November 28, 2022

Government Scientist Fired For Asking Questions About Klamath Dam Removal

When you watch this video, pay close attention to what Dr. Paul Houser, the man who got fired for asking questions about scientific integrity, says when he is responding directly about the event. The video seems to be focusing on the government’s wrongdoing in firing Dr. Houser, because of the Whistle Blowers Act, without pointing out what Dr. Houser says he was told by his boss at the Department of Interior.

Houser states that when he took his concerns to his boss he was told that “the Secretary wanted these dams removed,” and what he was doing was standing in the way of the goals of the Secretary of Interior. Dr. Houser doesn’t indicate that there is any discussion about whether his concerns for scientific integrity, i.e. that the science didn’t seem to qualify in the removal of dams to save fish, without destruction of environment and local economies, was part of the discussion.

We don’t know the full extent of what was discussed between Dr. Houser and his boss but this video seems to point out that science was at least secondary and that the Secretary wanted the dams removed.

And that is pretty much what has become of politically-driven science.


Michelle Malkin: “The Radical Green Machinery is Hard at Work”

In Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column today, she chooses to describe the Obama administration’s environmental “green” movement as, “the high priests of eco-destruction”. Little did she probably know how literally accurate she just might be. But that’s another story.

Malkin provides readers with ample material and links to keep a feller busy for several hours touching only on the topics of the National Parks Service’s Jon Jarvis, Interior Sec. Ken Salazar, issues with the delta smelt and the San Joaquin Valley and dam issues along the Klamath River in California. This barely scratches the surface of the fraudulent and twisted science, greed and corruption that drives the environmental movement.

I pray the day will come when people will begin to realize that what government tells you is all lies….all lies! ALL LIES!

Tom Remington