September 29, 2022

Lions and Wolves

Guest post by Jim Beers

Interesting article below on Botswana lions. When you’ve read it, consider that wolves are just like these lions without the redeeming social and economic values to those living with them.

When the radicals, like those doing their war dance last weekend at Yellowstone National Park (“Speak for Wolves”), and their agenda:

– End grazing on all federal public lands.

– Ban trapping/snaring on all federal public lands.

– Reform how state fish and game agencies operate.

– Abolish the predator-control department of USDA Wildlife Services.

– Introduce legislation to protect all predators, including wolves, from sport hunting, trapping, and snaring.

get their wishes to ban all these things and solely rely on state and federal law enforcement – THE RESULT WILL EVENTUALLY BE JUST WHAT THESE BOTSWANA LIONS EXPERIENCED, not to mention the social upheaval that it will surely generate.

At first, there will be grumbling about ranch closures, loss of hunting et al, and further rural decay and then the attacks and diseases from unmanaged animals will begin across the settled landscapes of the Lower 48 States.. Either rural Americans will move to the cities as described in The Grapes of Wrath OR they will start doing exactly what these Botswanans did. At first animals will be killed however (poisons, shooting, set guns, HOWEVER and there are many “howevers”.) Then the over-equipped, over-trained enforcers and their bureaucrats overseers and the court will “make examples” of a few and the result will be just what Drone Deaths do for Moslem terrorists. That is to say increase their numbers and ardor.

When that stage begins, it will dawn on more and more propagandized urban folks and public school munchkins as they grow up that a nasty war over animals with NO REDEEMING SOCIAL OR ECONOMIC VALUE is insanity but by then, more than a few will be maimed, wounded and dead from both unmanaged animal attacks, diseases and human confrontations.

Progressives and radicals can no more change the lessons of human history concerning living with wild animals by denying those lessons than they can make absurd notions – like an unborn child is not “a human life” or that any nation can assure its’ “future” (other than by massive immigration that changes it unalterably) when more and more people forego marriage and childbearing, and treat sex as recreation – “fool all of the people all of the time.”

Botswana as an example for the USA! Who’d have ever “thunk?”

Jim Beers
30 June 2014

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

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*Note* – Dr. Charles Kay says that, “-I do not know where the $750,000 figure came from , but it is WAY too high—–more like $25 to $75,000, from what I have read.”


Monkeys, Wolves & BLUE

Guest post by James Beers

I read recently where a lady in Myanmar (Burma) died of rabies from a wolf bite. The report went on to say that there has been a large outbreak of rabies in Myanmar, especially in the cities. It went on to say that while this wolf had bitten the lady in one such city, and even greater source of rabid bites on residents came from monkeys that frequent the cities and towns routinely during the day in search of food.

This set me to thinking. The wolf was in a settled part of Burma and must have been living nearby in all likelihood, so other wolves are likely in the area habituating and learning how to find food and get by just like the monkeys. That the lady, just like a ranch lady in Idaho or a kid in New Mexico might just as easily do, blundered into a rabid wolf as she went about her daily routine and died.

Who is to blame? In Burma one can honestly say, no one since wolves have always been there (relatively speaking as in centuries) and people and their leaders have never had the wherewithal or the ability to remove the wolves and the threats and dangers they create. One can honestly say that they chose to live with wolves, monkeys and rabies in their midst; whether through ignorance, religious belief or tolerance for dictatorships I do not know. However, when such things happen in the Carolinas or Montana or Oregon or Arizona we cannot say the same thing. We can honestly blame and hold responsible the government and radical groups that have forcibly placed them in these areas after the people who live there and their ancestors had eliminated them at great cost of time and treasure to create the productive and healthy human-oriented settled landscapes of the Lower 48 States that we have enjoyed and benefitted from for nearly 100 years.

The Burmese native that has lived under successions of Kings, Generals and occupiers down through the ages is in great contrast with the Americans of The Lower 48 States who obtained their freedom, liberty and Constitutional rights over 225 years ago. This liberty was obtained at great cost and sacrifice but has been frittered away in recent decades as a growing national government and reticent State governments have taken away piece after piece of that liberty for their own benefit by making hollow promises of government benefit and government largesse for chunk after chunk of our rights. In few areas is this as nakedly apparent as the Endangered Species Act promises of “saving” (Nature?) and resulting in wolves and grizzly bears where people live, irrigation areas shut down, farmers and loggers out of work, dams destroyed, ranches shut down, and general mayhem throughout the formerly bucolic and productive (of many things) expanses of rural America. One need look no farther than the recent BLM assault (snipers, tasers, automatic weapons, rifles, handguns, helicopters, men on horseback, men in trucks and SUV’s, and enforcers that looked to all like NFL linebackers fresh from the weight room: all to round up and kill cattle on the Last rancher in the County around Las Vegas in the political backyard of a corrupt, federal politician that for all intents and purposes appointed his former political advisor as the head of the same BLM agency conducting this particular Rangeland Clearance.

Read The Highland Clearances (of Scotland) by John Prebble concerning the ruthless actions of British occupiers seizing all land from 1800 to 1856 for a blueprint of current federal government policies. Like those dispossessed Scots and their families, American farmers, ranchers, loggers and rural residents are steadily and forcibly being told to move into cities just as the Scots (like the Irish) were simply told to go away whether to offshore islands or roadsides to die or onto “coffin ships” hoping to get to America or Canada before starvation or disease destroyed them. As the BLM showed us, the government is now willing to use all their power on us as if we were terrorists plotting an attack on US soil from our hideout in Afghanistan in Iraq.

I submit that the Burmese lady died as she lived in the most freedom she ever knew in a world just like the one of her forefathers going back untold generations. However the American damaged by or attacked by or driven to bankruptcy by wolves forced on him by his own government is the true SUBJECT of tyrants. The American has lost his liberty and allowed others to return his children and grandchildren to the terrors and penury his forefathers worked so hard to eliminate.

May the Burmese lady Rest in Peace, and May God Help America!


If you are interested in, understand or are sympathetic about what you just read, may I make a suggestion?

A Montana film maker, Jeffrey D. King, has made a 3rd video that I highly recommend as worthwhile. It documents a series of interviews and a trip around America aimed at explaining and demonstrating the agenda of The Green Movement and the government policies that I vainly try to expose in all I write. The people he interviews and the things he explains as he visits important sites are something you should share with friends, relatives, coworkers, churchgoers and everyone else you come in contact with in your daily lives.

The cost is minimal and I get nothing from this but the hope that some of you will go to his website and begin to become familiar with what he has done and what he is doing. This latest video, BLUE, may well be our future hope. Please, consider learning about it.


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Jim Beers
15 May 2014

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Jim Beers Speaking in Dorris, California May 18, 2014

“If you or anyone you know is in the area at that time, you are invited to attend and listen to what is said and perhaps add to the suggestions about solutions.

I look forward to seeing you there.”

Jim Beers



James Beers: Wolves – 2014

*Editor’s Note* – The below writing perhaps reflects the greatest knowledge and understanding of the effects of forcing wild wolves into human-settled landscapes. Such a writing should give readers the opportunity to fully grasp the entire scope of how romance animal fantasy should never mix with the scientific realities of protecting a dangerous-in-so-many-ways creature where humans live.

However, while one must applaud Mr. Beer’s effort at searching for a solution and his correct analysis of a top-down dictatorial control over everything plant and animal, his proposed solution, while should it actually come to fruition may possibly work and work well, this will not be accomplished solely at the ballot box, if there at all.

The top-down dictatorship of global powers has infiltrated so deeply into our lives for so many years, ballot boxes, while they shouldn’t be eliminated, will not work alone until a miraculous return to self-determination and independence, through a strong foundation of moral principles and values and a return a fear and love of our Creator, has transformed this nation and globe.

Thank you to Jim Beers for caring enough to take the time and lay out the facts for all and for offering a solution.

Guest posting by James Beers:

As Americans and Europeans awaken to the ancient realities of cohabiting with wolves in settled landscapes from which they were extirpated 50 to hundreds of years ago, all manner of heated discussions, questions and coalitions are emerging.

While wolves have persisted for eons in undeveloped landscapes from the wilds of Canada and Alaska to the vast primitive-societal landscapes of Asia; the re-introduction, protection and spread of wolves in Europe and The Lower 48 States of the US in recent decades has precipitated disagreements and political chaos of enormous proportions. National politicians in Europe and the US have partnered with environmental and animal rights organizations representing mainly urban voters and environmental specialist-scientists to enact laws and regulations responsible for the current situation. Opponents of such laws and programs are mainly rural livestock producers, dog owners, hunters, parents, grandparents, the rural poor and an assortment of rural recreationists and rural amateur naturalists from mushroom and berry pickers to plant and rock collectors.

According to the IUCN, wolves currently inhabit 4 continents. They occur in contiguous populations from the uncounted hundreds of thousands (to millions?) in Asia to the Canada/Alaska population estimated to be approaching one hundred thousand. While these populations “spill” into Europe and The Lower 48 US states naturally and periodically; national (federal) US government laws and European (Union) government laws have been passed to forcibly reintroduce and protect wolves throughout their (the wolves) “original” range regardless of the adverse impacts. The rationale for this is that “native” species “belong” wherever they once existed. It is inconceivable to say with a straight face that wolves are “endangered”. Until this very recent change in American and European governance and human/animal legal concepts, such a decision would have been based primarily on the interests of humans and been the sole concern of the governments of individual European Countries or individual American States. This is no longer the case: as wolves demonstrate the growing political construct that human interests are secondary to the animal/environmental statements and beliefs of those controlling increasingly powerful central governments. European Countries and US States have become subservient to Washington, Brussels and the UN. It goes without saying that this phenomenon is steadily incorporating more and more animal and plant species under the international/central government umbrellas and that this has, in turn, made the redress of problems (safety, livestock losses, loss of hunting opportunity, dog losses, property losses, human health, etc.) of rural people associated with mandated and protected species such as wolves, exponentially more difficult to obtain from far-away governments that are more beholden to far-away political factions, a multitude of hidden agendas, and financial support from environmental radicals than to the redress of the concerns of rural communities.

