm located in the place “Riomonte”, located between the industrial area and the city Vicolozano Bernuy Salinero, in the town of Avila, who had the resulted in the death of a calf 20 days of life, and Charolais cross Avileño, with a market value of about 500 euros.

This, according to the complaint Agricultural Organization, is the second attack took place near the town of Bernuy, and the second in just a week, to the farm.<<<Read More>>>

In Italy:


Billboard reads:

“Maremma, land of tradition. We defend our breeders. We defend our origins.”
“A campaign to support the fight against predators.”<<<


In Tuscany, Italy Wolf Attacks Near ‘Crisis Levels’

It was George Bernard Shaw who said, “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” Many pretend to have truth as to why settlers all across America and around the world went out of their way to kill wolves. Not intending to discuss those reasons, the fact remains that wolves were killed by the people and rational thinking leads us to believe it was for good reasons…..mostly.

But we have failed miserably as a society, “incapable” of “learning from experience” and thus a handful of “True Believers” insist on recreating history and the misery endured by the people of decades ago by protecting wolves and large predators, seemingly at the cost of human life.

In reading an article this morning in the AOL Travel section in the United Kingdom, it seriously took on the image of reading history from the adventures of settlers moving into the landscape of the West, except in reverse.

Due to circumstances in the Tuscany region, wolves are being forced into populated areas, where the food is. As a result, livestock and pets are being killed and attacks on humans are imminent. Once again I am reminded of Dr. Valerius Geist’s seven stages of when wolves become dangerous to humans. We must learn.

According to the report, heavy snows and cold have driven the prey base of the wolves to lower elevations. This of course being the living habitat of humans. As a result…..disaster!

Perhaps the words of Conservation biologist Claudio Sillero at the University of Oxford say it best:

There are wild wolves galore in Europe.

‘They have recolonized vast areas of their former range and live almost unnoticed in populated areas.’

‘While we think of wolves as masters of the wilderness in Europe, they thrive in human-dominated landscapes.