December 9, 2022

Fascist Fish and Wildlife Service Responds to Red Wolf Attack on Horses

In typical fascist form, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service responded to threats of legal action by the owners of the two horses that were attacked by illegally introduced “red wolves” in North Carolina. One horse was slaughtered and the second was seriously mauled.

According to information provided to me by friends and neighbors in North Carolina, who have been working feverishly to somehow force the United States Government of obey their own laws and remove the illegal, hybrid/cross-bred, semi-wild canines, admit their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions – the latest being this attack on two horses.

The owners have contacted the USFWS and have at least solicited compensation for their loss at the hands of “GI Wolves.” This is the response from the USFWS:


But this apparently NOT what the USFWS makes available for information that should apply to this case.



As is typical of the “new” U.S. Government that we are seemingly subservient to, the Government makes up their own rules as they go along in order to continue to promote their own agendas and pet projects without interruption by U.S. government contracted slaves.

Evidently most people like being treated that way.