Wolves are members of an animal group called Canids. Canids include wolves, coyotes, domestic dogs, jackals and dingos. All of these animals can and do interbreed to produce viable (fully reproducing-capable) offspring the same as humans of different races, different physiology, and different social habits; or dogs of different breeds. Additionally, wolves, like other mammals, are larger in Northern latitudes; lighter-colored in desert habitats; omnivorous in that they eat any meat (wild or domestic); capable of very different behavior in uninhabited areas or settled landscapes, or when hunted, or even close to human habitations like outer suburbs near St. Petersburg or Moscow. In truth, wolf behaviors, wolf sizes and colors, wolf DNA and the many documented dangers and harms they present to humans are varied just like their fellow Canids as seen in smaller western US coyotes v. larger Eastern US coyotes or in the varieties of dog sizes, colors, and behavior differences (i.e. pit bull v. basset hound or Chinese hairless v. Irish Wolfhound) with which most people are familiar. Dingos and jackals tend to be far more uniform in size, color and behavior in large part due to their long-standing isolation from wolves, coyotes and free-roaming dogs. Within this group (Canids) of mammals, it is fair to ask and debate just what is a species, and what is it that is so unique or special that government intervention is called for or warranted for an animal that could be identified as a wolf or a coyote/wolf hybrid or a wolf/dog hybrid or a wolf/coyote/dog hybrid depending of the hubris of government law enforcers and the responsiveness of their DNA-Analyst contractors that make such determinations depending on who has specified the DNA Standards? The very real possibility that wolf protection and spread into settled landscapes where coyotes and especially dogs are abundant and ubiquitous may be resulting in the genetic extinction of wolves as we have known them and that we are witnessing the evolution of a sort-of semi-wild coyote/wolf wild dog that capitalizes on all the settled landscape’ adaptive habits of the three to the even greater detriment to rural human society: this subject is never mentioned, broached or respected. What is a hybrid? What do hybrids portend?

Wolves have been and are a documented danger to humans, especially when they become habituated to human communities and particularly regarding children and the elderly. Written accounts of these dangers extend all the way back to Greek and Roman writers before the time of Christ. European and North American history have copious reports of deaths and injuries to humans despite poor record-keeping, spotty reporting and unsolved disappearances in sparsely-settled landscapes of early European and early American settlement and development periods. Russian current events still mention a steady stream of wolf attacks on humans causing deaths and serious injuries and infections of victims from rabid wolves (one such wolf just seriously injured six Indian villagers in the Panchmahal District as I am writing this) and recent attacks on old Russian lady shepherds; and even a Russian sawyer actually running his chainsaw and over 20 others bitten by one rabid wolf in recent years are typical!. An Alaskan report of a recent 32-year period regarding wolf attacks, called human/wolf interactions, described 80 such incidents in Alaska and Canada. In the past decade a healthy young man going for a walk near a rural mining community was killed by wolves in Saskatchewan, a young woman (teacher while jogging) was killed by wolves in Alaska and a young woman hiker was killed by several coyotes in an Eastern Canadian Park in just the past decade. Only last summer a young camper was attacked during the night by a wolf in a federal Minnesota campground only weeks after I was fishing right near that campground. When a wolf was killed, it was said to be the one that attacked but that he only attacked because he was “suffering from a deformed brain”. Most likely it was primarily because public awareness and understanding of similar human dangers from wolves in bygone times that so much time, wealth and effort was diverted from other vital functions by Europeans in the last millennium and European settlers in North America to exterminate wolves in areas that were being settled or were intended to be settled by farmers, shepherds, ranchers and others interested primarily in safe and productive communities, and peaceful home environments for their families. When livestock losses, big game animal losses, dog losses and disease dangers were also considered; evidently no effort was considered too great by our forefathers and their families.

Wolves transmit diseases and infections that are deadly or debilitating to people, cattle, sheep, dogs and other wild and domestic animals. These include but are not limited to Rabies, Brucellosis, Encephalitis, Anthrax, Smallpox, Mad Cow Disease, Chronic Wasting Disease, Distemper, Neospora caninum (causes abortions), 2 types of Mange, GID (a disease of wild and domestic sheep), Foot-and-Mouth, Heartworm and Parvo. Wolves carry a wide range of Ticks and Fleas that they pick up as they wander far and wide encountering all manner of other animals with wide varieties of ticks and fleas. The Ticks they carry can transmit; Anemia, Dermatosis, Tick Paralysis, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Erlichia, E. Coast Fever, Relapsing Fever, Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. The Fleas they carry can transmit; Plague, Bubonic Plague. Pneumonic Plague and Flea-Borne Typhus. Additionally, wolves carry and spread the infectious and dangerous eggs of Tapeworms (Echinococcus granulosis and multilocularis) that they deposit in the area around their feces in parks, campgrounds, rural yards, playgrounds, trails and other areas where the eggs remain viable for months to be picked up by grazing animals feeding on plants, curious dogs, and children and adults on fingers, paws, tongues dropped food and shoes to be brought into homes where they reside for small children to pick up from rugs and floors. The resulting cysts in vital organs can kill or debilitate humans while also debilitating other animals like moose, elk and livestock, thereby making them less agile and strong and thus even more vulnerable to wolf predation.

Wolves kill and eat coyotes and dogs (herding, hunting, watchdogs, pets; i.e. all dogs) routinely. They will also mate with or be mated by coyotes or dogs when estrus and opportunity present themselves, leaving the female to whelp the mixed litter either back at some barn or in a den at some remote location.

Wolves kill and eat calves, cows, steers, lambs, sheep, and other livestock. They harass the herds and flocks such that the livestock loses weight, fails to put on weight, reduces reproduction and behave in ways that increase problems, time investments and costs for owners and their employees as well as consumers. The results are evident in the US in herd reductions, grazing allotment closures, ranch sales and local community losses of taxes and economic activity. In Europe the losses of sheep and shepherding activity continues to grow while the loss of grazing land utilization and the costs to owners reportedly are not only economic but also include harms to their mental health and their families.

Wolves reduce big game herds and thereby hunting opportunity; and thereby hunting revenue for wildlife conservation and management; and thereby government management and protection of the fish and wildlife resources for people of growing areas of The Lower 48 States and European Countries where wolves are becoming more numerous and their populations more dense. World-famous elk and moose populations in Idaho and Montana have seen steep declines. Moose in Minnesota have declined as wolves have increased such that they are no longer numerous enough to be hunted. Elk, moose and deer all decline and often most precipitously in a few short years of the arrival of uncontrolled wolves. Fawns and calves of these species along with pregnant females are particularly vulnerable and highly preferred by wolves. Not only do wolves learn quickly how and where to find them, like pregnant cows and newborn young, wolves often disable the female only to eat out her rear-end to pull out and eat the highly-desired fawn or calf she is carrying, leaving her to die a lingering death. It does not take many years of this to notice severe declines in numbers of these animals just as any countries’ human population that falls below replacement and necessary reproduction/morbidity numbers and ratios can attest. Unlike the various wildlife studies based on remote areas and uninhabited islands that infer a reputed balance between wolves and their prey such that wolves decrease after they reduce their prey animals and then plants like willows increase as wolf prey are reduced and then the prey species once again increase due to increased food and reduced wolf numbers to be followed by an increase in wolves as the prey increase in numbers and availability: the realities are that in a settled landscape when the prey (elk, deer, moose, etc.) decrease (and animal owners pen up smaller herds) the wolves adopt new techniques and determination to get at the livestock plus they shift to killing more pets and like North American coyotes learn to eat garbage and other items in yards and suburbs during the night. Confrontations between kids taking out garbage, moms walking the family pet dog or elderly folks walking to mailboxes will naturally increase and the probability of fateful encounters will increase accordingly. No one asks, discusses or defends a certain death or injury rate or numbers to humans that is “worth” living with wolves. Wolves, dogs (domestic and free-roaming) and coyotes are all smart and adaptive omnivores and the expectation that when they reduce their wild prey base they will quietly decline in numbers when other options are available, is foolish. Public comments about this particular phenomenon in recent years reveal a widespread reveling and exuberant celebrations by environmental/animal rights persons and their organization that the wolves are steadily eliminating hunting, grazing by domestic animals and rural economic health as goals to be applauded far more than the reputed shifts in wild animal presence and numbers associated with wolves. Some consider this the true or primary hidden agenda driving wolf spreading and protection by government fiats.

Wolves, more than free-roaming dogs or coyotes are notoriously hard to hunt. They quickly turn nocturnal and secretive when pressed. They do not come to bait or calls consistently. Historically, when severe controls were desired, guns, traps, snares, M-44’s (scented ball that triggers a poison shell into the animal’s mouth), poisons, denning (killing pups in the den), dogs, aerial gunning (especially on snow) and many more things were employed. When it was agreed that extermination was necessary, all of these were used and even possees (local militias of law-abiding citizens enlisted to hunt down and catch dangerous criminals and, yes, even wolves) were formed where men rode for weeks hunting down the last wolves over large areas or in the case of an island like Ireland, special, large and fierce dogs were bred and maintained to run down and kill remaining wolves.

Since wolves move stealthily over large areas in a non-routine, haphazard manner; consistent and accurate censuses year after year for comparisons or trend analyses are impossible. This fact combined with self-serving government agendas that quite often excuse game disappearances as climate change, behavioral anomalies or undiagnosed diseases often create year-to-year wolf population estimates apparently driven more by the political and public relations agendas of bureaucrats, lobbyists and politicians than reality.

Wolf supporters and bureaucrats are largely determined to oppose not only methods (trapping, snares, dogs, poisons, aerial gunning, denning, etc.) of wolf control: they are constantly seeking donations, suing and lobbying to prevent any controls. While initial hunting programs, at best, have taken no more than 10-15% of wolf populations annually, such annual takes have negligible effects on either wolf population growth or on wolf behavior. Ironically, it is actually the sort of game harvest percentages meant to spur production in both birds and mammals as fewer animals are sent into the winter to share available food and thus guaranteeing healthier and more numerous reaching spring more capable of raising more and larger litters. To reduce a dense wolf population usually requires a 45-70% or more per year reduction for 5-7 years or more and then a 30% reduction or more per year ever-after. This necessarily ignores the lessened impacts of such controls when conducted in a patchwork fashion considering CLOSED private property, restricted government enclaves and neighboring jurisdictions where controls are prohibited and are thus continually providing a constant inflow from burgeoning wolf populations in such nearby unmanaged (for wolves) areas. Effective control harvests are impossible today in both The Lower 48 US States and European wolf areas due to fierce opposition, government indifference and lack of an understood public rationale for such harvests because the inevitable public outcry for such controls is only beginning to grow and it must overcome decades of lies and propaganda. As public realization and understanding of the intolerable harms caused by wolves in settled landscapes grows, the same human/wolf incidents as were documented in our ancestors’ communities caused by historic wolf problems and that spurred our forefathers to expend the scarce time and treasure to take drastic, long-term measures to the point of exterminating wolves are sure to result even in our modern technology-masters-all society as human casualties and damages mount and are no longer deniable..

All of the foregoing wolf reality is arrayed against:

-Scientists that claim that wolves do not reduce game populations or livestock and only reproduce slowly due to a reluctance to breed by submissive wolves, a phenomenon that curiously does not exist in either dogs or coyotes.

-School teachers repeatedly telling young students those wolves are necessary, good and of no danger to anyone who behaves correctly.

-Media agendas that ignore wolf harms, publish wolf public-relations articles as “science”, and marginalize negative wolf reports and people that live with and are affected by wolves.

-Bureaucrats that promise ranchers and sheep herders compensation, then call depredation losses everything but wolf-caused and quickly run out of scarce dollars as the wolves get established and compensation for wolf damage is shown to have the priority and support of government research into plastic surgery for animals for governments awash in debt and crumbling infrastructure.

