January 29, 2023

Of Course It’s the Signage…DUMMY!

Officials believe (True Believers?) a reduction in auto collisions with moose is, “because of increased awareness and new markers at high-crash locations.” I’m sorry I’m still cleaning up the juice I spurted out my mouth the first time I read this.

There are so many distractions now within an automobile, it is impossible for a driver or passenger to have “increased awareness” of moose in the road. For sure they have increased awareness of who’s texting them, etc.

When some in the public get angry if moose, or other wildlife don’t cross the road where the signs are located, can you really expect that, even if the signage is seen, it is adhered to? Drive on any highway. How many drivers adhere to, or give a damn about signs, speed limits, etc.

It must be global warming that’s caused the decrease!