February 2, 2023

Landscape Changes in the Lamar Valley

*Editor’s Note* – The revolving photo on the landing page, shows changes in the landscape of the Lamar Valley – perhaps not so dramatic as to the trained eye. The website provides a brief history of the area and some scientific explanations to the results of a changing landscape. Quite interesting.

“Lamar valley bison c. 1924 (Yellowstone National Park Archives NPS-YELL-27818) and in 2016 (CW-2016-07-24-090). In the 1920s, Yellowstone National Park wranglers stampeded a domesticated herd of bison across the Lamar valley grasslands to thrill park visitors. The early view may be a publicity still taken in 1924 for Hollywood’s filming of Zane Gray’s story “The Thundering Herd.”  The haystacks for winter bison feed are visible on the center right.1 Modern wildlife conservation policies now allow bison to roam freely within the park, and Yellowstone’s total bison numbers have increased from a few hundred in the 1920s to over 5000 by the year 2005.”<<<Read More>>>