-Bureaucrats and politicians that tell the Countries and States under them that once the wolves are established be central government fiat, the Countries, States and Local Communities are responsible for maintaining certain numbers (despite their being difficult to accurately count) or else the higher government will step back in and be ruthless about reaching and maintaining those levels.

-A fantasy being presented worldwide as fact, that what plants and animals were once on this or that piece of ground 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 years ago should or must be on that ground once again. No matter that human settlement, development and change of the landscape, weather, and present-day human activities in all their changing and beneficial complexity have made that piece of ground no more hospitable to or suitable for uncontrolled species like wolves than for free-ranging elephants or bison (wisent) or grizzly bears. NOTE, just this morning I read in The India Times that free-roaming bison (Asian Water Buffalo) have killed seven rural Indians in separate incidents in just the past 12 months; and only last week a lady In Montana asked me to provide her comments regarding a UWS federal/state proposal to establish free-roaming buffalo (bison) herds in the farmland/pasturelands of central Montana. A similar federal program to forcibly protect and spread grizzly bears that are killing livestock as well as killing and injuring people in the NW US is also underway as I write.

-A gaggle of hidden agendas from bureaucrats seeking more authority, budget, and personnel; and scientists seeking more grants, tenure, and recognition: to organizations working to eliminate hunting, eliminate grazing, and rural populations; and groups seeking rights for animals, significantly reduced human populations worldwide and an end to all animal utilization by humans.

The airwaves, newspapers and classrooms are crowded today with stories of:

-The importance of apex predators.

-The need to restore the rural environment.

-The need for and legitimacy of forcible clearance of rural precincts.

-The importance of the native ecosystem and native species.

-The harmful environmental effects of rural people, rural practices and excess humans.

-The need for Washington, Brussels and the UN to have more money and more authority.

– Hunters, grazers, loggers, and most rural residents being both ignorant and bent on destroying the environment, the ecosystem and life as we know it unless ruled minutely and ruthlessly.

All this goes on as:

– Wolves are having growing impacts on European sheep flocks, shepherds, rural areas and rural residents as wolf numbers and densities grow in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.

– Expanding wolf populations in Finland, Sweden and Norway are decreasing big game numbers and creating all manner of livestock and human safety concerns.

– British and Scottish environmentalists, politicians and University biologists are working to introduce wolves into Scotland.

– Dense and uncontrolled wolf populations in Russia and many former Eastern Bloc Countries supply an endless flow of wolves into Eastern and Central European Countries from Lithuania and Finland to Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

– European Union politicians, bureaucrats and environmental/animal rights’ lobbyists resist authorizing any actions by shepherds, rural residents concerned about safety and health threats, hunters, dog owners and other rural Europeans to control wolves or to employ active protections for their families, livelihoods and property being killed and threatened by wolves.

– European Union administrators are basically opposed to authorizing any increased gun use by rural Europeans and use of devices like traps and snares.

– Likewise, EU administrators resist bear depredation controls in places like Finland where robust bear populations, supplemented by Russian bears that expand into Finland from uncontrolled and constantly expanding and scattering bear populations.

– All of the above are either ignored by or supported by urban Europeans that, like their urban American and Canadian cousins, are evolving to be indifferent to rural harms and problems.

– More federal kennel-raised wolves are being released in Arizona despite strong local objections.

– Minnesota wolves that have decimated the state’s moose population (and hunting) and are currently decreasing the deer population are the subject of a lawsuit to bar any hunting or trapping of wolves (ironically, despite the stimulative effect of the small potential harvest on the very dense and robust wolf population.)

– Idaho is trying to fund a statewide initiative with tax dollars to reduce the wolves that have decimated moose and elk hunting (and numbers, license revenue and associated dollars generated by big game hunting). What the long-term controls and funding sources portend is anyone’s guess.

– As Washington State and Oregon State have begun hosting resident wolf packs from neighboring Idaho, ranchers have been cajoled into accepting “compensation” for livestock losses to wolves that is underfunded and as likely to continue being available as is are liquor allowances for a legislature. Simultaneously the state bureaucrats tell the public wolf numbers are curiously steady in this new food-rich habitat and that decreasing elk and moose harvests and licenses are only temporary and due to everything imaginable Except Wolves.

– Wolves from Great Lakes States are scattering into Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio where federal and state laws jeopardize any hunter or control agent that kills what he thought was a coyote or free-roaming dog and some post-facto government DNA Analyst declares is a wolf. Similarly in the West, Rocky Mountain States’ Wolves from introduced stock are scattering into California, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, and the Dakotas to hospitable habitats.

– As Texas refused vigorously to accept federal wolves (like Wyoming did successfully), federal thugs have “worked with” (i.e. funded) wolf releases in N Mexico just S of the Rio Grande River across from Texas.

– US federal bureaucrats have made much of “Returning Management of (Restored) ‘Endangered’ Wolves to State Governments” in states like Minnesota, Idaho and Montana. First, wolves were never “endangered” other than under the Endangered Species Act’s politically-driven agendas. Second, this fictional “Return” is in reality a move to make states finance all the wolf problems with both state wildlife funds (to divert them from hunting programs) and from state tax dollars where their future looks like the future of continued state funding for free barbershops for politicians. The kicker is that, if the state lets the wolf numbers go below some set level (how do you know, how to prove, especially in court?), the federal government will step back in and seize protection of the wolves. All the while those opposed to wolf control or hunting or trapping or snaring or aerial shooting, etc. of wolves go into federal courts and help federal bureaucrats modify regulations to obtain key federal court rulings to expand and solidify federal authorities and jurisdictions over the wolves “Under State Authority”.

– US State fish and wildlife bureaucrats increasingly view themselves as extensions of federal bureaucrats, federal programs and federal funding while they increasingly disregard any responsibility to the state residents that employ them. This makes redress of rural complaints and problems more difficult as the federal bureaucrats set the rules for all actions by co-opting state bureaucrats and manipulating federal courts by working with select “partners and stakeholders” by designation of friendly federal courts and federal judges presented with jointly-designed (by bureaucrats and radicals) lawsuits. The flow of all federal US tax dollars makes many state politicians and big city politicians (and their employees) behave the same as the fish and wildlife bureaucrats, thus further marginalizing rural people and their concerns.

– Gun control is a large aspect of living with wolves that is exacerbating problems. European and Canadian laws and habits opposed to handguns make consistent availability of a gun for unexpected wolf confrontations from dog walkers encountering wolves and wolves encountered in close quarters like barns or fenced yards, to shepherds encountering wolves depredating at unexpected times and in unexpected places; difficult to say the least. European laws and customs extend to areas where, as in Russia, any gun possession or ammunition availability is only made by special and narrow government dispensation. US federal politicians, although they take an oath to uphold the US Constitution stating “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” are on an undisguised rampage to violate the Constitution in this regard and regulate and then ban over time handguns, military-looking rifles, all rifles, clips, magazines and shotguns to the cheers of urban politicians that blame all of the US’ urban woes on guns. This, like wolf protection and spread is applauded by urban voters and political donors. The bottom line here is that real wolf control, real and consistent wolf management, control of wolf depredations, dealing with dangerous wolf habituations (homes, schools, bus stops, etc.), and protection in the case of wolf incidents from rabies to an outright attack is both disappearing and increasingly only done by government officials, if at all. This not only is after-the-fact and expensive, actual wolf control is made unachievable and impractical over time and the future of rural people doomed to live with wolves is steadily becoming neither pretty nor bright.

Scientific papers, lawsuit arguments, media propaganda and government pronouncements are rife with statements and questions like:

– When is a wolf a coyote? Who established DNA Standards?

– Is the wolf trapped far away and released by government THE actual wolf that once inhabited (fill-in-the-blank)?

– Any wolf attack on a human is “abnormal”.

– People must learn to “live” with wolves.

– Maybe the cattle and/or sheep don’t “belong” out there.

– Wolves were here first.

– Wolves control prey species while regulated hunting doesn’t.

– Wolves are good and beneficial. Hunting is bad and harmful.

– Hunting should be outlawed just like grazing and logging.

– People should keep their pets and kids inside and watch them closely when they are outside.

– Rural areas are too heavily populated and their natural resource uses and demands are destroying the ecosystem.

– Wolf hunting destroys the wolves’ social structure and their reproductive capabilities.

– Only alpha wolves mate.

– Wolves don’t decimate big game populations and wolf depredations on livestock are vastly overrated by rural people looking for government handouts.

– Plant communities blossom, like semi-arid valleys after a thunderstorm, when wolves kill ungulates and also cause them to “behave” differently.

– Wolves are the “apex” predators that are leading the way to the total restoration of native species in a native ecosystem.

– Wolves should be maintained with hunting program funds but they should not be hunted, trapped or controlled.

– Those that do not understand “ecosystems”, “trophic cascades” and “natural processes and cycles” are like climate change deniers and should be similarly marginalized and denied any part in things they do not grasp.

So what? It is the Law! What do you want to do, kill all the wolves? All these statements and more are constantly thrown at anyone addressing this issue. So here is what must be done.

First a word of caution. Speaking candidly about this is like talking to many of my relatives that have grown indifferent to or rabidly opposed to the religion of our forefathers, while I have not. I say this not to compare you to any of my relatives but to note that ANY discussion of any topic involving moral dimensions or basic values is quickly treated by such a relative as a disguised attempt on my part to “bring them back” or “convert them”. As I describe the following solution, some will be hearing me trying to tell you how to vote or how to think. I apologize beforehand but YOU must think through that and consider what I am about to say if you are to have ANY hope of resolving the wolf issue before us.

THE BASIC PROBLEM is that very powerful central governments and international “Bodies” now control all wild plants and animals. Don’t try to argue,”oh our state still manages fishing”, or birds or oak trees. The facts are that what Brussels and Washington have done with wolves and what they plus Toronto have done with United Nations’ Treaties and Conventions is to set precedents and a roadmap to seizing any and all wild plant and animal jurisdiction and authority when it suits their purposes. Conventions on Trade in Wildlife, Wetlands of International Significance, Marine Mammal Compacts, Endangered claims in courts, Native Species claims in courts, Invasive Species claims in courts, Animal Welfare claims in court and Central Government Legislation and UN Treaty Negotiations that would have been unbelievable 50 years ago have all been incremental moves giving these central authorities all of the jurisdiction and authority over the wolf debacle we are faced with today.

While we bemoan the injustice and perfidy of government wolf actions; as I write the US government is trying to similarly force free-roaming buffalo herds into Montana (where the federal wolves were first released) and into the Arizona/Utah borderlands N of the Grand Canyon on a mix of federal and Indian lands from which they would spread much like the federal wolf release on an Idaho Indian Reservation. This morning’s news featured the arrest of a Nevada rancher for taking pictures from a state road of federal resource enforcers seizing his cattle herd while dressed as snipers with sniper scopes on their rifles and police dogs that attacked the rancher when he failed to get back in his legally parked vehicle. These are the “idealistic” “environmental workers” you deal with concerning wolves and will be dealing with when buffalo once again “roam, where the deer and the antelope play.”

Now the following is all-US oriented, although I think I have a good grasp of Canadian and European governments I hesitate to write as if I do for the certainty that some innocent mistake on my part would create a world of misunderstanding. Therefore the following applies equally to Europeans and Canadians in large and small measure and are presented only as ideas about how to fix what we agree is wrong.

Whether you believe that all wild plants band animals were once under the authority of lesser levels of governments or if you believe that wild plants have never been under lesser levels of governments: JURISDICTION AND AUTHORITY OVER ALL WILD PLANTS AND ANIMALS, should always be, first and foremost and permanently if at all possible UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE LOWEST AND MOST RESPONSIVE (to human needs) LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT. This is called the principle of subsidiarity. It sets limits on state intervention. It aims at harmonizing the relationships between individuals and societies and tends toward the establishment of true international order. There is no argument that the current “top-down”, “central government rules-all” system divides rural and urban societies and establishes an international order that is little more than a process whereby dictatorial (the proper word) governments issue orders to be obeyed by all at the behest of whatever faction controls such government or is financing it.

Think of all the “is it a hybrid”, or “we really have two thousand, six hundred and seventy-two wolves”, or “see the wolves REALLY DID kill all the moose”, or the “video camera shows that the young boy caused the attack by his improper behavior in trying to run away” arguments in courts or in newspaper articles or in Letters and meetings with Legislators and Bureaucrats as simply blows back and forth during a boxing match wherein the judges are relatives of the guy you are up against. As long as the REAL POWER remains at the central or HIGHEST level of government, they can simply change the rules or the law and even when you feel you “won” something, the next time your opponents get “their” guys elected they can – and will – pass a new law or write a new regulation that either delegitimizes your “victory” or makes it worthless as they simply check it and move into other items like restoring “Pre-Roman” plants and animals or releasing lions or hyenas since they “once inhabited” (have YOUR archeologist fill-in this blank.)

In the US, this means positioning or re-positioning all authority and jurisdiction over wild plants and animals at the COUNTY (and not even the State) level. Certainly species like Marine Mammals and Certain Migratory Birds could be placed at the federal level for reasons of Interstate Commerce, Hunting and Management of movable stocks and flocks and legitimate common interests with foreign powers who share in the benefits and presence of such animals. Likewise, an effective federal authority should be established to prevent harmful plants and animals from being imported into the US as contrasted with the current system wherein the federal law enforcers are equipped and trained as military fighters to raid guitar stores and farmyards while ignoring the importation of Asian carp that destroy our rivers and pythons and boa constrictors that are only beginning to wreak untold havoc in southern states.

County politicians and County employees are closest to, neighbors of, and liable to voter wrath of ANY (State, City, and Federal) level of government. The US government was conceived to authorize a federal government with very specific powers to protect state governments that represented and protected the County governments THAT REPRESENTED AND PROTECTED THE COMMUNITIES AND FAMILIES THAT MADE UP THE NATION. This lowest level, the County, and NOT the highest level, the federal, is where the rubber meets the road regarding whether some or how many wolves should prey on domestic animals or kill dogs or eliminate hunting or eliminate big game, or spread disease, or pay “compensation” for some or any of the property that wolves destroy. This is why what is perhaps our most important County official, OUR Sheriff, is most often the official on the citizen’s side when federal snipers, attack dogs, numbers and lawlessness are employed to evict an old woman from her home that a Park bureaucrats wants, or when federal enforcers seize livestock and other property from those they want to intimidate or take from.

Many US States, like US Senators (2 from each state) have assumed this urban-preference/rural-dismissal bias as a result of powerful urban donors and numerous voters that keep them in office. Issues like wolves are simply “throw-away” crumbs to urban voters for continued or increased support. It is for reasons like that, that I recommend that state governments be re-oriented to protecting what Local (County) governments and their residents want for their own County. If they want more elk and moose, then state government works in that regards and if they want wolves and no hunting or livestock or dogs, so be it. If neighboring jurisdictions refuse to control wolves, let those that would have no wolves set the fate of any wolf seen anywhere in the County at any moment. Counties would be more cautious about spending money and therefore County Ordinances that employed landowners and residents with leeway to take action, orders to landowners refusing to control wolves on their land with charges and liens for the County to employ a contractor to take needed action. County governments with teeth would make these federal/state buffalo ventures a thing of the past in any settled-landscape County where residents agreed “not-in-my County.” As part and parcel of this repositioning of jurisdiction and authority is a resurrection of the abandoned legal notion that somehow when federal agents with federal tax dollars buy or ease property IN ANY COUNTY, that somehow transforms the property into some fairyland as far from the County as the Falkland Islands. This pernicious notion has fostered the arrogance of federal land managers that they have NO responsibility toward local communities or local governments as well as their bureaucrat overseers in Washington in the regulations they write or the laws they help Congressional staff personnel write for their bosses to support the court cases they help the environmentalists to file in certain courts known to provide reliable (to them) decisions and precedents for the future.

So, what do I mean when I say “re-orient” government jurisdiction and authority?

– Elect strong and committed County officials.

– Support County officials in what they do.

– Choose strong County officials to support for State offices.

– Choose strong and proven State officials for federal offices.

– Return selection of US Senators to state legislatures.

– Elect Governors that think, act and make your state their foremost concern.

– Repeal and amend the federal laws that underpin wolf/grizzly bear/buffalo tyranny.

– Enact local animal control and management programs for local communities.

– Reduce federal and state tax rates (reflecting reduced responsibilities) and enact local tax structures to cover LOCAL actions approved by LOCAL taxpayers that can and will vote the likes of current state and federal politicians out of office when they abuse citizens by buying votes and oppressing rural residents as they are doing as I write this.

If this or something like it isn’t adopted, there are only two choices I see ahead. Either we just suck it up and tell our kids and grandkids to move to the city and look for work because rural living is only going to get more inhospitable and less possible, or we change the government structure however we can. If wolves and all this environmental tyranny is really important, it is like Finland deciding to reject the overtures of a foreign power in the 1940’s or Ukraine deciding that recently rejecting EU or NATO overtures was not where they wanted to go, or Americans deciding that Prohibition (of alcohol) was neither tolerable or American. This environmental animal tyranny is no different in the settled landscapes of Europe or Canada or The Lower 48 States. There is no solution for such an effort run by far-off, all-powerful governments beholden to political factions committed to the destruction of rural people, their culture, their traditions, their families, and their very ways of life: no solution but one, put the power to create these situations with THOSE AFFECTED by the actions.

Anything else is either a placebo or a sleeping pill meant to put you to sleep until it is all over.

Jim Beers
8 April 2014

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Unemployment and Wolves

A guest post by Jim Beers:

This morning’s news reports on the TV and the radio are full of a news item broken in The New York Post that an employee of The US Census Bureau has revealed that he was told months before last year’s Presidential Election to do whatever it takes to lower the Unemployment Rate below 8% before that Election. As a result this employee (and others?) fabricated interviews and data that did indeed reduce the National Unemployment Rate below the magical 8% level, above which no President had ever been re-elected in recent times. As all the reportage of this scandal fulminates about how unbelievable it is to imagine a “federal employee” or a “federal agency” actually lying like this and then further maintaining a political fiction of this magnitude as some sort of scientific or analytical finding for more than a year now; an explanation is emerging.

The explanation given is that direct control of the US Census Bureau (as with the IRS managers that “handled” Tea Party tax exemption requests, State Department Security managers that “handled” Benghazi, and ATF managers that “handled” Fast & Furious gun smuggling to Mexican killers and Drug Lords) was placed totally under White House political hacks and czars when the current Administration took office 5 years ago. As was once so aptly observed by that American philosopher and former great catcher for the New York Yankees, Yogi Berra; for me this US Census Bureau scandal was “De ja vu all over again”.

About a month ago I was interviewed for an article about wolves in a Montana newspaper. Last week, I read several comments about the article. Couched in the remarks about how anyone quoting me should (along with me, ranchers, hunters and other rural residents) be declared mentally unbalanced and committed, were the following two quotes: “You are not going to change the minds of the thousands and thousands of tourists and potential new residents each year who come to Montana to enjoy and appreciate living, breathing wildlife, and who fully understand that wolves predate (although the incredulously ridiculous wolf depredation “figures” flagrantly bandied about by anti-wolf advocates border on the inane), and increasingly more of whom are not among the dwindling 5 percent of the nation that still hunt (and, overwhelming, for nothing other than the thrill of doing so).” “Between 1996 and 2006, the nation’s hunters declined by 400,000. … [This decline] coincides with a 13 percent increase in wildlife watching since 1996.”

The foregoing two quotes tell us two things. First the writer is unapologetically a pro-wolf advocate with neither tolerance nor respect for anyone objecting to being forced to live with wolves. Second, and most important for us here, is the use of numbers, percentages and trends (i.e. implied “science” and analysis of mathematical and statistical data if you will) to “prove” the author’s claims about the inevitable ascendancy of the pro-wolf “ecosystem” and the concomitant decline of the biological travesty known as the Rural American “Ecosystem” (economy, lifestyle, human benefits, liberties, etc.) known to rural Americans from the signing of the US Constitution until recently.

The dirty little secret about these (wildlife, hunters, “watchers”, etc.) numbers, percentages and trends is this: they have been generated, “analyzed” and reported on by the US Census Bureau since 1982.

Year-in-year-out the US Census Bureau interviews Americans about fishing, hunting and wildlife recreation, they collate and analyze the “data” they collect and then they issue and update the “National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Associated Recreation”. This National Survey is both bible and source of unassailable numbers for every radical, bureaucrat, politician, and other ne’er-do-well involved in: – Eliminating hunting, fishing, ranching, trapping, cropland and pastures, timber management, wildfire-fighting, private property, local governments, animal ownership, roads, dams, irrigation, animal damage control, animal management for human benefit, etc., etc. – Increasing the range and densities of dangerous, deadly and destructive predators from wolves and cougars to grizzly bears; Wilderness; federal land acquisition and control; wild animal claims that diminish human rights and freedoms; government size, funding and power, etc., etc.

I know what you are thinking: “Why are federal Census employees and their Bureau doing this?”; “How do Census bureaucrats know what to ask or how to report their findings?” and “How reliable is what they report?” The answer to these questions is that the US Census is merely a tool for truly sinister agendas.

First of all, the US Census Bureau like every bureaucracy since antiquity wants first and foremost to grow itself. One of the best ways to do so, next to conjuring up some new urgent and important task that no one else can do, is to actually do someone else’s urgent and important task. In this case the US census Bureau is ever on the lookout to “collect” data for others at a price and preferably ad infinitum and thus the US Fish and Wildlife Service has had a permanent staff of “experts” “running” the National Hunting and Fishing (the purposeful common misnomer) Survey for over 30 years now. This staff of US Fish and Wildlife Service “experts” (historically run by an anti-hunter overseeing a staff that is at best indifferent to hunting and fishing et al and at worst radical environmental ideologues) composes the questions, analyzes the “data” and actually issues the reports.

The US Census Bureau merely accepts millions of dollars during each ten-year Census Cycle for “collecting” the “data”. Once again, I hear you thinking: “Why is USFWS doing this?” This is a good question and the answer is because the State fish and wildlife agency Directors let them. So now you ask, “That doesn’t make sense that state Directors let them”? A little history might help you understand.

Back in the late 1970’s it was not uncommon to hear federal bureaucrats and political appointees in Washington say, “In just a few years, trapping will be banned in most states and hunting will not be far behind”. Also, “Fishing will disappear as well and then the government will concentrate on preserving wilderness, saving keystone species, setting aside more endangered species areas, conducting ecosystem research, eradicating non-native plants and animals, controlling human activities that harm the environment,” etc. While all this tickled the federal bureaucrats who survive on federal Appropriations from Congress: it scared the dickens out of State fish and wildlife agency bureaucrats who survived primarily on licenses, excise taxes, and permits necessary for wild animal management.

So in the waning days of the Carter Presidency a vision was conjured up by federal and state “partners” that would benefit each. The federal bureaucrats that collected hundreds of millions in excise taxes annually that by law could only go to state fish and wildlife programs would “partner” with the state Directors and skim off millions of dollars each year to hire a USFWS staff to contract with and work with the US Census Bureau to “count” and help “bring together” the gazillions of wildlife watchers and wildlife lovers that heretofore have been ignored so that they will “support” federal Appropriations and state funding from state Legislatures in the future. All that was needed, they thought, was to count all those folks and measure their enthusiasm and politicians would be bowled over with thoughts of courting their votes.

The USFWS staff was hired, the State Directors (with State Governor/Legislature approval??), okayed skimming the funding from their state’s portion of the annual allotment in Washington before it made it to the state; and the USFWS holding it, spending it and quietly reporting on what they were doing with it to the state directors.

Just as The Endangered Species Act’s precedents influenced the Kelso Decision of government power over private property for whatever government wanted to do; so too did this sub-rosa scheme of federal and state bureaucrats laundering money set the stage for the theft of millions 15 years later from the same federal excise taxes by federal bureaucrats with a “wink- wink, nod-nod” from state directors to capture and forcibly introduce wolves into areas where they destroy hunting, animal husbandry, rural economies and rural life as Americans had come to know it AFTER Congress had refused to fund the wolf debacle.

Thus began 20 +/- years of USFWS “National Survey staff “ massaging questions and data to “prove” the viability of The Brave New World just around the corner. It was geared to justify “Chickadee (i.e. Non-Game Funding) Check-offs” on state and federal tax returns but it failed miserably.

Then there was a proposed tax on birdseed but the birdwatchers and bird paraphernalia manufacturers were less than enthusiastic to say the least. Then there was the proposed tax on binoculars and on hiking equipment and camping equipment; all of which failed : unless of course you count the ascendancy of the current female outdoor activity retail store magnate as Secretary of the Interior, and “about time” I say (not really).

Even though all those clever schemes came to naught, the federal and state bureaucrats use the National Survey to continue generating largely bogus nonsense at a cost of millions about how wolf lovers and new birdwatchers will generate the GDP of France annually if only the government spends more money and imprisons any rural residents not willing to move to the city when so ordered.

They bamboozle politicians and hunters and fishermen while schmoozing the likes of Defenders of Wildlife and HSUS et al with the discouragement of rural residents and the encouragement of fund-raising enthusiasms of urban lovers of TV Nature/Animal shows. Just as Heinrich Himmler, the Head of the Gestapo, once famously observed, “We want to use science that supports our ideology” so too are these federal and state directors and their supposed future constituencies searching for data that supports their ideology.

Thus this fellow condemning me thirty years later with the numbers, trends and percentages from no less an authority than the United States Census Bureau! But consider the biggest irony in all this, like Lenin’s statement that “we will buy the rope from the capitalists that we use to hang them with”, the federal and state bureaucrats and their radical environmental/animal rights “partners” have been funding this “National Survey” to eliminate hunting and fishing with the very excise tax funds collected from hunters and fishermen to preserve and manage hunting and fishing for 30 + years! Is this a great country or what?

Finally, “the De-ja-vu all over again” aspect for me is this. For 30+ years the US Census Bureau has been a complicit, though ignorant, partner with federal, state, and radical organizations whose goal is the destruction of hunting, fishing and rural America, truth be known. This has gone unnoticed and is an illegal (in most or all states federal fund eligibility cannot be reduced by state directors but only by the Legislature and/or the Governor each and every time it occurs) activity. So when we are stunned by current White House covert manipulations of the Census Bureau to lie about the Unemployment Rate before an election in order to re-elect a President – remember, the Census Bureau is only acting in the finest traditions of the NSA (no scratch that one), in the finest traditions of our federal and state wildlife bureaucrats and previous Census Bureau heroes who we all know have only the highest standards and goals.

Jim Beers
19 November 2013

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks. Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades. Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Jim Beers’ Rebuttal: Why Recruit Hunters?

*Editor’s Note* This information has been provided by Jim Beers.

The following letter to the editor by a reader of the St. Pail Pioneer Press poses a question well worth considering and answering. What follows his letter is a letter I submitted to the St. Paul Paper in response. Since such letters require brevity, please forgive my less than comprehensive treatment of this matter. Jim Beers 14 Oct.

*Note* – Not fully knowing the copyright infringement rules of the Pioneer Press, I opted instead to provide just a link back to the original Letter to the Editor.


Recently a reader challenged DNR Commissioner Landwehr’s commitment to “recruit more hunters”. Although by reading between the lines I suspect the author is what might be termed an “anti-hunter”, I find myself (an avid hunter) in partial agreement with his position.

I disagree with his statement that, “If the DNR needs more money, just raise the subsidized fees on the current hunters”. In truth the DNR wildlife folks, like other state’s wildlife agencies, and unlike other state functions like Parks, are almost entirely supported by excise taxes on arms, ammunition, archery products, and fishing tackle/products (termed “user fees”) PLUS the license revenue from state licensing of hunters and fishermen. That the wildlife agencies get or require “subsidies” is due to all the non-revenue producing and mandated activities like wolves, songbirds, native species and other activities that appear as somehow worthy but are, in fact, intended to overwhelm and replace hunting and fishing management by state governments.

I do however agree with his incisive question that since “the state doesn’t recruit more golfers” etc., “Why do the fish and wildlife sectors of our economy need to be subsidized by the general population?” As he correctly observes, limits could be “increased” and fees could be “raised” although the latter, like raising taxes, would likely backfire and ultimately result in lower revenue as people adjust. Hunters and fishermen are free Americans, not pawns of the state.

The real answer to “why” is state bureaucrats’ pay, promotions, bonuses, retirement and growth. It is all the Ducks Unlimited’s and Pheasants Forever’s memberships and staff’s pay and benefits. It is the sporting’s goods dealers and their business. It is the federal bureaucrats and all the “strings” they have on state agencies that have made them little more than federal subcontractors. Finally, it is all those state and federal politicians and “wannnabee”-politicians that reap votes and support from unsuspecting hunters and fishermen as they pander to the illusion that catering to the anti-hunters and anti-fishermen is somehow good for hunters, fishermen and the cultural traditions and sport they so love.

Jim Beers
14 October 2013

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:



Guest post by Jim Beers

The lead story in this morning’s St. Paul paper is: “Suicides up sharply in Minnesota”. It goes on, “The suicide rate for white middle-aged men… is soaring” and “Minnesota’s rates mirror national suicide rates” and “The male suicide rate in Minnesota was four times higher than the female rate.” The article offers no explanation of the decade-long growth of “white middle-aged men” committing suicide while going to great lengths to present government “hotlines” and “prevention programs” as our best hope.

Allow me to make two observations:

1. Were I to observe that “middle-aged white men” were increasingly committing suicide in some measure because in these hard economic times times they cannot find employment or even opportunity for scarce employment because of government discrimination due to government race classifications and government preferences for jobs, advancement, contracts, grants, housing, assistance, etc.: I would be labeled a “Racist.” It would be stated and assumed that I was only for “Stand your ground” laws because I wanted to kill young black men. It would be stated and assumed that I was only for voter identification because I wanted to keep minorities from voting. It would be stated and assumed that I wanted to “turn back the clock” to Jim Crow laws or even further back to slavery. No one would listen or even dare to listen to me on the matter of race and government. I might be assaulted or at least marginalized socially for my unacceptable and politically-incorrect views and statements.

2. Were I to observe that “middle-aged white men” were increasingly committing suicide in some measure because in these hard economic times they cannot find employment or even opportunity for scarce employment because of government discrimination due to government sex classifications and government sex preferences for jobs, advancement, contracts, grants, housing, assistance, etc.: I would be labeled a “Sexist.” It would be stated and assumed that I “hated” women outside the kitchen. While women have over the last two decades far surpassed the male graduation rates from high school and college, and now occupy more and more jobs from top to bottom (a few of which one might suppose could have been filled by current “white middle-aged men”?) the need for “more” and everlasting government sex preferences and “training” of boys and men would not be mentioned. As women are now in all military units and as discipline and therefore effectiveness declines from soaring sexual issues involving female and male (now including same-sex) military members and is kept hidden, what began as fairness has become a “right” and is to be forced on the American public

however and to whatever degree can be obtained. Discussion or “dialogue” about any of this remains unmentionable and anyone seeking a candid conversation is immediately “deleted into the trash bin” and ignored.

How like wolves, grizzly bears and all the other (spotted owls, red-cockaded woodpeckers, Kirtland’s Warblers, Delta Smelt, Florida bears and panthers, snail darters, etc.) endangered species that have enabled the growth of central government power, the growth of powerful and uncontrolled federal agencies and increasingly unlimited preferences for urban and radical environmental organizations priorities over the rights and freedoms of rural Americans is all this to Racism and Sexism. Like Race and Sex Preferences and Programs, Endangered Species and other such federal laws have distorted our Constitution and driven us apart into camps that are “gridlocked” and that are steadily taking us closer to catastrophe.

Lately I have been writing and speaking about wolves: about their federally-forced introduction and spread; about their threats to the safety and welfare of rural Americans; about their role in spreading multiple diseases, infections, tapeworms, etc.; about their destructive effects on livestock, wildlife and hunting; and their hidden, yet intended, consequences on State Authorities and Responsibilities resulting in all but unlimited federal authority over how and where rural Americans may live and conduct their daily affairs. As a result, I am a Wolfist. Don’t you know, I “hate” wolves.

When I read recently about the Minnesota teenager attacked by a wolf that grabbed him by the head as he dozed in a campground at night, I was disturbed to read that the DNR and the newspaper reported that “this incident was a ‘freak deal’ and ‘incredibly abnormal behavior’ and that ‘it’s the first one I’m aware of where there was actual physical damage to the victim’.” Really?

1. As one of many such examples, in 1996, Z. Deventhal an American Boy Scout about 13 years old was camping in the Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. Zach was sleeping outside a tent while on a canoe trip with his parents when a wolf grabbed his head and face and tried to pull him out of his sleeping bag. His parents drove the wolf off. Zach was badly hurt, 80 stitches. Kathy Cook, Reader’s Digest, “Night of The Wolf,” July 1997, pp. 114-119.

2. After the Minnesota attack, the DNR and newspapers reported that a wolf they “thought” was the attacker had been killed. It was said to have a “deformed jaw” that probably “caused” him to do what has “Never” been reported before in Minnesota, i.e. attack a Minnesotan or visitor. Evidently, wolves are or have never born with or experience any debilitation in Minnesota since this has “Never” happened before. Come to think of it, evidently Minnesota wolves must have “Never” contracted rabies as elsewhere that would have caused them to attack persons and anything else that walks, crawl or flies in this state where, according to Garrison Keilor, “all the children are above normal” as well. Aren’t Minnesota dogs required to get rabies shots? Besides, if the old excuse by Geraldine (AKA Flip Wilson) that the “Devil made me do it” is a worthy defense in today’s courts, why isn’t “my deformed jaw made me do it” valid for a wolf that nearly killed this young man?

3. Wolves kill lots of people each year from Eastern Europe to India and the NE coast of Siberia. Wolves have killed (and fed on) at least 2 North Americans in the past decade and more have been injured. Wolves are literally and currently flooding the Lower 48 States that are currently wolf-food rich States with non-human food such as (now dwindling) large game herds, large herds and flocks of livestock that make the US an abundant source of affordable protein, dogs (wolves kill and eat dogs) everywhere, and a public being disarmed by the very government that introduces and protects the wolves while accepting no responsibility for their extensive harms and destruction. Human safety from attacks and from the 30-50 deadly diseases, infections, and other ailments and vectors spread by federal government wolves are causing an unacknowledged (like Racist and Sexist federal government programs) sea change in rural American life as I write this. Saying wolves do not belong in such settled landscapes as The Lower 48 states or that the presence or densities of wolves should be primarily determined by Local elected officials is acknowledged like whistling in the wind is by those around you.

Whether wolves attack and kill humans because of a “deformed jaw” or old age or some other deformity or some infectious parasite or because the victim “ran” or because it (or they) were hungry or because kids are perceived like “kid on a stick” and elderly folks are perceived as easy pickings by wolves or because it was “fun” to chase a bicycle or because the wolf was “wounded” or simply because wolves are mean, nasty, dangerous and destructive animals as a matter of course: wolves do these things 24/7, hot or cold weather, alone or in packs: all the lying, ignorance, disinformation, propagandizing, laws, bureaucrats, studies, and pronouncements by “experts” notwithstanding.

But no one listens. Like serious conversations about federal race or sex programs, discussion of wolf programs by federal force is as prevalent as global warming validity discussions at an Al Gore dinner party: that is to say you are either “for” or “against”, period!

Reading the comments about wolves on blogs or in places like Field & Stream is both scary and disturbing. Putting it as bluntly as possible, those “for” wolves largely express hatred for “people”, American society, farms, dog “ownership”, rural residences, ranches, guns, hunting, livestock, private property, US history and any Local government authority. An attempt to summarize them might be that wolves are leading the way in the US today for a world wherein the human population will be reduced (wolves being only one of many means) and animal equality to and in some cases (temporary of course like federal race and sex programs) superior to human life and human rights. While they sneer at the comments of those “against” wolves (mostly the ones living with them), the appeals of those living with wolves are mostly vain attempts (laughed at by those “for” wolves) to explain the “truth about wolves” to people who will not listen. The resulting political “gridlock” simply increases and the “camps” merely do what they can to grow their membership to forcibly overwhelm their perceived opponents any way possible and to keep them suppressed just like race and sex program advocates do.

So, as a wolfist interested in the primacy of human life and the preservation of Constitutional US governance, I can only continue to do what I can with the experience and abilities I have been given. Whether confrontation or dialogue presents itself, I will carry on and I invite you to do the same.

Remain aware of the larger picture and do not underestimate the determination and disregard for what you hold dear in those arrayed against you and yours. Do whatever you do best and help those you meet along the way.

The unbelievable possibility of the US devolving into Balkan-like Countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo) composed of Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Romanians, and Gypsies practicing Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, and Sunni Islam; all of whom have never for centuries been able to accommodate each other unless a strongman like Tito or a Moslem conqueror ruled as dictator or they simply had open warfare and went their separate ways: becomes more real under these current divisions set and encouraged by a continuingly feckless US government. Urban/rural, white/minority, all-powerful central government/Constitutional government, single people/married people, business owners/workers, meat eaters/vegans, animal owners/animal lovers, Red/Blue are but a few of the deepening divisions driving us apart. Consider the periodic flare-ups in our Northern neighbor between Quebec and Canada that expose real possibilities about dividing Canada into parts that do not have the animosities we see swirling in the US today. The danger is very real.

Americans are becoming more and more like those hatred-filled, ethnically and religiously divided generations living in the Balkans. Our increasingly irresolvable problems of our own making will consume us if we cannot resolve the currently irresolvable. The choice is steaming toward either a strongman like Stalin or Putin forcing us back together, or devolving into smaller independent units. When looked at like this, restoring what we once had is the best alternative to pursue so we must not fear labels meant only to silence us. God bless the USA.

Jim Beers
31 August 2013

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Nevermore: Wolves in the Lower 48

Guest post by Jim Beers

“What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore
Meant in croaking `Nevermore.’” From The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Definition: nev·er·more (n v r-môr , -m r ). adv. Never again.

A wolf just attacked a kid in Minnesota in a sleeping bag in a US Forest Service campground. The wolf grabbed the sleeping kid by the head and left him with cuts and a gash after it was driven off by the kids’ kicks and the response of others in the campground.

One month ago I was fishing with a friend only a few hundred yards off that campground by the mouth of the Mississippi River as it flows into Lake Winnibigoshish. Being an incurable duck hunter I had noted the large wild rice beds nearby and the boat ramp in the campground. After chatting with our fishing guide, Mr. Roy Girtz (Royal Guide Service in Grand Rapids- this is a non-paid and well-deserved plug for Mt. Girtz), about duck hunting in the massive wild rice bed called Sugar Bay; I had tentatively planned to camp in that campground and hunt ducks in the nearby wild rice in October.

When I read the initial report of this wolf attack in a local news item last night, the title referred not to a wolf attack but to a wolf “bite”. Additionally, the initial article mentioned a wound that “required multiple staples to close, but was not life-threatening.” The words “rare” and “extremely rare” are peppered throughout the initial report.

Both the initial local report and the front page article in this morning’s St. Paul Pioneer Press (which uses the description of wolf “attack”) were mainly explanations by the Chief DNR Law Enforcement guy about how this incident was a “freak deal” and “incredibly abnormal behavior”. He goes on that according to the DNR, “it’s the first one I’m aware of where there was actual physical damage to the victim.” First one? What other ones and how many have been “handled” quietly? HHMMM?

The St. Paul Outdoor writer, who assumedly hopes to follow his predecessor into a DNR job, sings a duet with the DNR Enforcement guy. For instance:

– “If confirmed, it would be the first documented wolf attack of such severity in Minnesota and likely in the continental US.”

– “There are two documented cases of fatal wolf attacks in North America, one in Alaska and one in Canada according to the DNR and a review of scientific literature.”

– “Until a few years ago the number of documented wolf killings of people in the history of North America was zero according to the most authoritative research on the topic, ‘A Case History of Wolf-Human Encounters in Alaska and Canada’ by Mark McNay of the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game.”

– The DNR offers the following tips for an encounter with an “aggressive wolf”, – Don’t run. Do not turn your back. Retreat slowly. Stand your ground. Use air horns or other noisemakers. Use bear spray or firearms IF NECESSARY. Climb a tree.


Three days ago I wrote a piece (Wolf Tales, Turning Reality into Myth) about two reported wolf feeding/habituation hotspots about 70-80 miles East of this wolf attack on Lake Winnie. It is worth noting that the newspaper pictures of the “cute” young wolves begging for food was composed around a Lady DNR Manager explaining about how these “cute (her word) young wolves needed these summer areas to wait for the return of mysteriously absent “parents”. This Ladies’ emotional explanation displaying DNR environmental/animal rights concern for these newly discovered wolf pup-care frolic and begging areas for wolves was a hit, I am sure, with urban progressives and a warning to local folks to adjust to living with wolves or move elsewhere. Girls can get away with that sort of thing like when you are upset with a company and you call for help in a fit of frustration and a young lady tells you how she will help even though she is no help. You calm down with the lady and are restrained where if it is a man, especially one that can make you feel he can ignore you with impunity, you are neither calmed down nor receptive to his inability to help. Suffice it to say that when a kid is bitten and locals are ready to take up torches and pitch forks, as with this kid getting nailed in a campground, the spokesMAN is not only a male, he is the Regional Manager for DNR Enforcement.

I have always been amazed at how Outdoor Writers whose wildlife knowledge is like the Platte River (“a mile wide and an inch deep”) can make politically correct factoids out of wildlife biology and human interfaces and still maintain any credibility. Like UN Ambassadors and Secretaries of State to whom the truth matters not; only pleasing their powerful employers and those they hope will benefit them in the future is taken into account. From Benghazi to wolf realities, call it human nature, lying or ignorance; the key is to keep what they tell you in perspective if it goes beyond the best bait for perch or where our UN Ambassador was recently during a UN Emergency Session on Syrian chemical weapons. Note how a firearm (the ONLY SURE defense) is at the bottom of the list with a caveat and bear spray (that didn’t work for the Idaho guy bicycling on the Alaskan Highway recently) is recommended. Thank you, Charlie Brown.

I have written until I am blue in the face about the history of wolves. From the time of Plutarch centuries before Christ, bounties and wolf killing have been the norm. The time and effort expended to rid settled areas of wolves in Europe are monumental and hard to comprehend in societies that struggled to feed their members and untreatable plagues killed millions. Specially bred dogs, poisons, traps, bounties, deadfalls, drives, denning pups, shooting, pits, spiked dog collars, snares, horseback chases, handguns, possees, etc.; nothing was too hard or too innovative or too expensive for those that were “living with wolves” to kill and minimize or eliminate wolves for the past two and a half thousand years that we know of. Now you can express the extreme hubris of our age and dismiss all those societies, farmers, townsmen, herders, woodcutters, parents, nobles, and travelers as a pack of ignorant superstitious folks but do you realize how stupid that is? To say that kids fables were not meant to warn them of very real wolf dangers or that woodcuts or old literature about wolves are simply propaganda by witches is funny to say the least. I have a book (Wolves of North America. 194) by Stanley Young the Head of US Predator and Rodent Control in Washington, DC) beside me as I write this that documents many wolf deaths in Colonial America; in America during the westward expansion in Forts and smallpox infested Indian Villages, on lonely plains; and in the developing American communities of the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. No one; not children, trappers, hunters, scouts, soldiers, cowboys, farmers, Indians, pioneers, travelers, no one; was immune.

The fact that the current “experts”, bureaucrats and writers can dismiss history as fiction simply because it is “undocumented” is astonishing. We are using this eraser for millennia when there were no newspapers, no need to verify what happened in your village, no records, no “Scientists” (even Audubon reported a wolf death and attack in Kentucky), and immigrants and native people neither knew nor could determine, much less “document”, the fate of the many that disappeared for reasons as diverse as murder, kidnapping and fatal injury to predators like wolves, bears and cougars in expanses where remains were simply fast food for abundant animals and insects.

None of that matters. Urban radicals love wolves and will vote for politicians that will destroy livestock operations, hunting, rural economies, rural tranquility, and gun possession: wolves help accomplish all these things. Federal bureaucracies have built unbelievably powerful and expensive kingdoms based on the laws passed by pandering politicians to get the votes of the urban progressives and radicals. The fact that such laws have proven to be the most efficient means of destroying our Constitutional government with the possible exception of armed conquest by a foreign tyrant goes unmentioned and is vehemently denied. State governments have thus far sold out to their Constitutional Authorities and Responsibilities to the federal juggernaut and the DNR’s/F&G’s/FWP’s/etc. have become “people-of-the-evening” as they individually curry federal favor and even future federal emoluments, much like the Outdoor Writers, at the expense of those they ostensibly serve.

Hence the feces noted above that has become standard fair for decades now about how wolves are “shy” and “kill only the old and sick” and “encourage berries for bears by killing elk” and “have NO EFFECT ON MOOSE “(are you listening Minnesota?), etc. ; while remaining silent about diseases and infections spread by wolves, wolf impacts on dogs, wolf impacts on livestock operations, wolf/human incidents as much as they can, denying big game losses caused by wolves, the real danger to kids and the elderly where wolves exist, and the overall diminishment of rural American economies, life and Tranquility (a Constitutional word) as a result of re-introduced wolves.

But alas, none of that matters. So think about this. ALL wildlife studies and wildlife biology (i.e. “science” are reports of what they say HAS HAPPENED and what IS HAPPENING. It is like driving a car by only looking in the rearview mirror. Let’s assume, hard as it is, that wolves never killed anyone (the girl in Alaska and the guy in Saskatchewan, for the sake of argument, probably “turned their back” or “ran” or failed to “climb a tree”) and all the wolf destruction reports from early America, present day Russia/Siberia/Georgia/Khazakstan/India and all the stuff from Europe down through the Ages about wolves killing humans is all simply fiction.

So, “the government and “scientists” tell us that wolves “were here first”, “wolves belong here as Native Species” and wolves “complete” and “improve” the environment. Suppose further that “studies” and “experts” validate all this and that any danger to humans, like the talk about wolves carrying diseases and wolves killing livestock and reducing game animals and thus hunting is all silly superstition being spread by (?) old guys like me or people that were home-schooled or raised by rural Conservatives (as opposed the urban Christie/McCain Conservatives).

Now suppose that me and others like me (yes there are some) bred thousands of large (75-125 lb. dogs), took their puppies away from the adults right away, housed them separately and fed them road-kill and wild critters both young and old until the pups were about 6 months old. Then we took them separately and released them in woods and on plains and in towns and suburbs and on farms and ranches and on public and private property.

I submit that many would begin making it on their own. They would form packs. They would kill deer and elk and moose and try for bear cubs just as they would soon learn annual habits of finding moose calves and pregnant elk cows and beaver houses and school bus stops and ranch yards and town garbage at night. Since they and their offspring get no “shots” or veterinary attention when they carry hundreds of ticks or contract Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Mad Cow, Anthrax, Brucellosis, or Tapeworms, Roundworms, Encephalitis, Chronic Wasting Disease, Bubonic Plague (from their fleas), Mange, Neospora caninum (an abortifacient), Foot-and-Mouth, etc. the public would quickly be in fear for their children and themselves and their dogs and their livestock and the animals they hunt in the fall.

I further submit that as these “wild” dogs increased and killed most of the game – making the last few harder to get as they tried to live “in town” or near buildings and as farmers/ranchers reduced their herd sizes and put armed guards and dogs everywhere and finally put the smaller herds and flocks under lock and key in buildings – wild dog food might be hard to get. What do you think happens then? Will the dogs disappear like some historians say Indian dogs did periodically during famines or bad weather? Will you believe ASPCA/government/”scientific” reports that dogs will simply infect themselves if sick and will simply die if food is hard to get or have always gone elsewhere far away (?) to find food?

OR, would you understand that they will explore and move into suburbs and cities like coyotes are doing? Would you understand that they are killing your dog in your back yard and that it is dangerous to “walk” your dog since the wild dogs attack and eat your dogs? Or that attacks on kids and the elderly are increasing as the hungry dogs see them as food? Or that these dogs you cannot shoot or trap or poison in suburbs and cities are “bold” and “habituated” and increasingly threatening you and your family and the outdoor public life and events that you can no longer pursue and/or enjoy?

How long would you tolerate your public officials and bureaucrats telling you that those dogs are good for some other animal and that “the ecosystem” must be made “whole” and “natural”, no matter what it costs you or your nation? Would you tolerate government that protected me and my friends that put the dogs everywhere? Would you tolerate courts telling you, after your son is injured or your daughter killed by those dogs, that my friends and I aren’t responsible? That your child failed to behave properly and you are suspected of anti-government urges (like that Missouri Rodeo Clown?) since you are not enthusiastic about learning all we tell you about how and why you “must learn to live with these dogs”?

Everything we knew about wolves is in thousands of years of old literature and art, and in recent “science” and, especially in the US and Europe, censored/propagandized media and news reports, given whatever you think of all of it, is meaningless. Never before, have wolves been brought into, protected and encouraged to expand in settled and technologically organized landscapes and communities as found in the Lower 48 States today. Containing:

– Abundant and managed big game herds unused to ravaging wolf packs and large herds and flocks of livestock untended on summer pastures unlike any other country in history.

– Disease-free dogs in homes and open rural yards, trained to protect, hunt (often at great distance from the hunter), trail, and give companionship.

– Children walking to and from and waiting at isolated rural school bus stops.

– Old rural folks with routine walks to often far off mailboxes and isolated homes in the midst of barns, sheds and outbuildings of interest to and cover for wolves.

– Porches and decks with greasy residues and barbecues combined with garbage bins and regular outdoor pickups that often kids fill and move bins to and from. –

– Rural settlements with everyone inside at night and wolves freely roaming in search of anything to eat or kill.

So far we have seen:

– Big game is disappearing and livestock operators are either going out of business of reducing herds or still trying the “Fladry”, electric fence’ guard dogs, “compensation” nonsense meant only to delay their complaints until wolf control is no longer feasible or affordable.

– Hunting is dwindling because of lack of game.

– Rural life adjustments from no longer camping or leaving the dog unattended to not allowing kids to go hiking or bike riding after school and constructing school bus stop cages for kids that no longer walk to or from the bus stop, etc.

– “Attacks” are beginning to become more difficult to cover-up and big game license money (along with the billions that all the ancillary business’ that hunting brought to rural America) is disappearing along with it.

– Diseases, tapeworms and infections are increasing desp9ite veterinarians too busy to answer questions.

– The real results of hiring all the anti-natural resource management and use radicals in the federal and state wildlife agencies is becoming evident from lies about safety and distortions about animal counts and disease threats to humans, dogs, livestock and wildlife.

– A Minnesota boy (where this NEVER happens,) is grabbed by a wolf on his head and narrowly escapes death as he sleeps in a government campground.

No one is to blame. No one is lying. If you believe that, you are a fool. The world and the “Science” you are being fed is no more. The Lower 48 States no more can tolerate widespread wolves in dense populations than Nairobi can tolerate leopards in their ravines or Moscow can tolerate wolves in their surroundings. The ONLY solution in Nairobi or Moscow or the Lower 48 is to kill wolves in significant percentages annually and to kill ANY wolf seen in communities or Counties that will not and cannot tolerate them. We are too slowly learning this timeless truth, the wolf pups being fed on a highway N of Duluth and a boy grabbed in the jaws of wolf while he slept are merely some of the first public indications leaking out of what is coming as the expanding wolf populations clear the landscape of available food and an increasingly meek human society surrenders guns and traps and the rights we took for granted as necessary to live productive and safe rural lives for ourselves, our families and our communities to coddle a dangerous animal in our midst. Trust me it is only going to get steadily worse. It is a new and far more dangerous world we face and whatever your beliefs about that past of either delightful or deadly/destructive wolves: it is a world that is Nevermore as far as wolves in the Lower 48 States today

Finally, do me two favors:

1. File this away under Global Warming/Wolf Deniers or Nutjobs or wherever you would file what you think is fantasy. I predict you one day soon and not far off will have seen more wolf carnage and destruction reports (increasing incidents and increasing severity not amenable to cover-up are inevitable) and there will be a hue and cry to get rid of them or reduce them dramatically or else. When that happens and you are having a flicker of doubt or remorse about how you supported wolf imposition on others or you are wondering which side you are on now: pull this out and reread it. I hope it might help you make up your mind.

2. Go to, and watch a free showing of a superb movie video “CRYING WOLF”. You will learn about some young Montanans working to restore rural America and Constitutional government and also about their new video, “AXED The end of Green”. If it is half as good as Crying Wolf, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Jim Beers
27 August 2013

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


The Electoral College, Sheriffs and the Bill of Rights

Guest post by Jim Beers:

As the calls to “do away with the Electoral College and go to direct election of Presidents” grow, rural Americans better prepare to stand and be counted. Don’t be fooled that this is a partisan move because it is the Democrats that want it.

If the Electoral College is eliminated, Presidential candidates will ONLY have to campaign in the cities where the majority (pure democracy) of all votes exist. These urban voters are the bedrock of ever-higher taxes, gun control, government property control, government land acquisition, wilderness, hunting/fishing elimination, abortion, same-sex activities, Federal hegemony over State governments, draconian environmental and animal rights laws, public land closures, and an abiding disinterest in the welfare and culture of rural America. Federal tax largesse would shift more and more state and federal tax dollars to urban enclaves and their acquiescent Mayors that support national political winners to guarantee future votes in more frequently rigged urban voting systems.

Doing away with The Electoral College guarantees a rural America more and more in the shadow of urban America just as rural Illinois is shaded by Chicago or rural New York struggles in the shadow of “The City”. Rural states like South Dakota or New Mexico or Alabama will eventually become merely asterisks in our children’s history books.

This week the President appeared in Minneapolis to tout gun control as he spoke before wallpaper made up of diverse, uniformed law enforcement officers. As he pontificated how we all want “universal background checks” (I don’t think so) and how we “support clip control”, I was struck by the nature of these pensive and costumed gun control “Dick Tracies” on the wallpaper behind him.

When the Obama, Bloomberg, and Emmanuel gun controllers wheel out these gun control law officers they are almost entirely urban appointees and employees of the President or Mayor that hires (and can fire) them. They are like the Generals on the vaunted “Joint Chiefs of Staff” (appointed and fired by the President) that assure us about how women can do anything a man can do in combat without disrupting unit cohesion and how same-sex enthusiasts are not disruptive to unit cohesion and performance whether in combat or on submarines. That is to say, they are not “experienced experts whose words are worth considering”; they are little more than “Charlie McCarthies” on the knee of their mentor.

Disregarding the handful of urban Sheriffs, the overwhelming number of American Sheriffs are rural representatives, elected by rural constituents that vote not only their interests but their rural values, culture and traditions. Whether we are concerned about gun control or public road closures or government property seizures, etc. our elected rural Sheriffs have become our first line of defense in protecting rural America from both urban majority control of our state governments’ overreach and from growing federal impositions on rural American property, economies, and rights.

God Bless our Sheriffs and remember that your vote for them may be the most important one you can cast in rural America today.

Rural Americans should consider the Constitutional precedents being set by current and planned gun control. As guns go; so goes our other freedoms.

The 1st Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law… establishing religion… prohibiting free exercise thereof… abridging freedom of speech or of the press… or the right to assemble and to petition the Government…”.

The 2nd Amendment says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Notice that the 1st merely prohibits “Congress” from making laws as noted while the 2nd says “THE RIGHT” “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. The 2nd says no one shall infringe the right to bear Arms; yet Chicago, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco all get away with absolutely infringing this Constitutional right to bear Arms. Now the federal nannies want to further infringe on this right with an eye toward background checks that lead to registration that leads to confiscation that leads to? Why? Because urban voting blocs (again the pure national majority of voters) and their political leaders simply want it done is the answer.

If urban majority desires, urban political leaders, and federal advocates of an absolutely powerful federal government can simply plow under a Constitutional “right” simply by replacing the Constitution with majority rule what about those other rights (speech, religion, press, assemble and petition) that are merely protected from “Congress” making a law? Could Chicago outlaw Catholics? Could New York ban racial minorities? Could San Francisco ban heterosexuals? Could Boston take control of the newspapers? Could Los Angeles bar any assembly or petition from residents? If they can simply dismiss “the (Constitutional) right to bear Arms” that “shall not be infringed” why can’t they simply force the State government to ban Baptists or imprison people expressing forbidden speech? If it is simply a case of majority votes, we are all lost.

So rural America, fight to keep The Electoral College; support your Sheriff and elect only good ones; and fight to prevent ANY infringement of our Constitutional Rights. The future of rural America, especially, depends on us.

Jim Beers

6 February 2013

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:


Wolves, Buffalo and Coming Corruption

A Guest Post by Jim Beers:

From 1994 to 1996 the US Fish and Wildlife Service stole (took, diverted, whatever makes you feel good) Millions of dollars from the federal excise taxes (mostly from those collected on arms and ammunition) collected exclusively for state fish and wildlife agencies’ use on state fish and wildlife programs. Those excise taxes are a major portion (supplementing hunting and fishing license fees) of the funding available each year for state fish and wildlife agencies’ operations.

At the time of the theft, Congress had refused to fund “endangered” wolf introductions by USFWS into Yellowstone Park, a federal enclave that would “seed” wolves into Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah as has happened. Resulting losses of cattle business viability, losses of big game herds (and the license money et al they generated annually), losses of dogs, human safety concerns, and general demise of rural economies were all foreseeable but denied by bureaucrats and “nature” advocates that lived largely in far-away cities. What was hidden from the public by state and federal bureaucrats and the “scientists” they employed were the disease and parasite effects of wolves on humans, domestic animals and wild animals; that danger is only now becoming undeniable as the awful consequences emerge.

The introduction of wolves captured in Canada into Yellowstone had other important effects. “Red” wolves introduced into the SE states were being perceived as the coyote/dog/wolf hybrids that they are. The romantic allure of wolf howls and the myth of “only killing the lame and the halt” were drying up. In New Mexico and Arizona, introduced “Mexican” wolves were more and more seen to be small wolves living in a harsh and largely foodless (except for cattle and sheep) desert environment, resulting in scary habituation by wolves to school bus stops, farm and ranch yards, and places frequented by kids or where garbage was sometimes available. In Minnesota and Wisconsin public questions about just how many wolves were going to be tolerated before a limit was achieved were causing difficulties for state and federal bureaucrats. Like the SE states, romance and myth were being overtaken by reality and experience. The Yellowstone wolf hoopla provided a publicity bonanza as the voters in those blue areas on the red/blue voting map enthused about vacations to Yellowstone and all the wonderful benefits that wolves were alleged to be bringing to an otherwise “unbalanced ecosystem”.

There are a few other factors however, that we should be aware of. The unpunished theft by federal bureaucrats of millions of dollars from our (yours and mine) state fish and wildlife agencies was a green light for federal bureaucrats to perpetrate future crimes and for the state fish and wildlife agencies to see that going along with crime (like Chicago Mayor Big jim Thompson and Al Capone in the 1920’s) was more profitable than reporting and prosecuting crime. Federal bureaucrats could hurt you and your agency (more all the time as their power and authority increased); making enemies of them was not for the faint-hearted or career-minded.

Additionally, twenty years of precedence have been set that destroys nearly all states rights’ over any plant and wildlife. In addition to sage grouse, wolverines, delta smelt, barred owls, and west coast suckers as “endangered” drone missiles to make growing areas and more human activities federal responsibilities; more folks began to see these as facades to continue the demise of State authority and jurisdiction over growing areas of American life. “Endangered” wolves and grizzly bears are two of the most effective of these rural destroyers to date.

Federal bureaucrats forcible impose (by claiming total jurisdiction over) wolves and grizzly bears that kill people but neither the federal government nor the bureaucrat is responsible. The wolves and grizzlies kill livestock and force either penury or bankruptcy on a wide range of rural businesses and economies but neither the federal government nor the bureaucrat is responsible. The wolves and grizzlies kill and seriously reduce elk, moose, deer, and other highly prized (and formerly lucrative license money and rural economy supplements) but neither the federal government nor the bureaucrat is responsible. Adding insult to injury in this regard, as wolves overrun more and more areas, federal benevolence trumpets “returning wolf management to the states”. Ironically this has created wolf “seasons” (for wolves declared “Game” animals) that are little more than spurs to wolf reproduction and health as low harvest allowances merely take a small amount of the population annually, thereby reducing winter food competition and encouraging larger litters by healthier wolves much like big game harvest management protocols. The final blow is that all this has allowed the states (and their federal mentors) to begin using the federal excise taxes generated by the sales of arms and ammunition! This means less availability of excise taxes for the hunting programs they were adopted for over 80 years ago. Now growing portions of the excise taxes and license money intended for hunting programs can be spent on wolf complaints, wolf collaring, satellite tracking, wolf transplanting of “problem” wolves, wolf meetings, wolf media propaganda, wolf “counting” (of a notoriously hard-to-count animal) and a whole range of wolf expenses as the wolves decimate game animals and make hunting more dangerous for fewer participants. Think of it as a win/win all around!

Understanding what I have just described, consider the growing movement to establish “Free-Ranging Buffalo” herds. Buffalo spread disease one of which that can destroy state cattle sales outside the state, destroy fences, destroy crops, destroy water holes, harass livestock, are a danger to rural home sites and even small town residents in winter as they seek foods, and are considerably dangerous to vehicles after dark on rural roads. Buffalo are titled “domestic” animals in certain states and come under a range of agricultural and veterinary laws that would preclude federal intrusion. UUHHH, so what?

“Free-roaming buffalo”, just like wolves and grizzly bears are simply environmental drone missiles employed in concert with government land purchases, government/NGO land easement purchases, government historic/scenic declarations, federal land closures, federal fire non-management, restrictions on grazing and timber management, and other ploys to further importune rural America and those that live and work there. Consider the drama and unsuccessful to date legal machinations in Montana to stealthily release Yellowstone buffalo in N Central Montana. Ask yourself why the 100 year-old National Elk Refuge by Jackson (that feeds 15,000 elk each winter) that was specifically founded in the Congressional Authorization FOR ELK, has been renamed the National Elk and Buffalo Refuge with a flick of a bureaucrat’s pen and the elk numbers to be wintered drastically reduced while a quota for “wintering buffalo” created by bureaucrat rule makers.

Now those that have been paying attention might be wondering where the federal government could get the money in these days of insurmountable debt? Well there is one factor I have not mentioned about wolves and the money stolen to push them “over the top”. The excise tax money stolen to put the wolves in Yellowstone was taken during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of the Clinton Administration. For the history buffs out there, the 1st and 2nd years of the Clinton reign were marked by a widespread national fear that the Clintons were going to register (and confiscate?) guns. Hence there was a surge almost as big as what we have seen in the past 3 months of sales of arms and ammunition and a concomitant surge in excise tax collection.

The first inkling of something major amiss in Washington, DC regarding the excise taxes apportioned to the states was the mysterious disappearance of any large increase in excise taxes to state fish and wildlife agencies in the following years. In other words, the gun-confiscators actions (I have long suspected Mrs. Clinton’s role in “Fast and Furious”) caused a surge in sales that created a large surge in excise tax receipts that caught the eye of federal bureaucrats in Washington, frustrated by Congressional intransigence regarding wolves, intent on environmental jihadism and confident (as proved to be the case) that they would never be brought to account since they were serving such high purposes with only the best of intentions.

Ladies and gentlemen, the recent sellout of guns from stores everywhere and the continuing scarcity (due to unbelievable purchases for hoarding by citizens and an unexplained purchase of millions of rounds by federal domestic agencies) is creating once again that surge in excise taxes that when stolen before by federal bureaucrats went unnoticed and unreported by state bureaucrats.

If we do not put this federal genie back in the bottle (asserting Local Authority and Jurisdiction seems to be our best hope), our children will live in a much poorer world that none of us would recognize nor want.

The current administration, more than even the Clinton administration, abjures any oversight or questions. They are committed to a supreme central government more than any in my lifetime or the history of the nation so far as I understand it. Will they register and ban guns, and therefore decimate state fish and wildlife agencies access to excise taxes while inept state agencies are complicit in the demise of fishing and hunting? Will they steal or divert the current surge in excise taxes for buffalo introduction and protection or private property takeovers or other further decimations of rural America for urban votes? Are they now scheming for even more claims of environmental catastrophe unless they get more money from us or seize the remaining vestiges of state authorities?

I do not know the answers to those questions but I have my personal suspicions. I do know however, that a similar “run” on the gun stores 20 years ago resulted in enormous harm to rural America and American governance. With all that is facing us now, more than ever we need to be alert to lying bureaucrats and hidden agendas. We are in a carnival and have the mortgage money on a table bet about under which shell is the pea as the con “artist” smiles and switches them around. A lot is riding on how well we watch and challenge the play.

James Beers

1 March 2013

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Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

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